Are blackouts coming to Caracas?


IMG_0000088162_W_00600For years, the Venezuelan capital was kept at bay of electrical blackouts by orders of the comandante presidente himself.

In recent months, failures in the service have increased in Caracas and last Sunday, several parts of the city were left in the dark for six hours. Many locals are not happy.

In the first fifteen days of 2013 alone, there has been 55 reported blackouts in the city. This number has already surpassed all of those reported on 2012. CORPOELEC is investigating the possible causes but the “S” word has been brought once again as a possible excuse.

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  1. The origins of the problem are obvious. Without Chavez at Miraflores to personally manage the Caracas electrical grid, it was bound to fail. It’s those imcoompent lackeys that surround him that are responsible. If you don’t believe me just ask any chavista.

    • Or possums. Given their ubiquity in the EE.UU., perhaps the electrical-infrafstructure-destroying possums found in Venezuela were a CIA import. If passenger pigeons can carry military messages for miles, why can’t possums be trained to destroy infrastructure? What say you, Cort?

  2. The whole system of public services is unravelling faster and faster making its failures more difficult to mask or disguise . Caracas is lighted at nights because electricity used by the Guayana factories is being cut hitting hard the operations of these industries and making them totally dependent on government funding to keep their doors open . Of course the regime will now say that this is all the result of sabotage !!

  3. Venezuela electricity is among the cheapest on the planet, a fraction of the price in the U.S.
    Simple economics says there will be shortages. These same people should not complain when they pay (or don’t pay) their small electric bill. Reliable electricity takes investment, skilled labor, excellent management, technical expertise, without corruption. Venezuela is lacking in all those areas.


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