New budget = New military toys

Here’s your future social spending at work…

The Chavernment presented this week its blueprint for the 2013 National Budget, which includes a huge total: 396.406 Millions of Bs. (33% higher than its predecessor).

FONDEN and the other parallel funds will have no problem, as the price of the oil barrel is calculated in 55 US$ and the exchange rate will remain at 4,30 Bs. per dollar.

However, the arms binge will go on, as 10% of the proposed budget is allocated for “defense spending”. Finance and Planning Minister Jorge Giordani defended this as something done “…in a geopolitical sense.”

What’s the next big item in the FANB’s shopping list? The Yak-130 light aircraft.

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  1. It must be a huge dilemma for the military establishment: do we want more garages full of luxury cars, fancy motorcycles for our kids, nice fincas and tailored suits and rolex watches, or do we want to buy more military hardware that we will never use except perhaps in the most remote circumstances on our own people. Tough one.

    • “… or do we want to buy more military hardware that we will never use except perhaps in the most remote circumstances on our own people. Tough one.”

      Yes, if by “our own people” you refer to the military. The most likely target for those weapons would be other Venezuelan military. Like it has always been since 1992.

      On the other hand if they are “used” against the likeliest foreign “enemies”, which at that are highly unlikely, they will serve best as practice targets for them.

  2. One of the reasons that the Yak-130, a trainer and light combat aircraft, is showing up is that Libya cancelled it’s order for 6 of these planes after the revolution and Syria’s order for 36 Yaks has been held up by the conflict there. So there’s a glut and I’m sure you’re getting a good deal on them! …and saving Syrian lives indirectly and ironically.

  3. The comments on the last linked page are borderline insane. Incredibly in a country like ours there are still plenty of people who believe we need to arm to the teeth to defend our oil from the Yankees, while they themselves can’t go out of their homes past 6pm.

  4. Let me get this right. Venezuelans have trouble with poverty, electricity, drinking water, crime, human rights, traffic up the kazoo, corruption up the kazoo and beyond, pollution, loss of sovereignty, lack of government transparency, a sick president, fraudulent election practices, and a military run by narco-generals, just to start the list.

    How will buying light attack aircraft help any of this?
    Oh, I forgot. The planes are for Hugo’s personal protection. This is the number one responsibility of the Venezuelan military in the constitution.

  5. La paz planetaria, el equilibrio universal, bla bla, bla.

    The majority spoke. I am glad I am out. I am ashamed today of being Venezuelan. I say it loud and clear. 2.5 times the percentage of the ***American*** military expense.

  6. In the article they say that finally they had found a replacement for the aging Northrops F-5 from 1972 – pretty good planes to last 40 years…


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