Miranda will have two governors

“Miranda State voters, you didn’t vote for me last December. But guess what? I’ll be your governor anyway!”

Remember the parallel governorships scheme, set up by the central government in Lara, Zulia and Caracas to re-route financial transfers to the regions through Chavista hands, bypassing elected oppo governors?

Well, Nicolás Maduro will now create one of those for Miranda State as well. (By decree, por supuesto.)

And who will be the person at the helm?

No other than Chavismo’s former candidate for governor Elías Jaua. He’ll presumably parallel-govern Miranda on his spare time from his day job, (you know, nothing major, just Foreign Affairs Minister.)


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  1. Sounds good. This will obviously be met with typical
    MUD indifference because protesting for your rights is “condemnable violent behavior”

  2. Can I make a point as a reader/contributor to this blog? Sorry, but this ‘Get a clue’ guy is way out of control. His religion is Chavismo and he’s way too deep into the Kool-Aid to offer interesting perspectives. It’s depressing reading the guy. How can I put it kindly? He needs to be ‘culled’ on a more regular basis. Sorry, had to do that…

    • Oh, but we have to respect his “right” to come and spoil the comments section for everyone, lest we be accused of tampering with “freedom of expression.”

      Some days I just want to shut the whole thing off…

      • The situation its not an easy one, in one hand, I don’t agree with deleting people’s comments because they disagree with you, on the other hand, GAC goes so easily from 2 to 100 calling people shitheads when they disagree with him that maybe a temporary ban would be ok to cool him off. On the third hand mutant hand, we should set an example of tolerance by allowing other people’s point of view here, even if 90% of that point of view consists of calling people shitheads and other scatological insults and derailing the conversation into topics that don’t have anything to do with the post being discussed. At the end I wouldn’t like CC to become Aporrea or any other chavista blog were people get banned for not being jalabola enough.

          • I’m completely fine with you not engaging. I enjoy simply showing the statistics that prove you wrong.

          • Wrong, El Pipo. I praised Get a clue, even gave him a little red biscuit. I don’t do that for just anyone.

          • Its really pretty curious, this whole obsession with not responding to anyone who challenges your arguments, especially when they do it by citing statistics and facts.

            I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it anywhere else. But hey, if you’re so insecure that you can’t take anyone challenging your argument, that’s your prerogative.

            You all would actually be better off not engaging me, because all you can usually respond with are insults and personal attacks, which only make you look that much more ridiculous.

          • I don’t have a problem with different opinions, what I do have a problem with is when they get personal and start insulting people, it gives the blog an Aporreish air, I couldn’t care less if they insulted me, I don’t get offender easily, Its because I don’t want to see this blog fall down to those depths when they ban everyone left and right.

          • I agree, I’m just dissapointed that I wasted so much time talking with GAC, I could have talked to a wall and got the same results. My bad.

          • Funny Toro, berating others for responding to me when you ALSO responded to me several times. Hypocritical much?

      • I hate it sometimes and I have fallen in the trap of trying to see if they have a rational point and always end up giving up just because there are always so many holes in their arguments I would have to write really long posts to even try to address them.
        But I say let’s let them come up with fake or completely unrelated statistics and discombobulated arguments. That, to me, is a constant reminder of why I could never be able to be a Chavista, I could not just repeat baseless claims or just swear allegiance to a cult. The fact that the best they can do in terms of intellectual discussion is what people like GAC et all bring here proves beyond doubt that chavismo is just a farce.
        Every objective, rational and honest person with knowledge of economic, sociological or antropological principles that I have known to support Chavez at the beginning (and I knew a few since 15 years ago I was dating a communist!) were one by one kicked to the curb for not sucking up to the big boss or became disillusioned by either corruption, inefficiency, hypocrisy or plain stupidity. So let them continue posting their little rants because they are the proof that we are not in an Eco chamber, they come here to “debate” and most times than not they manage to convince us even more of how weak their case is. I think that’s a good thing, even though if they can be annoying.

        • The funny thing is I don’t even say anything about Chavez. I simply show how your arguments don’t coincide with the facts. It is quite hilarious the type of response I get for doing so.

          • hehehe I’m sorry for real? You can’t be serious! really! it’s your arguments that simple don’t match the facts. If people feels the need to reply you or to any other Chavista troll for that matter, It’s just that people can’t stand to watch how a blatant lie was written all over the comments section.

        • I think that what annoys me the most from GAC is that those arguments and numbers she mentions and mentions and mentions as “facts”, are produced and released by a government that controls absolutely everything, that uses the public money for propaganda and to pay people like Gollinger and even Carter to speak on behalf of the revolution from their comfy apartments in the USA, that shuts the door to independent organizations when they don’t agree with them, in short, that does WHATEVER THEY WANT. Are those so called facts trustworthy? Absolutely not.

