Ad War Update: Miranda Edition

With the 16-D campaign already in full force, it’s time to look some of the TV spots airing in free-to-air channels and on cable. Let’s start with the race for the Miranda State Governorship, considered to be the one with the highest national visibility.

Incumbent governor Henrique Capriles Radonski defines himself as “a public servant”.

The spot keeps some elements of his previous presidential campaign, with more focus this time in what he has done as governor. In short, he’s inviting voters to trust him again.

Former VP Elias Jaua has a different challenge: Introducing himself. He decided to leave that job to some of the people that knew him during the course of his life and career.

To be honest, this commercial makes Jaua look boring. The second one isn’t much better.

My full take on Miranda will come next week, as part of the “16-D Races to Watch” series.

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