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Después dicen que el gobierno no es eficiente. A scant 36 hours after the Amuay disaster, and just 24 hours after he had promised an “exhaustive investigation” President Chávez has already ruled out both maintenance issues and the possibility of a pre-existing gas leak as possible reasons for the blast. Personally!

The range of politically acceptable outcomes to any investigation has already been dramatically narrowed…and they haven’t even put out the fires yet!

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  1. OK they will come with another animal species to blame or start the rumor of “sabotaje de la derecha”, but they will never, never will take responsibility. The fact that Ramirez has not resigned is the first indication that they never will take responsibility.

    Sure Jefry!…everybody goes back to work in a very safe place!

  2. Although it may seem like a totally nonsensical response, in the Venezuelan context…it kind of makes sense. Most people really aren’t aware how refineries are supposed to be run and it’s not like safety issues have been trumpeted all over the press in the last few years. To accept responsibility would be admitting they knew about the problems and did nothing. Better to deny everything and hope that nothing sticks. I mean you and I know that there were problems at the refinery and that these were overlooked but I wonder if the average Pedro Perico de los Palotes really knows or cares what went on at Amuay.

  3. I do hope Capriles loudly demands that Hugo Chavez immediatly fire Ramirez. Not only that, but other significant opposition figures should line up against Ramirez and make it clear the opposition generally believes him incompetent. That will insure Ramirez will never be fired by Hugo Chavez, and indeed he will probably keep him closer than ever. The advantage of narcissitic idiots is that they are very easy to predict and manipulate. And besides, he is incompetent and should resign, so asking for it is both a blow to Chavez and a service to the truth.

    • Reminds me of the quote “They have to hang together or
      they will all hang separatly.”
      No, Chavez will keep all of his loyal numbnut ministers. He was
      bragging on Ramirez few days ago while visiting PDVSA.
      Don’t get me started..Ramirez has been campaigning for Chavez
      and lying every day lately…

  4. Jeffry House;
    Everyone goes back to work tomorrow morning.

    When gasoline use increases during the work week, after the weekend lull, we will find out if there will be gasoline shortages or not- which will be the best measure of how much damage there was and how quickly it is being fixed. While the government can lie about the cause of the explosion, the extent of the damage, and how quickly the damage will be repaired, the government cannot get away with a lie about gasoline supply. Unlike a lie, gasoline cannot be invented out of the thin air. If there will be gasoline shortages, Juan Fulano will soon find out about the shortages – at the pump.

    I wonder if anyone has any figures on gasoline sales this weekend compared to the average weekend. I imagine that a lot of people may have topped off their tanks in anticipation of a pending gasoline shortage.

    Prediction: Bachaqueros will not find it as easy to get gasoline to take across the border. Or, they may find there is as much money to be made selling black market gasoline inside Venezuela. Gasoline station operators may also demand a cut- or a bigger cut- of the bachaqueros’ profits. We may be seeing a de facto increase in the price of gasoline brought about by the impending shortages- if there will be shortages, of course.

  5. Chavez already backs Ramirez and his crew, so the investigation has already been conditioned. Now by unilaterally discarding the “gas leak” and “lack of maintenance” aspects, he has set the agenda for the investigative commission and therefore, leaving the offcial explanation options to “matter of chance/bad luck” or “act of sabotage from opposition/empire”. Simple as that.

    Beside that, Chavez wants people to focus again (specially his followers) on his re-election.

  6. He just said in his speech that, as per a “great philosopher” whose name he couldn’t remember, “The show must go on”–Some compassion, huh, and imagine how this would be treated in a free Western press?? Also, in closing, he said something to the effect that the Amuay deaths were all going to be for the greater glory and triumph of the Patria. Even Sean Penn couldn’t make this S— up!!!

    • Yeap. In short: “It’s sad and all, but better moving on. Mision October 7th!”

      He said it not long ago in a rally… #AquiLoQueImportaEsChavez.

  7. As always Chavez lost his composure when some Colombian reporter asked him about his knowledge about the maintenance issues. He is such a freaking hypocrate, giving lessons on non-biased press. Makes such a fool of himself. Besides, this time, I think more than ever the whole country knows it’s obvious a huge methane or propane cloud bursted after hours of accumulating in the atmosphere. He can’t hide that. Call it lack of maintenance or plain neglicence, it’s the simple fact something this serious and obvious was not noticed by the engineers (when the whole town warned something was wrong) or detected in time and not given immediate priority to fix.

  8. I just asked my uncle, a poor 72 year old man with a 3rd grade education, who is a die-hard fanatic of El Comandante, if he thinks there is a possibility of lack of maintenance. He responded, and I quote:
    “Eso es lo q t hacen pensar los medios imperialistas de alla. Tristemente sobrino te has dejado manipular por la derecha maligna. i ademas que vas a saber tu, si vives tan lejos de aka. Vente pa’ ka, pa q vea como los venezolanos verdaderos y socialista vamos a vencer eto.”

    **Apologies for the blatant lack of basic grammer, replacing c with k is all the fad amongst the chavista facebook population. After all, C is for capitalism

    Through social media I have been able to keep up with certain family members of mine who are astonishingly brain-washed by the man himself. And I love it.

    I find it extremely intriguing to see how these guys think, how they express their fanaticism with fierce pride, and how they turn a blind eye to the overwhelmingly simple questions that I ask them.


    At least this time they are not blaming the poor rodents

    • But your uncle is blaming a pig.

      This is great, Max. Good to see true examples of convoluted thought from blind crusaders. God bless your uncle.

    • Reminds me of my grandmother’s brother saying:

      “Bueeeno si Chaveh se muere no quedamos con Jaua, ese si echa plomo”. I I get this intense feeling of hatred and indignation when i see senior citizens of at least 60 years old talk about Chavez as if he was the best thing that ever happened to this country. Makes me feel like a a very wise hermit at 23.

    • It probably isn’t fanaticism. More likely a type of psychological defense mechanism. To admit that Chavismo is a lie, is to admit that you are a fool and that you are a victim of your own stupidity and the illusion that you have control over the world around you. Those who are at or near retirement age really don’t see any other hope other than Chavez.. and it is hard for them to give up what little hope that’s left.

    • There’s another defense mechanism for those who have been dedicated Chavistas. It’s a type of Oedipus defense that has been applied to Nazi followers following WWII. When Oedipus realized that he had married his mother and fathered children with her, he poked out his own eyes. When Nazi followers realized the war crimes of the Third Reich, they seemed to become blind to them… only able to recall the good that came from it, i.e. the autobahn. For Chavistas to comprehend the enormous destruction they caused, they have to acknowledge their own culpability.

    • My sister in law, with a university education, also bought the “it is a media plot!” narrative. We have way too many dumb people in this country unfortunately… sigh


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