Where’s Waldo? Update


That’s chavezcandanga’s last tweet, from November 1st. Since then, the comandante presidente’s twitter account has been… silent. This is not an isolated event.

His public apperances have been declining during the second half of 2012, specially after his re-election on October 7th. Last July, he showed up in 2.850 minutes of public events. This month he has showed up only 495 minutes (eight hours, all inside Miraflores Palace).

Now, he’s going once again to Cuba. This time for a “special treatment”.

For the record: In the almost eighteen months since he recognized his cancer. Not once has there been any kind of independent, detailed medical report about his condition.

That hasn’t stopped him during this period from falsely proclaiming himself cured.

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  1. Do we know anything about your health, other than being a wing nut and wack job but this is the role of Chronically Clueless, hey what!

    All you have is a wing and a prayer, not much hope their.


    • RE: CORT

      Is CC president of a country?

      I’m curious, are you a tarifado del gobierno (maybe work for venezuelanalysis.com) or simply a foreign intellectual, clueless about the reality of Venezuela and incapable of empirical thought?

    • Cort,
      As president of a country it is Chavez’s duty to inform the country if he is no longer able to run the country in the way that he was elected to do so. The change in appearances on TV from last year to this year clearly show that he hasn’t been able to keep up with the demands of being president under the treatment to overcome his cancer.

      With all due respect, no one care’s (or its no one’s business to care) about anyone’s health, unless it has a direct impact on their lives. Unfortunately, Chavez’s health has a direct impact on my life, your life and that of the other 22 Million Venezuelans out there, whether Chavistas or not.

    • Where can we find your health reports? Since you ask it of private citizens, and not just leaders, I can assume you have already posted all your health information.

  2. Hugo Chavez will NOT,…NOT…make it to January 10th. As I’ve said all along,….there will be a new Presidential election shortly. Fasten your seat belts and put your trays in the locked upright position,…we’re in for a rough landing.

    • Question: If so, who shouid be the oppo candidate? Another shot for HCR? Is it worthwhile to have another full-scale primary? But there would not be time.

      A maximum of 30 days before the special election, if I read the Constitution correctly.

      Can the CNE call a snap election in less time?

      • The constitution says that we have 30 days to call for the new election, and in those 30 days they could be saying well the special election would be in X months..( you know the preparation, etc) and of course count in all the things they will need to raspar la olla, or invent another thing…

  3. He is having a cup of tea with Polonius and perfecting the art of protecting his own self interest ; by closing the door to his interior.

    • An excerpt: “Be skeptical of anyone who advertises or offers hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat conditions such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, cancer, AIDS, stroke or migraine headaches. At present there is no scientific proof that this therapy is useful in treating these other conditions.”

  4. Is there a doctor in the house? Perhaps someone can tell us what the need for hyperbaric oxygen treatment tells us about the likely ailment. From what I read, it seems to indicate that reports saying the radiation therapy had damaged bone tissue, or perhaps soft tissue, may be correct. And that other forms of treatment for what looks like the result of medical incompetence have failed to work.

    • -not a doctor- it is probably a trade-off between risking some cancer cell remaining alive and the tissue damage. How bad that actually is? I don’t know, but this time Chávez is not announcing that himself, and apparently his condition was deteriorating. If they went that far with the radiation it would also imply that the risk of a new recurrence was high (in line with a recurrence after chemotherapy too). All in all I would say “la tercera es la vencida”

      • Do you really believe that chiabe is going to receive hyperbaric whatever?

        In principle this guy does not tell the truth ever. So, if he says hyperbaric xxx, then he will probably receive a bone transplant or whatever.

        In short, nobody knows what he has or what treatment he is receiving. He is sick, that is it.

        • fair enough. But if so, one would have to give Godgiven Hair full marks for creativity for coming up with “hyperbaric oxygenation therapy”.

        • Right, there is no verifiable information, but the minimal amount given by Chávez is plausible, it *could* be true (given all the context I tend to believe it is). If not, then it should be no better would I say.

      • It does not matter…it could be the hyperbaric chamber treatment, as a way, in medicine qhen is nothing else to do you could try whatever, just to do something, that does not mean is going to cure anything. Maybe is a New Michael Jackson fixation, and they would give him propofol for the pain…whatever it is…he is not working…but of course in Venezuela that does not matter anymore…

  5. In the context of the total absence of an overall medical report on his condition, and chavismo’s well-documented Truth Problem, I don’t see any reason to presume the announcement is accurate.

  6. Cohorte del Diplomado de Saberes Africanos.
    Is there another Cohorte de Diplomados de Saberes Orientales coming up? Anybody knows?

  7. The absences of the megalonarcissus are explained thus:

    “desde el oficialismo aseguran que [Chávez] se encuentra bien y que ha decidido retirarse momentáneamente para no opacar a los candidatos a las elecciones regionales del 16 de diciembre…
    Ya lo había dicho él, justamente el 1º de noviembre, en el Palacio de Miraflores en referencia a los postulantes del Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela (PSUV): “No es mi tarea principal en esta etapa, sino que es de ellos el campo de batalla”.

    I have never witnessed such selflessness. No wonder people in his party adore him (…)

    • Jaja … it’s not about me, it’s about them. What a crock of sh…! As if he’s ever willingly given up the spotlight.

    • That would have required prison officials to actually perform an examination at the time the rape took place. Obviously, Venezuelan prisons are not run in such a way that they have the resources or inclination to afford inmates this sort of service.

      Furthermore, if she had truly been assigned her own cell, why not offer any evidence of this? Maria’s side of the story is necessarily he said she said, but the prison officials should easily be able to offer hard evidence such as prison records, security camera footage and so forth. That’s what prison officials in the rest for the world do to counter wild claims of abuse by inmates.

    • On top of that, you know very well Hugo Chavez is recovered from cancer and healthy. If he knew these accusations to be false, he would have publicly denounced them before leaving for Cuba. His failure to do that demonstrates he knows there are truth to them.


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