          • As Usual, Orwell got there first:

            But actually, he thought as he re-adjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connexion with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connexion that is contained in a direct lie. Statistics were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version. A great deal of the time you were expected to make them up out of your head. For example, the Ministry of Plenty’s forecast had estimated the output of boots for the quarter at one-hundred-and-forty-five million pairs. The actual output was given as sixty-two millions. Winston, however, in rewriting the forecast, marked the figure down to fifty-seven millions, so as to allow for the usual claim that the quota had been overfulfilled. In any case, sixty-two millions was no nearer the truth than fifty-seven millions, or than one-hundred-and-forty-five millions. Very likely no boots had been produced at all. Likelier still, nobody knew how many had been produced, much less cared. All one knew was that every quarter astronomical numbers of boots were produced on paper, while perhaps half the population of Oceania went barefoot. And so it was with every class of recorded fact, great or small. Everything faded away into a shadow-world in which, finally, even the date of the year had become uncertain.

          • This is, of course, what happened in the Soviet Union. Everyone was supposed to produce, say,10% more every year, all along the production chain, from raw materials to finished product. As a result, everyone lied, even inspectors, or otherwise they would be gulagged, or worse. Net result, shortages of everything, until the inevitable economic collapse (precipitated by Reagan’s “Star Wars’, which the Soviets couldn’t possibly match, with a Government budget already spending 50% or so on Defense).

          • Yes, the government’s official statistics that show a completely unremarkable record of coffee production over the last decade just must be all made up!!

            Hilarious that this is the best defense that Toro can come up with for his nonsense “dutch disease” theory.

            Coffee production just MUST have been “devastated” by dutch disease, because …. well…. because…. that’s what I WANT to believe. Statistics be damned!

      • You have to remember that Get A Clue is Chris Carlson, not just a PSF but a paid propagandist for that group in Merida, Venezuelanalysis.com, when he’s not working on his graduate degree in Wisconsin. …so ignoring him is the best possible solution.

        • You have to remember that John Barnard is a fat idiot who lives in Florida, and has nothing to refute any of my arguments, so he attempts to provide personal information about me, which incidentally turns out to be completely wrong, haha!!

          Hey John, so am I in Merida or Wisconsin… I’m confused…

    • The truth is that it’s not technically feasible to ban people, at least not in ways that are not ludicrously easy to circumvent. He’s obnoxious, sure, but sporadically contributes something. But we don’t have the manpower or the software to ban him so, the next best thing: just don’t engage.

      • Anyone visiting this blog for the first time would see a “renegade” commentor having lots of apparently concrete and lucid things to say, being overwhelmingly ignored (occasionally demeaned) by the blog writers, and receiving mostly derogatory comments from everyone else.

        Quico, I think it’s in your interests to engage with GAC in particular, if only to give the appearance that you and your writers can stand up to scrutiny. Leaving the task to your followers, who only fleetingly address his points, usually resorting to ad hominems, is not a positive reflection on the veracity of this blog’s content.

        • This coming from a person who constantly ignores rational questions with no ad hominems attached!

          Yoyo, I have asked you valid questions a number of times yet you choose not to engage.

          Now you complain about being ignored.

          Or is it that you would only prefer to engage with the blog owners and not the other commenters?

          Seriously, yoyo, grow up vale.

          • I feel stupid now because I can actually think of a bunch of your comments that I really liked and learned from. I guess this is “everybody just bite” day.

    • I agree. Some behavior modification is in order. Nothing wrong with expressing a difference of opinion, of bringing new insights to the table, of contributing humorous quips. But when these cult followers (Get a clue, honestly, Arturo, yoyo, et al) repeatedly come to this board solely to bomb the discussions, and to deviate the threads towards their altars of ideological submission, it’s time to take action, to get heavy with the warnings.

      It’s also time not to bother with any resulting “contritions”, moreover when these are accompanied by the need to blame others, rather than become accountable for their own behavior.

        • For what it is worth, I don’t think you should ban Cort Greene. His comments are always so obviously over the top that casual visitors to the blog can instantly see that he is from the lunatic fringe! It is kind of fun to bait him from time to time! At least some of the other trolls you are mentioning have a thread of intelligence, regardless of how foolish they can be sometimes.

          • I’m inclined to agree with you, BAB, regarding leniency towards Cort Greene. For it’s rare to find such a marketing genius among die-hard leftists. After all, who else incorporates in every single comment an advertisement for rojo rojito?

