Put a hat on it

This plays really well in Parapara.

Quico’s take on Gorra-gate was a home-run. But there is a side to this we need to consider.

The more we talk about Capriles’s headgear, the more we focus on the CNE’s obvious partiality, of the abuse of State powers, of Cadenas … the less we talk about issues voters care about more, swing voters in particular.

Suppose you think swing voters don’t matter. Well, every time we ingrain in the heads of our base that the CNE is really just looking out for the Fat Man in the Palace, the more likely it becomes that they will stay home.

Hasn’t that always been the CNE’s MO? Has it not worked brilliantly sometimes?

The CNE’s motto should read “Planting seeds of doubt since 2004.” Instead of a faux pas, this could be part of a strategy we’ve seen plenty of before.

The campaign is going well, so well that Capriles is campaigning in über-chavista Trujillo, and Chávez is visiting über-chavista Vargas. Let’s not blow it by changing the message with less than two months to go.