“Sensation of insecurity” chronicles, continued


New Interior Minister Néstor Reverol repeated the official defense of the Chavernment regarding high criminality in Venezuela: it’s a matter of perception.

This weekend alone, authorities stopped four attempted lynchings in the Guarenas-Guatire area.

Looks like people there perceived some inaction by the police and the justice system and decided to take matters into their own hands. We can say this for Reverol, though: at least he has been more open about the murder rate in Caracas than his predecessor.

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  1. OT: I interrupt this empty comment board for breaking news. Here’s Ron Burgundy:

    Keeping it short, Barack Obama has been re-elected as U.S. President. Yes he did.

  2. These people just had a perception of being lynched, after a few minutes that surely would have gone away.

    Also remember, crime is always born out of poverty according to left wing logic, so logically a rising crime rate means Chavez has made poverty worse.

    • A four-fold increase in crime, in Vzla, must be due to the reasons given by that newly-formed *perfesser* known on these boards as ‘get a clue’: “Lower levels of poverty (less poor people) = higher consumption (poor people can buy more stuff) = higher consumption of electricity per capita (more A/C’s and refrigerators) = need to drastically increase electricity supply

      I wonder what other statistics he’ll manipulate to justify revolutionary economics, to pull the wool over special ed. eyes, and to keep his little job.

    • 50/100k inhabitants is too low, that’s very clearly a lie. 66/100k makes even more sense but when you factor in all the murders that are never reported it becomes much worse. Reverol is correct in that perception of crime is usually higher than actual crime rates but then again the perception is there for a reason. Somehow arguing that it isn’t ‘that’ bad and it’s all in how you frame it is cynicism at its best.


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