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The Chavez signature tattoo is free. The one of the face can be paid later on credit.
The Chavez signature tattoo is free, but the one of his face isn’t. Don’t worry: it can be paid later on credit.

A Chavista youth group in San Francisco (South of Maracaibo) is offering to tattoo the signature of the comandante supremo for free.

The group known as FIJU has informed that it will tattoo what they call “la rabo de cochino” (pig’s tail) on you all week, but it will be free only for 24 hours.

(And no, this is not an April’s Fools Day post. We Venezuelans celebrate that kind of day on December 28th.)

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  1. Well, this may become a Lista de Tascon al reves…I can see it very clear. Do you want to get the benefits of “la Gran Mision Vivienda” show me your tatoo…I know somebody that had to wait 12 hrs in line to see the body because this person is waiting for an apartment. One of the “facilitadores” said, now we will know who is chavista and who is here just because they want a house…an because “la necesidad tiene cara de perro”…there they go to the line to see the leader….so everything is posible in Macondo…

  2. Do they give women tramp stamps tattoos of Maduro´s signature, because, you know, A EL LE SI LE GUSTAN LAS MUJEREEEEE(Se le va el gallo)EEEEEEES

  3. On a random note, Chávez’s signature is actually kind of cool, from a purely visual perspective.

    Not to get it tattooed, though.

  4. Idiots are gonna be idiots.

    You can get an earnest and sexy mass murderer like the Che. Maradona and many others did.

    You can get a clown and a mass murderer like Gaddafi

    You can get a clown…

  5. Off Topic: I always wonder if the presidents have to go a course or something to get a better signature, all the signatures I have seen of the world leaders are really cool.

    • I’m pretty sure all of the writers at Venezuela “Analysis” are British, Australian and American PSF’s – no Venezuelans to be found.

  6. In the middle ages in England, the test of reliability would sometimes involve grasping a red-hot iron bar.

    To date, the test for hire and promotion in the Venezuelan civil service involves (a) not being on the tascon list, (b) regular attendance at Chavez rallies, and (c) wearing lots of red.

    Will the test of loyalty be made more strenuous as the new “true faith ” of Chavismo tries to create something approaching a doctrine? Will being “branded” like cattle be the test? Will men unable to grow a Burt Reynolds ‘stache be overlooked in favour of their more hirsute counterparts?

  7. I hope it’s an April Fools’ Day joke, but I’m afraid it’s not, since that day is Dec. 28 in Venezuela–I just heard today,April 1, that a Capilla to Santo Hugo Chavez was just inaugurated in 23 de Enero (GEHA, worth an artcle/photo?). Perhaps those on this Blog might take up a collection so that Cort can make a pilgrimage to worship??

  8. What a deal, not only that but you get HIV, Tetanus and Flesh eating bacteria for free! That deal runs the whole week.

  9. Does Maduro have his own Chavez face and signature tattoo? Maduro should have been first in line to get one.

    Does Maduro have his own Fidel and Raoul face tattoos? Just give him time.


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