Burocracia o nada! (Updated)

Juramentación de Ministros
The full Executive Cabinet of Nicolas Maduro was sworn-in last Monday. Now it will get even bigger.

Because having more than thirty Ministers, six Vice-Presidents and six Regional Coordinators was not enough for his Cabinet, Nicolas Maduro has now named three brand new Presidential Commisioners to help him out.

One of these commisioners will be in charge of “Strategical Affairs of Government”. Sounds pretty important. Perhaps it is, as Deputy Foreign Minister Temir Porras is taking the job.

The other two will be in charge of “Economical and Financial Affairs” (Wait a minute… they’re already Ministers for that!) and the Chinese-Venezuelan Joint Fund (Fondo Chino) respectively.

Maduro wants to make government more efficient and less corrupt and what does he do instead? Make it bigger and more vulnerable to inefficiency and corruption. GENIUS!

One more question… what is an Economic Military Zone? Because I never heard of it before.

UPDATE: Carlos Erik Malpica Flores, the new Presidential Commisioner for Economical and Financial Affairs is actually a family relative of Cilia Flores. And that’s not all, he will also have a second job as part of the National Treasury Office.

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  1. Want to make a narcicist happy ?? shower him with honours , titles , medals , anything to make him feel important , special , superior . Chavez was a narcicist of the first order , nothing strange then that he enticed so many huber naricicists to become his minions and feed on his ‘glory’. These narcicists are ruling the roost now and Maduro understands that their overblown egoes must be catered to keep them happy and loyal . Ministerial titles in a dictatorship are pompous and have little to do with the actual functions they presumably have to perform . Hitler did the same thing, he created so many crisscrossing overlayers of hierarchical government and party posts that nobody could do a thing without getting entangled in all sort of bureaucratic conflicts which of course only he could sort out which made him even more important !!

    • A bit of Hobbers on Narcissism and Power:

      “Eloquence, with flattery, disposeth men to confide in them that have it; because the former is seeming Wisdome, the latter seeming Kindnesse. Adde to them Military reputation, and it disposeth men to ashaere, and subject themselves to those men that have them”.

      And then Hobbes sums up what we might call the implicit political logic,

      “The two former [eloquence and flattery], having given them caution against danger from him; the latter [military] gives then caution against dangers from others”.

      Leviathan, I, Chapter, 14, p. 49.

      • Carlos : thanks for posting these quotes which call attention to the too often ignored link between narcicism and politics . A link which I find particularly appropiate in understanding the processes of Chavismo and the personality of Chavez himself. People too often think of venal motives as the most relevant because vernacular thought has made them emblematic of all thats wrong with the human condition but in doing so they distort the much more complicated complex of motives that operate in the realm of politics .

  2. Dear editors,

    Hi, this is carlos gasperi, an avid reader of caracas chronicles and long-time unspoken supporter of our opposition. I’d like to write a blog, actually, in direct reference to this latest blog, tentatively titled, “on the dissolution of the sensus communis within chavismo: the meaning of ‘revolucion en la revolucion'” to whom may I submit (email) my piece for review?
    Best regards, Carlos ([email protected])

  3. Zona Economica Militar? A Military Nation within the Nation?

    Arbol de las Tres Raices? Arroz con Mango y Sardinas con Miel? Lumpias Piches rellenas con Coleto Impregnado en Querosen? Roll it up and Smoke it!

    More probably, more opportunities for our incorruptible military officers to grow insanely rich(er).

  4. OT: Have I missed a post on Caracas Chronicles on the offer from the Queen of our Venezuelan Hell on Earth, er, Minister of Popular Power for Penitentiary Service Iris Varela, offering Henrique Capriles Radonski a nice prison cell for his Rehabilitation (shudder!) and Reeducation (brrrr!), out of which he shall come out as a completely new person (maybe minus frontal lobe).

    Her promise that he will totally not be “touched” is both an admission and a veiled threat, pure finesse. That also implies there’s (really? actually?) a safe place in her Gehennas, erm Correction Institutions for him. That is according to her.

    I thought it was relevant…

  5. You know, Gustavo…the commies were already complaining during Lenin times (thus, very early on) how bureaucracy was corroding their system (again, let’s refer to a nice book by Service
    a book Arturo won’t read, even if he should).

    You can also see the thinking of pseudo-writers and pseudo-intellectuals like Luis Britto (who could only receive prizes from the same club of mediocre people giving each other prizes -in Cuba and Venezuela-). , That guy has also complained communism collapsed because of bureaucracy.

    And you have these idiots, starting with late caudillo Chávez, repeating that time after time:
    eficiencia o nada (it was Hugo’s idea) and abajo la burocracia…

    Pop sociologist Heinz Dieterich re-invented the wheel while trying to propose remuneration
    by “hours of work”…only a clueless bureaucrat could have thought of such idea…at the end
    the pop sociologist professor would earn the same as a cleaning man even if the professor was just staring at the clock or looking at his nails.

    These guys are really like the proverbial dog…or fool:

    “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.”

    • By the way Marx himself was critical, actually scathing, about schemes of “remuneration for hours of work”–like those put forward early on by Proudhon and now by Dieterich–through tickets or socialist money or whatever, which he took to be misunderstanding how money works in capital.

      All that and more in Marx’s Grundrisse…

      • Mao tried introducing a system where cadres would voluntarily opt for not receiving any retribution at all for their work but would have all their natural expenses covered directly by the state itself . Needless to say the sytem was a total failure , very few cadres choosing to live the ‘moneyless’ life. People dont often recognize it but Marx’s thought was a constantly evolving body of ideas , not all of them mutually congruent . I understand that the Marx in Grundrisse was often a much more interesting thinker than the one found in Das Kapital , too bad that historical polemics prevent lots of people from studying the fellow.

  6. Actually, I rather enjoy whenever they say things like: “Eficiencia o NADA!” or “Patria, Socialismo, o Muerte!!”…. It’s a rather simple exercise in logic that demonstrates how utterly illogical they all are… for the first example: “Eficiencia o NADA!”…. there are two choices: either efficiency, or nothing… we all know perfectly well that everything is beyond inefficient… so I guess they went for option 2! Which is, in fact, what most state employees have been doing for almost an entire year… NOTHING to do with their job, just campaign after campaign… The other example, “Patria, Socialismo, o Muerte!” is even better… I get to choose from one of the three options!!

  7. There are 17-19 ministers in the cabinets of Colombia, Peru, Chile, the U.S., France. There are 34 ministers in Cuba. Venezuela has 49 members of the cabinet: 33 ministers, six vicepresidents, four regional coordinators, 2 city coordinators and four Commisioners.
    The U.S. has about 900 Generals and Admirals. Venezuela only has 740 or so (approximately).


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