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Lizeta Hernández (PSUV), governor of Delta Amacuro

Simplicio Hernández, father of Delta Amacuro State governor Lizeta Hernández, was kidnapped last night in Tucupita by five individuals. He was himself governor of the state between 1979 and 1981 (when Delta Amacuro was a Federal Territory and State governors were named by the President)

Authorities, including the National Guard and the Investigations Police (CICPC) are now involved in a state-wide search for Mr. Hernandez’s whereabouts.

Earlier this week, the comandante presidente somehow admitted that insecurity in the country is “a grave problem” while blaming it mostly on “the disaster of capitalism”.

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  1. I hope the Capriles campaign gets around to mincing Chavez up on this. Really, the ways the Clueless Leader can be “chalequeado” (taunted and baited) over this are endless.

  2. Somewhere in the US, there is a rich man who decides that his money is not enough that he orders the father of a Venezuelan Governor to be kidnapped for ransom. That really makes SO much sense.


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