Old and New Media Team Up to Lay Bare Maduro's CDI-Attack Lie

cdisVenezuelan State Media reported yesterday that there were several violent attacks on Barrio Adentro outpatients clinics (known as CDI or Integral Diagnostic Centers) by opposition suporters on Monday night. Those reports were later repeated by Nicolás Maduro himself and Information Minister Ernesto Villegas.

Somehow, the regime didn’t calculate that these allegations were extremely easy to check, and check people did. Local newspapers like Zulia’s La Verdad visited some of the CDI reported damaged and found no evidence of violence.

In Carabobo, news website Noticias24 visited one CDI in Valencia after a Chavista State Legislator claimed it was attacked hours earlier. It was up and running, with no hints of any damage. Another newspaper, El Carabobeño, reported minor squirmishes outside of some CDI in that State but their infrastrucuture was fine and they now have military protection. Meanwhile, El Universal made its own fact-finding tour in Caracas.

In the social networks, users have put up recent pictures of some CDI clinics that the government listed as attacked, like in Palo Verde (Caracas) and Guarenas (Miranda), which were mentioned by Maduro in his official Twitter account.

Long story short, looks like this story appears to be an out and out patraña.

And once again, the final word on the issue belongs to no other than the rodent…