Not everybody hates Comments via Email

Old comments section stalwart GTAvex sticks his neck out:

I find the new policy refreshing: it’s not trying to pander to us with a self-congratulatory “democracy-means-free-for-all” while people write silly innuendos and snide comments. Caracas Chronicles demands that we, as readers, give something back to a great blog (and a blog that’s always generous and honest enough to point out different areas of the Venezuelan-minded blogosphere). Could it mean that it will lose readership? Perhaps at first. But it further gains my respect, even though less of “me” will appear on the blog.

At least one other reader concurs,

As another fan of Andrew Sullivan, I do think it is a worthwhile experiment to do these comments-via-email for a couple of weeks. God knows the trolls have gotten really annoying recently, and I haven’t made any comment with substance in many months myself. In any case, I will try to send some thoughtful thinks (or even links!) over these few weeks. Hopefully other readers will come up with some interesting things too!

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