Major shake-up in Trujillo


Trujillo State Governor Hugo Cabezas announced that he has declined to run for a second term, even though he was endorsed by the comandante presidente himself weeks ago as his candidate.

In a press conference, he acknowledged the lack of support of Chavista bases, to the point that the Tupamaros decided to support their own candidate.

Now Chavismo must find another candidate quickly and locals have proposed former member of the National Assembly Julio Moreno for the job. However, the buck stops in Miraflores in this case.

This will embolden those political allies of Chavismo that have questioned some of the State governors still supported by Chávez, like in Bolivar or Portuguesa. The PSUV shut the door to any compromise this week, but more last-minute changes are now possible.

UPDATE: Defense Minister Henry Rangel Silva will be the PSUV candidate for Trujillo. He was born there, but currently votes in Caracas. The CNE will probably help him out.

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  1. The grassroots and the rank and file militants of the Bolivarian revolution are starting to go on the move against the counter revolution, the bureaucracy and the Boli-bouregise, they represented 10’s of thousands of groups within the Great Patriotic Pole (Spanish: Gran Polo Patriótico, GPP) and about 1.7 million votes, so if I were you, expect more of this to go on with some victories and loses but we will get to real socialism.Sooner than you may think…

    Rojo Rojito

  2. Now who besides myself and few others predicted the 10 point Chavez win, not many on this list.
    But when I do get to the Parroquia “23 de Enero” maybe we could go get some coffee at the Coordinadora Simon Bolivar which I have visited before, if you have the balls to…

  3. Yes, you are apparently familiar with the militarization of the Get-Out-The-Vote-Campaign. Honest people, though, do not simply crow about the power of the (fascist) revolution. Leninists take an oath to lie in public about events (this is the essence of democratic centralism) and end up going along with all the excesses, which they turn a blind eye to. As the crimes increase, Leninists avert their eyes, turning to all the glorious triumphs of the future. There will be pie in the sky before you die. But when it turns out that there will be no pie, you are left with your acceptance of criminal behaviour, in exchange for nothing. Sooner than you think.

    • Ballot modifications are still possible right now for anyone. The final ballots will be presented in November. So, the photo will be of the new candidate, not Cabezas.

      • Well, it was as I said, the deadline was ignored, read it directly from Aporrea 😉
        Caracas, octubre 31 – Este miércoles el Consejo Nacional Electoral aprobó una modificación del tarjetón electoral que se utilizará en las elecciones regionales del 16 de diciembre.
        Este cambio se realizó con la finalidad de incluir al General Henry Rangel Silva como candidato a gobernador del estado Trujillo.
        Esta decisión se toma fuera del plazo oficial para realizar los cambios en el instrumento electoral, que estaba pautado hasta el pasado 15 de octubre.


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