The PSUV outsources to China

As part of their training in China, PSUV members will learn the fine art of syncronized clapping

The recently named Vice-President of China Li Yuanchao visited Venezuela and met with Nicolás Maduro in Miraflores Palace to sign a new batch of deals between both governments.

Instead of focusing only on the economic front, it looks like our new overlords want to get involved in our partisan politics too: Yuanchao announced that the Communist Party of China (CPC) agreed to train the PSUV in “socio-political formation”.

Aside from learning some ideology and doing some sight-seeing in the process, I wonder if the CPC leaders will exchange with their PSUV counterparts their experiences regarding political scandals. Because, in recent years, the political ruling class over there has shown to the world in multiple opportunities… that they’re getting really good on that.

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