There Must be 222 Ways to Leave Your Skin Behind at Amuay

Roger Gregory is not fucking around.

Thanks to the miracle that is this leak, we now know that a report dated May this year by RJG Risk Engineering’s Roger Gregory noted there were 222 accidents of various types at the CRP last year, including around 100 fires and nine “Notable Incidents”. Out of the 222 incidents, 173 were never actually investigated at all.

Note that, following the May 24th, 2011 explosion at a 77,000 b/d furnace in Cardon (page 16), inspectors urged “Alarm rationalization for the whole of the refining complex.” Did that ever happen?

And following the jet fuel fire at Cardon’s Jetty 1 in September 2011, when they noted that there was no clear marking at the site of which hoses had been recently inspected and which had not, they were provided inspection reports, but those reports had no date on them!

There’s plenty more where that came from. Check it out. 

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  1. OT: Maduro’s statements in Iran that “Before everything else, we call on the major powers to stop interfering in Syria’s internal affairs and allow the Syrian people to live in calm, peace, and independence.” WTF? Without the major powers, Assad would kill everyone and no one would get peace or independence. Another great reason to get Chavez out of office quick.

  2. This is ‘making-do’ on a criminal scale. From the outdated piping drawings, corrosion (particularly under insulation), bypassing shutdown devices, non existant maintenance and so on and on it’s as if the plant is operated only on the minimal experience that was memorised and retained post PDVSA major redundancy program.

    This is an example of what happens when you get rid of those who knew what they were doing being replaced by those who think they know what to do. Add a bunch of red t shirted punters as the bosses and you have a clusterf*ck.

    I suspect that this report could reflect each hydrocarbon producing and refining location in Venezuela. You might say Venezuela is the Haiti, or Cuba, of the oil industry.

  3. According to that risk report the re-build cost of Amuay was last year estimated at almost $12 bn. That is one hell of a chunk of change out of Fonden.

    Plus, wasn’t Venezuela supposed to be ramping up production to ‘benefit’ from high oil prices/pay off increasing debt? I wonder how much refining capacity has Venezuela lost & how that affects the government’s finances.


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