Another ordinary night in Caracas…


tupamarosFifty members of a paramilitary group known as colectivo tried to take over a station of the Venezuelan Criminal Police (CICPC) in Caracas.

Their objective was to rescue a fellow member held there as the main suspect in the murder of a bodyguard who worked for Oil Minister Rafael Ramírez.

The attack was repealed with the help of the BAE (CICPC’s SWAT) and back-up agents of the Bolivarian National Police.

In parts of Western Caracas and specially in the 23 de Enero neigborhood, those armed groups are the law. In many occasions, they do only harm. As hardcore Chavistas, they’re not above threatening violence every now and then.

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  1. I’ve always wanted to see a good article on the paramilitary groups that are associated with chavismo. However, with their violent extremism it’d probably be a difficult and suicidal article to write. Still, it’s interesting to note that they do exist and do carry out actions such as these. About three years ago a well known Latin Americanist who runs a prestigious Latin America think tank in DC assured me that there are NO chavista paramilitary groups and that I was essentially subscribing to right-wing paranoia. I’d like to take him down to 23 de Enero and introduce him to some of those fine upstanding chaps in that photo.

    • In 2009, German TV station ZDF did a report titled “Murder at all times: Caracas, the capital of violence”. The beginning was about one of those collectives. Here it is.

  2. Well this guys do whatever they please and I as a citizen cant currently solicitate a guns license and the last time I tried to get ammunition I almost got a rectal exam. Viva Venezuela.

    • Hahaha. I thought you said retina at first, which makes sense, then I read it again. Really backwards. I’d say it’s a revolution from the bottom-up, .

      • Well its just a metaphor for the incredibly bureaucratic and illogical laws regarding that stuff, taking in mind you can snatch them in Petare for half the price, but my ass aint worth buying ammunition from malandros.

    • I used to get a good laugh on hearing public figures clamoring for the disarmament of the civilian population, the part that abides the law however schizophrenic it sounds. Then I asked myself if somebody can be THAT clueless, really.


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