Luisa Estela Morales, Space Cadet

To sovereignty… AND BEYOND!

The chairwoman of our Supreme Tribunal has found herself a new priority: Protecting Venezuelan outer space.

“The ultraterrestrial space is one of the aspects established in our Constitution as an important element of the general concept of sovereignty…It’s a commitment and an obligation for us to investigate and promote the development of Space Law…this will be one of the main priorities of Venezuela’s judicial branch.”

And why not? The other Luisa wants to change the world, why wouldn’t Luisa Estela try to one-up her?


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  1. I just have this image of some guy stuck in a hell-hole jail awaiting trial for years on end reading that *this* is going to be one of the judicial branch’s “grand priorities”…que bolas tienen de verdad…

  2. If YOUR Supreme Court had defectors like Aponte Aponte pointing out that the whole place was infected with bias and drug crime, why not avert your eyes to the stars, instead?

  3. As with other property resources, the government should limit itself to the charging of property taxes for use of national geostationary space, use that is not pertaining an exclusive governmental role.

  4. Where’s Arturo when we need him to interpret how Luisa’s measure provides the legal framework for Chávez’ proposal to save the planet.

  5. “Hay que abordar temas del derecho espacial como la normalización sobre el trato de la basura espacial, los seguros espaciales, el uso, utilización y servicio de los satélites de telecomunicaciones, el otorgamiento de órbitas, la interferencia satelital interfronteriza, el control de exportación y transferencia tecnológica, regulaciones para la televisión por satélite y para la navegación por satélite, entre otros”, comentó.”

    Well when I read this paragraph I understood the goal…another way to limit information by regulating satelite TV! However, with the efficiency that this government act this is not happening soon and meantime Luisa Estela et al. will waste a enormous amount of resources that could be used to get the poor Venezuelans living in the hell holes that Quico mentioned.

    • I think this is the key. It’s not about space idiocy but about control of information and the court postulating that we will find a way to control this communication. When you count the direct TV dishes on the ranchos in and around Caracas, I think they will find this an impossible task. They will not be able to move Venezuela backwards to the Cuba they pretend to aspire to be.

  6. Space is the realm of superpowers, not third-world nations. The idea that Venezuela can even begin to influence international outer space treaties is laughable. They’d better focus their resources on pulling Venezuelans out of poverty and solving crime. Or maybe it’s all part of the plan and the whole nomenklatura will bugger off to Mars when they lose in October.

  7. Know all men by these presents: I, Roy, an individual person, hereby claim and declare the planet Neptune, its moons, and all the space within the orbit of its outer-most moon and extending out to 0.5 AU (Astronomical units) beyond that orbit, as well as all of the space within 0.5 AU from the plane of the ecliptic of the Neptunian planetary system, as my personal property in perpetuity. No man, nor government, nor instruments or emissaries of said men or governments, to include manned vessels and robotic space probes, shall pass into or through said territory without negotiating my specific and express permission by paying tribute, to myself, the Sovereign of Neptune.

    • Hugo claimed Uranus and surrounding territories, moons, rings, etc.
      (I heard the other day that the distance to Saturn from the Sun is only half
      way to Uranus. I thought Uranus was much closer…:)

      • I think he meant Ur-Anus. He’s doing a pretty good job of claiming those of anyone who opposes his “Bolivarian Revolution”.

    • The reality of it, however, is that because of this kind of issue, chavez could rile up support from loads of little countries against the few superpowers in other issues. Since the number of non super powers is greater than the number of super powers, the little guys start controlling all the world organizations against the super powers, because, suddenly, over things like this, the super powers are depicted as the bad guys.

        • Functionally, yes. Politically, the chavezes use that precisely to keep making them look like the big bad bullies. So in issues not pertaining Security, the chavezes gain more and more control. My point is, the super powers should keep an I on this and not just brush it off lightly; there is purpose to the maddness. Keep in mind that chavez’s main goal is to bring down USA. Getting a larger number of votes to vote against USA interests is just one of many angles of attack.

  8. ”Estamos a punto de lanzar el satélite de observación Miranda, que se realizará desde China entre septiembre y octubre de este 2012. Va a ser uno de los que aporte más a la humanidad y al desarrollo de sus derechos y la protección de los mismos”

    VRSS-1 is a Chinese military reconnaissance satellite using electro-optical digital imaging CCD with 2.5-meters panchromatic resolution. Good for detecting ship, troop and heavy equipment movement across Colombia and Caribbean. These satellites are marketed for civilian use (dual-use) though their lineage is military.

  9. another clear signal of their thoughts and intentions. Will allow them to possibly detect American troop mobilizations such as 101st or 82nd Airborne or Naval vessel activity from east coast ports Mayport and Norfolk for example. They will be able to monitor U.S. military aircraft activity in the region by seeing what’s parked where (Aruba, Curacao, Brazil, Colombia, Central America, etc.) and they will do this for their allies. Basically it allows them to peep at us they way we peep at them. A leveling of the playing field of sorts.

    The satellite will be in low altitude polar orbit (north to south) circling every 100 minutes. The image swath is around 60Km by 60Km. Google Earth offers better resolution.

    BTW, I don’t see U.S. military against Venezuela based on what we know today. The Bolivarians seem to be preparing for something they think may provoke an American response i.e. kicking the table and officially becoming a rogue narco-petro-state. Only missing WMD to ensure regime survival and hints have recently come from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during his Colombia-Brasil visit and the Israeli Foreign Minister. If such a program existed, only a handful would know and they have proven very successful at keeping secrets from the West.


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