Local elections to be postponed (Updated)

afp-venezuela-elecciones-primariasThe CNE is set to announce that the date for the already-delayed municipal elections is to be moved again, this time from May 26th to July 14th.

The reason is that the PSUV is preparing a closed primary vote to select its candidates. The current schedule didn’t allow enough time for such process.

As the “neurological primary” can’t be held, the PSUV has been working with the electoral power for weeks now. But, the primary isn’t the only option considered by the ruling party. There’s no mention of whether or how other Chavista parties (like the Communist Party) will participate.

And just like the last time, the CNE sets that election right at the start of school holidays.

UPDATE: 24 hours after the PSUV announced its primary, CNE President Tibisay Lucena has confirmed that municipal elections will go ahead on July 14th.

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