Ad War Update


The latest from the Capriles’ camp uses a first-hand account of how negative the Chavernment’s policy of expropiations has been for the country.

This ad from the Chavez’ camp is not recent, but is probably the best in summing up his overall case for reelection. Call it “Let us have cake”. Ummm… Cake.

Last but not least: Why are there no ads from the other five candidates still in the race at all? Well, after searching the intertubes and doing some channel surfing on TV, there’s just nothing from them whatsoever. If I find something, even on Betamax, I’ll post it.

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  1. I see this ad and many other effective Capriles ads on YouTube. Can anyone tell me if Venezuelans have the ability and opportunity to view the ads?

    Chavez has not limited the distribution of pamphlets yet. Can Capriles team do mass distributions of pamphlets covering the key points?

    Chavez ad should show Castro and high-level Chavistas eating cake while the pueblo gets the crumbs.

  2. Sorry for being a hater but this is definitely the case, this is why both of them are wrong in this why Venezuela wont have answers for know, when the proposals of future presidents recovers and focuses on reclaiming nor the finance over the identity but the identity itself that claims the education to think and the hands to create with the developing new limits of the venezuelan coming’out´of´the´poorness on the state´of´minds´in´the´population. Then to ¨get¨ out of this mindstate and how to move over together making understand that decisions and consequence of this is they key. This is why this revolution works, boundries are being bent not broken, then paradox will still be believable. when new horizons are beeing watched over new horizons you learn(mentally break)that life is not for acomplishing is for walking and watch new horinzons is the thing to do and understand that utopias are for that, for keep walking.They have to speak the truth over convincing people over stuff. One is not in power and doesnt want to talk about it and the other one has the power and forgot what he was suposed to do whit it.

    • There is an ongoing struggle. The rich and powerful who fend for themselves, and the poor who are not satisfied with the sparse trickle down. That struggle is a bridge to nowhere.

      • The struggle against the rich can break their grip, but it generally fails to replace it with good governance. With my limited knowledge of Latin American History, I believe it is this paradox that at least partially explains the continuing instability of Latin American governments in general. Revolutionaries are good at expressing military force, but they can’t introduce an effective government.

        My belief, which is open to discussion. is that revolutions by use of force cannot be as effective as a liberal education for future generations. It is easier and more effective to educate and inspire the new generation than to change the current generation by force.

  3. O.T. Chavez has a new tactic. Says everything would be worse without his leadership.

    “Venezuela continues to suffer from electricity supply problems, President Hugo Chavez said, adding that the situation would be worse if he had never been elected.”

    Does this mean corruption in Venezuela today would be worse without Chavez?
    Would food production in Venezuela today be worse without Chavez?
    Would the road infrastructure today be worse without Chavez?
    Would housing today be worse without Chavez?
    Would food production in Venezuela today be worse without Chavez?
    Would the road infrastructure today be worse without Chavez?
    Would businesses today be worse without Chavez?
    Would prisons today be worse without Chavez?
    Would the murder rate today be worse without Chavez?
    Would poverty today be worse without Chavez?

    And on and on…


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