Pran in Chief (Updated)


To tackle Venezuela’s #1 Human Rights issue by heading the shiny new Special Ministry for Prisons Hugo Chávez has tapped none other than…the crazy lady whose idea of parliamentary debate involves leaving César Pérez Vivas’s face looking like this!

Dear. Lord.

Update: Primero Justicia actually thinks she’ll do a good job. (!??!) Fellow bloggers, perhaps drunk on too much French wine, agree.

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  1. Only in Venezuela.

    I guess they thought she had the closest relationship to the thugs to be able to deal with them.

  2. This is not funny. This woman is a perfect example of what this government is about: continuous outrageous and shameless violations of the law and abuse of power by government officials. They do it because they can do whatever they want with almost absolute impunity. She should have been convicted of assault and battery with plenty of evidence. Instead, she is untouched and now she’s appointed as a minster, and of all areas she is given responsibility of prisons. Zamuro cuidando carroña.

  3. Island is right… Only in Venezuela. I cannot think of any other country in the world (past and present) in which such an ignorant, ill-prepared, asocial, brute could be given such a position of responsibility.

  4. Shoot, she should BE in prison, not in charge of prisons. That’s why we had El Assaimi……..Oh……….Never mind.

  5. Well, I have to agree with Primero Justicia for once. As I put on my post on this subject, that might be the only position she is “fit” to fill (giving a new sense for the word fit if we must).

  6. Guys, don’t forget that this is the very same vengeful loony that tried to poke journalist Gustavo Azócar’s eyes out on camera. Things are bound to get quite a bit crazier now. Not good for el comandante’s re-election campaign.


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