Villegas drops the communicational ball

My reaction in a nutshell

Information Minister Ernesto Villegas took his anger to the twittersphere yesterday to denounce an “unscrupulous” alleged fake photo of Rosinés, the comandante presidente’s youngest daughter, with rapper Nicki Minaj.

For the record, she has a history of meeting celebrities here at home and even she created her own Internet meme.

It isn’t easy to set priorities. But in this case, the minister is definitely doing it all wrong.

Mr. Villegas’ latest public reports on Chavez’s health are so ambiguous that the Capybara’s take on it actually makes more sense. The official version even varies inside Chavismo: While former VP Elias Jaua was more serious on Sunday, the current VP Nicolas Maduro indicated today that Chavez is recovering and being updated on government issues.

Instead on focusing his efforts on building a single official line, he gets distracted.

But his three-month period as the head of MinCI has been filled with contradictions. For example, he said days ago in an interview with his brother Vladimir that he doesn’t like Twitter very much.  However, he previously proposed establishing the “Bolivarian Sub-System for Social Networks”. Talking about having his cake and eat it too.

Meanwhile, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos proved once again how a head of state must keep citizens fully informed in matters related to his personal health.

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  1. Might I suggest a further provactive question for the Information Minister Ernesto Villegas?

    How about, “If the Cuban health system is so outstanding, and we’ve entrusted our beloved leader to its wisdom and care, why is there an outbreak of cholera taking place just down the street from where he is resting?” That should start the fireworks!

    Cholera,…yup, cholera.

  2. Certainly he is not successful. You would think that the embezzlers would convene a reunion, and decide on a single official line before working their own mouths. Or better yet, allow a single spokesperson with something consistent and sounding like a medical report (we know we won’t ever have a real one) talk.

    For going after a photoshopped picture (or not, who cares) The retard should be sentenced to infinite trolling and his own meme for absolute tardness. He is clueless about how the Internet (hate machine) produces these kinds of things and worse by the thousands in any given day.

    Or is he acting a distraction intended for retards who are actually what he pretends to be, right now?

  3. clearly a decoy but a very lame one… next time villegas should try harder and put on a real show, this is not even worth talking about


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