      • i don’t think it does you any good to attribute to me motives that are not mine. yes, occasionally i am so upset by something i post in anger–but you have no idea, do you, that i am just as often frustrated with the other side! by and large my comments here are written in good faith–if i take issue with a particular point, it is usually because it is the only thing separating me from agreeing with the larger argument. i admit i still have some ways to go before i’d identify myself as an opposition supporter, but as long as you continue to chase me off the site, making it clear i am unwelcome, it may never happen.

  3. Nah…let them come. Troll and all, it represents the opinions of a lot of people. Debating can reinforce your position, as infuriating as it may be sometimes.

  4. Maracaiburgh, I agree with what you say about debating others. However, there IS no debate with any of these people: Gac, yoyo, Cort…They don’t KNOW how to debate. They’ve never been educated as to what a debate is. I mean, look at Chávez: he NEVER debated! Hell, he never answered a question that came anywhere close to questioning anything he did/said! The best thing, IMHO, is to just ignore them. Seriously. Just ignore them, because there’s absolutely nothing that anyone can say or do to engage them in logic and/or reality. Y sí, es que dan pena ajena…

  5. I think this speaks volumes on how chavistas respect the popular vote when it doens’t go their way, also, I still don’t get how someone like Jaua, who has the charisma of a sock tied around a stick got 538.549 votes, no matter how unmovitaved the electorate was on that day and how many times you have Jaua in public acts giving people free dishwashers, It shouldn’t had been so close.

  6. You know, Jaua IS serious about Miranda, even if he can’t help looking like the reincarnation of “Mad” magazine’s “What, Me Worry?” Alfred E. Newman. Maduro just mentioned on tonight’s Cadena (well-worthy of a Blog article in itself, due to its incredible unintended SNL-type satirical content) that as soon as Jaua recently came back empty-handed from China, he spent all of TWO days visiting Miranda, where his heart lies, not like “others”, who abandon the poor and downtrodden in that State, except at election time (for those who may have seen the Cadena in its entirety, you can’t really make this stuff up, not even with a group of Hollywood joke scriptwriters. Among other many faux pax, Maduro called early pre-failed Feb. 4 Chavez “Tribilin” (“Goofy”) two different times, and the expressions captured on TV of some of the audience were priceless).

      • The garb was a Cuban olive-drab military-style jacket, with shoulder flaps missing only the epaulets.He was sitting at a table with a picture of the “new” Bolivar, looking just as mentally-retarded (syphillis-suffering?) as ever (Bolivar, not Maduro). Maduro had just discovered Twitter, and that was what most of the Cadena was about, plus that Venezuela is now going to emphasize non-traditional (oil) exports via featured shoes (yes, shoes, to be exported to major shoe exporter Brasil, and, who knows, China next (my presumption)? HT to Russ Dallen; There is a website, Madurodice.com, which follows the number of times Maduro has mentioned the word Chavez on air (TV/radio, now must add Twitter) in the 14 days since his “death” at midnight last Monday: 3,015! Commenters are making bets about how high the number will go by the time of the Election.

  7. I think the problem with the hard-left is that whether its in elections or blogs, they use our own fair game rules against us. When the tables turn they are ruthless. I am not saying we turn into them, but these hard fringe guys are not here to debate or contribute just to sabotage. I take a more European view of freedom of speech and make no apologies (it seems to me you are taking the more American view). On European TV debates the fringes, the lunatics are marginalised you normally get respected people. In the USA they choose the most radical elements to shout at each other – not constructive – a shouting lunatic was once given a podium over here and we know how that ended (ooops sorry Godwin’s law -tic-). Whether its blogs or democracy, these people are engaging under different rules. We played democracy with Chavez (allowing him to run in free and fair elections) and he turned that against us (dismantling the ability to have free and fair elections from within). When will you learn? I am sorry but negotiating/engaging with these people -to me its like engaging with the Taliban only worse, because at least the Taliban is upfront honest (they have cojones) about their values, these people are not they are sly and use deception (Castro ‘yo no soy comunista’ remember that one?). A little bit of pragmatism would not hurt either the opposition or this blog for that matter. Ban the Troll.

  8. At least this guy will not have enough time shaming the name of our country 24/7 as Foreign Minister Affairs. And I adhere to what Jota says.

  9. Corpozulia was created in 1969. CVG was created in 1960. I believe there were also other state owned corporations in other regions. It would be interesting to learn why there was ever such thing, given that there were also local governments and ministeries on top of that.
    Are they a legacy of the desarrollismo-based policies of the 60’s? Is there a practical use for such thing nowadays?
    What’s happening in Miranda happened before in 2008, but not just in Alcaldia Metropolitana, and Lara. Chavismo stripped away the regional governments of their right to take care of airports, highways and many other things. And the opposition did nothing back then but whine. The MUD must be proactive, but they just keep reacting.

