“Sensation of insecurity” Chronicles, cont’d.

Ramon Maldonado, late secretary general of the CICPC

Ramon Maldonado, third in the hierarchy of the Venezuelan Criminal Police (CICPC) and former head of its Anzoátegui delegation was the latest victim of crime in Caracas this weekend, murdered after resisting the robbery of his car in El Paraiso.

The 24-year veteran of the police force is the 80th police officer killed in the Venezuelan capital during 2012.

As September sadly ends with another large body count, Caracas daily El Nacional reports about a sad reminder of the “sensation of insecurity” that affects the nation: bulletwounds are now treated more frequently in our pediatric emergency rooms.

But don’t be worried, people! The brand new Miranda satellite will solve everything!

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  1. I don’t even live in Caracas, but these days the fights among teens are way nastier than they were back in the day. When I was a teen, a couple of times I got black eyes, I gave black eyes, bruises. My brother got shot in an arm for the same kind of stuff. In Valera. We are far gone.

  2. “The 80th police officer killed in the Venezuelan capital during 2012”???
    Damn. WTF. Is this real? In the first 9 months of 2012, 80 police officers are killed in the line of duty in Caracas alone. The annual rate would be 96 Caracas officers killed.
    The entire U.S with 50 times the population of Caracas had 166 officers killed in 2011.
    This is worse than I ever thought possible.
    God bless those Caracas police who sacrificed it all. I know, I know some were corrupt but still.
    The bottom line is that Chavez refusal to control crime has led to hundreds of police deaths.
    Chavez needs to leave office asap. And police organizations should help him leave.

  3. In other newspapers the news has been reported differently, they said that they broke into his house and shot him when they realized he worked for the CICPC. http://www.eluniversal.com/sucesos/121001/asesinan-a-secretario-general-del-cicpc-en-el-paraiso
    Apparently, the killers have been identified. http://www.eluniversal.com/sucesos/121001/identifican-a-dos-de-los-cinco-sujetos-que-mataron-al-secretario-del-c . This type of news is scary, I mean if a CICPC honcho can get killed by thieves, who is not susceptible to this type of violence in Venezuela. And it shows another thing that the CICPC only does it job when the victim of a crime is a police officer, a diplomat or a chavista honcho. If you are not in that category and want justice, go somewhere else.

    • Had he been any random Juan Bimba, I bet the killers would still be free.
      The police CAN track criminals. We have seen time after time in high profile cases how they get suspects (do they get the guilty or just random pick some escape goat?), so the truth is they don’t even bother.

      • I remember when Nicolas Maduro’s son’s sunglasses were stolen from his car on a mall. They had the crook within 3 hours,about 50% of Venezuelan policemen were on the streets.

  4. for those of you who have been away a while look at what reporting a robbery is like these days. this was posted by a friend on mine on FB a couple of weeks ago:

    Hoy fui a denunciar el Robo de la Placa delantera de mi carro a la PTJ Las Acacias y resulta q tengo cita para el 18 de Octubre para poder denunciar el Robo. Diossss que alguien me explique. Ahora tambien debes sacar Cita para denunciar un Robo??? Dios nos agarre confesados. Todavia no lo puedo creer!!!!!!!!!

    If you have no connections forget about getting anywhere. At least in the past they pretended to be interested.

  5. I suppose the red clothing will do wonders to hide the bleeding, no really! One could suggest red also to Army and Air Force officers getting aboard the Russian discounted rotary wing deathtraps. And to PDVSA workers, specially those in and around refineries.

    I do guess that persons seek and find their own manner of death after all. I pity the bystanders more, though.


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