My take on the comments ruckus

I was off skiing on the face of a volcano in Chile’s Patagonia for the weekend (yes, you can envy me now), so I’m a little late to this debate.

My take on the Comments section? I am instinctually averse to anything resembling the preternaturally confused, delusional, conservative liberal, Palin-hating Sullivan, and I avoid his blog like the plague. Therefore, anything that attempts to copy him is not something I look at with pleasure.

However, I understand Quico’s displeasure with the Comments. Since the purpose of our blog – the reason we dedicate so much time and effort to it – is because we dig it, anything that ruins the experience for us is a threat to its existence.

In that vein, let’s keep the system on a trial basis, and see what happens. Who knows? Maybe we will all get used to it.

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