The BusCaracas will finally arrive…

Launching right before the election through pure coincidence… #OkNo

The neverending story of BusCaracas, the chavista Bus Rapid Transit project that’s faced more crises over the year than a Telenovela heroine, may finally be coming to an end. The Chavernment has announced that it will start its operations on October 3rd, in the very same week of the Presidential election.

The BusCaracas’ buses have been recently tested, even if works on the route are still ongoing. The cost of a ticket will be 1,50 Bs.F., a little over half that what a regular buseta charges. At least, it will compensate for the hurry. #EstoEsLoQueHay

This is part of the “andanada de inauguraciones” the comandante presidente promised last month as he opened, on cadena nacional of course, the Perez de Leon II Hospital in Petare. Hope that BusCaracas doesn’t share the same path of that half-baked effort done for electoral purposes… 

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  1. What a mess this is going to be. get ready for a massive protest from the displaced porpuesto and bus drivers. Far from an electoral benefit, this parcial transport solution will only show how badly the Chavez government resolves problems….by creating more.

    • I was recently in Argentina, and the public transportation is very good, specially the buses. I was wondering when we will have decent buses in Caracas, this seems to be the begining. But there is always people looking at the negatives of everything the government does, it doesn’t matter if its good or bad to the majority of the population. We should be a little bit more objectives and less partialized.


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