The “consultation” panacea

“Don’t worry people. This new study will make you safer. Even if the prior two didn’t change a thing whatsoever.”

The Chavernment has announced that it will carry out a “National Consultation for a Safe Coexistance”, as part of its most recent security program. This will eventually translate into a study on the matter.

Sadly, as recent history shows, this study could follow the path of two other reports made by the Venezuelan State: The Police Reform Report (known as CONAREPOL) and the Disarmament Report.

The former was written when Jesse Chacon (current head of pollster GIS XXI) was the Interior Minister. But after the final version of such report was delivered, Chacon was replaced by Pedro Carreño, who dismissed its findings altogether. Se perdio esa plata…

Last year, a Presidential Comission was created to present proposals for a new law to take guns off the streets, with bipartisan support from both Chavismo and the opposition. Sadly, the bill continues to be stalled in the National Assembly, as government supporters apparently changed their minds…

Studies are necessary for planning and implementating public policies, but looks like the Chavernment is more interested in using them to buy time. The “sensation of insecurity” continues undeterred in Caracas with an agent of Military Inteligence Directorate as one of its latest victims.

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      • Lets see, if you consult Venezuelans, what do they want? Not to have one of the worst murder rates in the world that keeps on rising. Not being robbed, kidnapped or murdered by out of control thugs on their way to work. Not having a curfew if you live in a barrio and having to run to get home before the sun sets and risk getting shot. Not to lose family or relatives by crossfire. A police force that is no more dangerous that common criminals. A justice and prison systems that work and are run by people who know how to.

  1. “Studies on security” are a meaningless political tool, when the country’s president repeatedly threads into his speeches coded threats that signal to his die-hard base this message: cause havoc.

  2. don’t let the government disarm you, because with any law they make they will only apply it to the opposition, the bolivarian thugs will keep their arms and then you have nothing to defend yourself against the government and their thugs

  3. The chavernment consulting on something? Doing a national consultation?

    Outside of the usual do-or-die-mother-of-all-battles-of-Carabobo/Santa Ines/Earth-that-if-you-don’t-vote-for-me-you-are-filthy-enemy-of-the-revolution plebiscite?



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