    • As I wrote in the original post, the government took this old development agencies and turn it into parallel governorships. In some aspects, they still have a technical advisory purpose like Fudeco, which was transformed in CorpoLara for political reasons.

      • For some reason I missed the original post, so thanks for the heads-up. it is a nice, solid piece. Truth be told, I believe the development agencies are a legacy of obsolete policies and views that should be eliminated.

        Sadly, the opposition is doing a lousy job discussing the federalism vs. centralism issue. The importance of federalism is only discussed every four years during the regional elections. Under that context, the discussion seems more opportunistic than honest. Under such circumstances, they tell “federalism is the way to go”, but it sounds like “I wanna have the governor’s perks”.

        As with every essential issue, the opposition is all over the place. I know that every week there’s a new scandal, but the MUD has to stick to a message and offer concrete solutions. Federalism is part of the solution. It’s the way to get the guy in charge closer to the people. It’s not a shortcut to financial support for a political party or electoral campaign.

  10. This measure is another sign that what the regime wants more than anything is absolute power , power which is never shared , an autocracy !!

  11. And thank you for your support I except this award for those that respect me, even those that disagree and dislike me ( Don’t worry even the Stalinists and so called Left anti-anti imperialists hate me also). I have been deleted once or twice here but that Excrement Devil guy blocks me big time.

    Also I am not as dogmatic as some make me out to be and willing to learn even from y’all.


  12. Cort, this is “Great News (Of The Restless”), and so properly self-named-“A Door At The End Of A Dead-End Street”…..

  13. Again… I can’t understand why some of you engage with the trolls? Let them write whatever, theynhave a right to write ja ja , then it all depends if one swallows their bait. Son fastidiosos como moscas bobas de mayo. Echenles flit. Y ya… Son la nada como diría el bienamdo lider RIP en su sede vacante. It always, alway always takes two to tango.

    • bueno, lavici, el caso es que estos comentarios aparecen en el post asociado, por más de un año, si no me equivoco. Acaso quieres que algún nuevo lector esté leyendo los comentarios de estos izquierdistas, y preguntándose por qué es que nadie les para bola?

  14. Get a clue, Cort Greene, OW

    How can you defend this parallel governership nonsense that is going on in Miranda, and has gone on elsewere? Can you?

    • Cort Greene won’t have a response. His territory is el 23 de enero, where he plans to live some day … over the rainbow …

    • Rory, who said I defend everything this government does? Actually, I haven’t defended them at all. I’ve simply posted statistics that don’t jibe with this blog’s nonsense, and everyone suddenly thinks I’m a communist… Insecure much?

      • I was just asking those on this blog who seem to view this regime favorably if they could defend this dismissal and disregard of citizens democratic rights gauranteed to them by Chavez’ own constitution. I’m glad to see that you can not or will not try to defend this. .

        • However, it is an interesting question Rory. What do you think should happen when a state governor spends literally all of 2012 and now much of 2013 on the road campaigning and not concentrating on the region that elected him to be their governor?

          • I hate to waste time with someone who is so obviously biased towards a usurping government that has lied continually to the people of Venezuela but I think it is important to point out that the voters in Miranda re-elected Capriles as their governor in December. So, they were obviously not overly concerned about how he spent his time in 2012.

            Please enlighten us as to how you can defend the actions of this government in decreeing the appointment of Jaua to a position that is clearly designed to undermine the job of an elected and very popular governor. Please keep in mind that Capriles won a significant percentage of the popular vote in October against a man who has abused his power for years and continued to lie about his medical condition through the electoral campaign knowing full well he was dying.

            While you are lecturing us about coffee production, please provide us with more statistics related to the production of chicken, beef, milk, etc. Since you are paid well to troll this and other sites, your handlers should not object to you all providing us with information related to the financial performance of all of the private sector companies that have been expropriated over the years.

            If you have more time, I would be extremely interesting in hearing your views related to the management of PDVSA and national oil production.

            Looking forward to your reply.

          • Roughly half of my inlaws live in Miranda, and Capriles is very popular there among all social classes. They say the quailty of government services there is much better than any of the surrounding states or localities. Supposedly, you can notice the difference almost as soon as you drive over the border…trash is picked up, less glaring potholes, , less blatant corruption by state officials, etc.

            Even the Chavista of the family grudginly admit Miranda has been governed satisfactorily.

            As for him spending his whole time away from the State, that’s moot as he was re-elected in December even with the full resources of the federal government used against him, so I think the inhabitants of Miranda have spoken on that front.

  15. I agree with Jota: Ban the Troll. Tolerance requires tolerance like teached us Karl Popper in “The Open Society and its enemies.” In short, the democracy needs to be defended against intolerant’s ideologies.


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