Ad War Update: The Final Stretch

We’re now in the last days of the presidential campaign and both campaigns keep releasing ads to persuade voters. First, the latest from the Capriles’ camp: This one presents testimonies of people thankful for his previous work as Miranda State governor:

And this one presents two supporters, explaining why they’re backing Henrique Capriles:

One positive thing about HCR’s ads is the consistency of the overall messaging through the entire cycle. I wish I could say the same about the comandante presidente’s camp, which is now doubling down on the personal connection between him and his supporters. This specific spot can be reduced to the following: “I love you and I will always support you”:

And then, there’s this. Probably the most elaborated spot so far of the entire campaign. This is the long version, but there is one-minute version already playing on television. If there’s a 2012 version of the “Por Amor…”, it is this one but, with no Chavez in sight:

It’s undeniable they really got the production values and a good concept, more Hallmark than “Uh Ah”, but I can say they didn’t pull it off completely. One, they overedited the hell out of it and the balloons’ messages (the supposed main element) are not shown properly. Some of them are kinda dumb: “Por amor al amor” Really? Al parecer, esto es lo que hay…

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