Ad War Update, cont’d

Chavez’s camp latest claim: Culture and history are only possible in revolution…

Where to start with this one, beside the cheesy, melodramatic tone? History has not been treated kindly by the Comandante Presidente: from adapting Bolivar as a mascot to abandoning the national archives, history is only an ideological tool for Chavismo.

And culture? The National Orchestra System (El Sistema) was funded in 1975 and supported by every administration since. Both the theater seen in the ad (Caracas Municipal Theater) and its more modern counterpart (Teresa Carreño Complex) are used mostly for propaganda acts these days. And they didn’t build’em either.

Meanwhile, Capriles’s camp has a one-minute spot featuring its new campaign song “Thousands and thousands”, referring to the people who’ve been to his rallys all around the country and that recently went to its 200th Venezuelan town in Carabobo State.

Related to that, HCR’s people is trying to reach different demographics through music and they released this for the younger crowd. Maybe you will find it awful, but believe it or not there’s an audience who listens this kind of music and love it. It’s a smart move after all.

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