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Nicolas-maduro1The latest Official Gazette informs us that the Vice-President (and appointed succesor) Nicolás Maduro has been given broad new powers in economic matters.

Those duties include overseeing the budget and other public credit operations, authorizing expropiations and matters related to imports, creating public entities, and naming their board members.

Meanwhile Maduro got a lot of attention last Christmas Eve with his latest statement regarding the health of the comandante presidente (that he was up and about, “exercising”), which kinda contradicted what the Information Minister Ernesto Villegas informed in cadena nacional hours earlier (that he was resting per doctor’s orders).

The day after, Villegas was forced to save face on VTV and blamed (who else?) the private media for any “confusion” between both reports. 24 hours later, Maduro followed suit.

UPDATE: Maduro has signed his first decree, extending labor immobility for 2013.

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  1. Really: why do they continue the lie at this point? What does it get them, except a couple of guffaws over some pan de jamon?

  2. “Transicion en Gotas” Drop by drop transfer of power.

    Re their attacks on private media and on anyone asking entirely reasonable questions. The only feasible answer of the violent and sociopathic liars, when cornered by rational argument and reality, is to “strike back” and confuse matters further. Never to answer or furnish evidence that might show that they are actually telling lies.

    This is not a Republic. This is a huge, EPIC FAIL of an imitation of the Cuban and Soviet autocracies. The man is dying? in complete secret, while the scheming brownnoses faithful acolytes extract every drop of advantage they can from riding his dead back on the waves of his charisma like a surfboard continuing his works.

  3. To me, the interesting think is not that Maduro “has been given” broad new powers, but that purportedly, Chavez signed this decree. Of course, it cannot last beyond January 10th, unless it is renewed by the incoming President.


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