Ad War Update: wrapping things up

The briefest campaign in Venezuelan history has come to an end, and here are some of the last minute ads launched by the contenders.

We begin with an ad for another presidential candidate that isn’t Capriles, Maduro or even Pastor Eusebio Mendez. No, it’s not Maria Bolivar either. The special thing is that it doesn’t try to promote such candidate, but to push the “protest vote” against Maduro.

Only at the end, in small captions, does the ad reveal it was made on behalf of Julio Mora, candidate of the small Unidad Democratica party (no relation with the MUD).

He was called by a newspaper “the non-existent candidate”, because he didn’t give interviews or have any kind of media presence. And this commercial was aired by a major channel!

Nicolás Maduro’s camp uses a upbeat version of “Patria Querida”, the military anthem sang by the late comandante presidente during his last televised address to the nation:

Meanwhile, Henrique Capriles reflects on what he has achieved during this campaign, and asks people to defeat lies with votes. Images of his rally in Caracas are used as backdrop.

Another 30-second spot is about his first economic measures if he wins the presidency.

Well, that was it. The only thing left to do is to get out and vote this Sunday.