Joaquín Crespo is missing

Portrait of Joaquín Crespo, two times President of Venezuela
Arturo Michelena’s portrait of General Joaquín Crespo, two times President of Venezuela (1884-1886, 1892-1898)

The family mausoleum of 19th century General and President Joaquín Crespo (1841-1898), located in Caracas’s main public cemetery (Cementerio General del Sur) has been found empty.

The remains of Crespo, his wife Jacinta (of “Misia” fame) and other family members are unaccounted for, according to the municipal office in charge.

The desecration of graves is a common problem in the cemetery, where overall conditions are notoriously sketchy and security is very bad.

Before becoming President, Crespo became War Minister to Antonio Guzmán Blanco in 1876, the very same year when the cemetery was opened.

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