Gabriela Montero, a brave artist

She didn’t have to, but we’re glad she did

Venezuelan pianist Gabriela Montero is a spell-binding Venezuelan pianist. In a wonderful post over at HuffPo, she paints the Venezuelan reality in bold colors and doesn’t hold back when she says stuff like,

“I am not a politician. I am a musician. Far from wishing to stoke the flames of partisanship, my music is an unsolicited, personally financed, non-affiliated protest and personal expression of regret. It is my appeal for national reconciliation and regrowth. It is my attempt to emotionally and metaphorically inform those around the world who are unaware of, or actively mis-informed as to, the daily reality of life in a disintegrating, yet abundant and beautiful Venezuela. It is a counter-cry to those with a far louder voice than mine, respected members of the artistic community like Sean Penn, whose harmfully romanticized view of the Bolivarian Revolution bares no resemblance to the daily insecurity faced by a nation which can afford to do so, so much better. The Venezuelan people must now insist upon it, and the international community must keep vigil to ensure a peaceful and democratic presidential election on October 7th.”

Bravo, Gabriela. The muse is working overtime.