Chávez or bust

Bust of Hugo Chavez located outside Los Proceres Shopping Mall
Is this bust the first of many? Probably yes.

A reporter from El Nacional newspaper took a picture of this bust of the late comandante supremo outside of a shopping mall of the Military Social Prevision Institute (IPSFA) in Caracas.

A full statue of Chávez was unveiled in the Argentinean city of Córdoba back in 2010, and it looks like more statues of him could be coming soon to a place near you.

Ten days after Chávez’s death, the mayor of Ejido (Mérida State) Pedro Álvarez said that that his town would be the first in the entire country with a full statue in memory of the comandante presidente. But so far, no further details have been released since then.

The transformation of the cult of personality into a straight cult continues, but the place-naming and TV animation isn’t enough. Huge omnipresent statues? Now we’re talking!

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  1. Want! Want one! Want to make a designer WC with a very special bowl. Just joking.

    But I envy the man with a tow truck in Venezuela.

    • As long as the head is horizontal with the mouth open. Would also be preferable to have a spinning bow tie just to go with the flow. Don’t think it’s a joke – a very good idea.

      • I was thinking that bronze statues are generally hollow… It would only have to be a big statue with a big head. It would be a fine, ironic statement about the contents. Of the head, I mean.

  2. Wow, they made a statue of him before he died in Argentina? That’s in really bad taste. I always thought Argentinians had good taste.

  3. I predict the same fate as the Che statues, busts, and memorials that Chavez tried to place around Venezuela. The head was decapitated or the memorial smashed usually within two days. Repairs lasted around two days also. Unless these statues are on a military base with Cuban supervision, they will need 24 guards.

  4. I worry that it would make another big $$$$$ business from someone in the boliburguesía, and as Bolivar’s busts around the world, they would give Chavez’s Statues to countries around the world so Maduro could go and inaugurate something!!!

    • oh boohoo poor Winston, couldn’t eat his suffle in peace
      Meanwhile, university professors that went to the Ministry to ask for substantial increases of their wages where attacked by tupamaros with glocks and calling them ‘mamaguevos vayanse a trabajar’
      Whoever said the public university is free in Venezuela is a liar: it is subsidized by the professors and workers.

      • Just laughing at the VTV coverage. You would have thought they were going to assassinate them at the restaurant with the pots. What a drama queen. Lol

  5. It will become a self-propelled process if we don’t watch out…just like it was with Bolivar.

    I was reading a Bolivar biography by German historian Norbert Rehrmann. He made it clear how Bolivar himself promoted this cult, later Páez. It was earlier than most Venezuelans think. Rehrmann described about how the Venezuelan government had inaugurated all kinds of busts of Bolívar around the world…

    I later looked for information about specific squares and busts of Bolívar I have found in Europe…and it was always like this: Venezuelan government donated the stuff to the nation there.
    Venezuela’s personality cult always stinks.

    • There is a bust of Bolivar at the Gillcrest cowboy museum, not far from me, that I was told was donated by Venezuela some years ago.

  6. Its the Venezuelan armed forces organization that provides for the ‘social benefits’ given armed forces personnel by way of pensions , allowances , dedicated supermarkets , licquor stores , life and health insurance , cut price vehicles etc . its more commonly known by its acronym Ipsa.

      • Actually, the IPSFA mall in Barquisimeto has a Central Madeirense Supermarket and it’s open to everyone. It also has other normal businesses and even a restaurant.

        • That’s good, It’s always disturbing when countries develop parallel military societies with exclusive privileges. Maoist China, North Korea, Soviet Russia and today Pakistan all had or have them, it’s a clear sign the military has too much power.

  7. In Washington, DC behind the Organization of American States is Bolivar Park. This is about 3 blocks southwest of the White House. A huge statue of Simon Bolivar on his horse is in the park. I have to check if Venezuela donated it.

    In any event, I will personally, intentionally, and publicly deface any statue or likeness of Hugo Chavez that appears in DC.

  8. Remember what happened to so many Lenin and Stalin statues in the former Soviet Union: torn down.
    I wonder how many Peron statues there are in Argentina.

  9. I want to find a Chinese factory to cheaply mass produce (well, perhaps not too many) Hugo busts to sell so the proud new owners of Chavista houses can display them proudly out front.
    Maybe in increasing sizes to allow for “keeping up with the Joneses” to sell multiple units per household. Maybe have Hugo holding the house number sign or tenant name…

    Is his image copyright protected? Does it matter?
    Is Margarita really duty free or who do I have to bribe in Puerto Cabello to bring in a container in the new government?


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