Meet the VP of the VP


elias-jaua-milano-590x392Former Vice-President Elias Jaua has been named new Foreign Affairs Minister.

That’s his consolation prize after losing the Miranda State election last month.

Back in October, he said that Henrique Capriles didn’t deserve re-election as a consolation prize for his defeat in the presidential election. Oh, the irony…

He will also serve as the first-ever “Political Vice-President of Government”. WHAT?

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      • I just can’t see the logic in this, the same way i couldn’t see the logic in Chavez choosing Jaua to run against Capriles, i mean, even with the propaganda machine behind and free appliances, you just can’t make a guy who has the charisma of an old shoe and whose perpetual “Cara e’ pendejo” refrains him from conveying a simple emotion, a serious threat.

        Outside of him being picked by Chavez, why did the reds voted for him? And this is the guy you’re picking as your imaginary VP? Something tells me that this wasn’t decided by Chavez, but hey, he picked him as candidate for Miranda so everything’s possible.

  1. Nice! They save the job of following their nonsense through! They do their very own reductio ad absurdum! Guys, you shall be forced like the poor bipolar rodent, to sometimes post almost straight from the news.

  2. This is Cuba in motion. Jaua belongs to the Marxist hardliners whose obsession with Cuba’s revolution is everlasting, to say the less.
    The Castro brothers are just putting the pieces together to make sure things are going to be controlled from Havana with no much hassle. I wonder where Blanca Eekhout would be positioned shortly.
    Sidelining Cabello and other “nationalists” (if such epithet can be applied to Chavistas in any way) within the military may come from the fact that no everybody can be trusted there.
    The sad thing is that the country is completely politically exhausted on both sides and if elections are thrown any soon the machinery will win again.

    • Can we get the nationalists to express dissent the Chavista and military way? That is by throwing a big fat ol’ coup d’etat…

      • Everyone within the military is actually very happy about financial stability (Chavez doubled their salary recently) and gross profits (you know, trafficking, check points, border passes, petrol stations) within the military.
        Chavez has excerpt full control of Academies within the military since 2002, so new generations are even more penetrated by socialist/left wing hot heads.
        Middle rank officers have been cleansed thoroughly after the Coup in 2002.
        All in all, the last shots were wasted in 2002. There’s no way to regain the power that way anymore.
        All what is left is an implosion!
        Sad but true.

        • Hey! These are the “nationalists” led by Diosdado Cabello. They are as liberally minded, respectful of civil liberties, honest, honored, civil, abnegated, cultured and generally palatable as expected from the fact that they are led by Diosdado and that they have let the Cubans ride herd on them, and that they have been bought all the way… none at all.

          I was by no means wishing them success… only that they try (just ironically!). A coup is no picnic. But their trying to throw a coup would remove one of the worst stumbling blocks for the general betterment of Venezuela. Themselves.

  3. Why the show of making it official when it’s obviously so badly and so illegally put together? Like what are they gonna say that Chavez signed this in Caracas too?

    Chavez (if the man is not dead already) must be on a closet somewhere in Havana covered in his own human waste since nobody cares about him. It’s obvious they took over. O-b-v-i-o-u-s, all right?

  4. if the Supremo us presumably well enough to make these appointments then of course they can claim that he is still capable of exercising ( with some limitations) his presidential functions , of course the Supremo may have become a Maniquin talking through Prof GIrafales , his annointed ventriloquist . Prof Girafales in turn may have appointed Mr Jaua Political VP ( a post not mentioned in the Constitution or elsewhere) as way of shoring up his own position vis a vis Cutie-eyes , playing one side against the other to make his own position stronger. Anything goes in the magic land of Oz.!!

  5. At this point, Maduro should be referred to as acting president. Appointing Jaua as the political vice president is an acknowledgement by the government that there needs to be a clear succession if Maduro dies, meaning Maduro is president since his successor is clearly Jaua.


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