Ad War Update: "pre-campaña" edition

As Emiliana already told us, we’re not officially in campaign yet (it starts on April 2nd) but still the electioneering is in full swing as part of the pre-campaña. Out on the Internet, both camps have released their first ads.

Nicolás Maduro is slowly getting into the whole social networks thing: He has his own Twitter account and he wants people to know it (which included this pretty awkward moment on live television). He’s also on YouTube, where we can see his first spots.

Some of those are simple testimonies of his supporters, including this one from Apure:

SPOILER ALERT: I can’t believe no one told the guy he got the election date wrong.

There are also some “behind the scenes” snippets, like this one from Barquisimeto:

Not sure if that was an intimate moment or a serious lack of crowd planning.

The Capriles camp has released its first ads as well, which look a little bit more polished than I was expecting. For example, basketball imagery is used to address doubts over if he should have run again in the first place:

The new slogans of his campaign: “The time of change has come” and “We are all Venezuela” are present on all ads, including this one with an optimistic tone:

Last but not least, there’s this internet spot for evangelical party NUVIPA and its presidential candidate, pastor Eusebio Méndez (who can be seen at 1:00):

The point here is that these can’t be seen on TV yet. Not until the official campaign begins.