Hugo Chávez: paragon of journalism

After postumely win an award for his journalistic skills, could a similar recognition for his music habilities come next?
After the posthumous journalism award, what’s next? Maybe a Latin Grammy?

Today, Hugo Chávez won the 2013 Simón Bolívar National Journalism Award, three months after his passing to the day.

The jury’s citation credits him for: “… the creation and support of public and popular media outlets, fighting the media’s lies and disinformation and rescuing our history, culture and traditions…”

It’s undeniable that his use (and abuse) of the media was a key to his rise (and hold on) to power and his model of “communicational hegemony” is now mimicked in the entire region, like in Ecuador and Argentina. In some twisted way, the award makes sense.

For the record, all but two winners (two regional newspapers of Barinas and Maracay) of this year’s edition are journalists or entities from the State Media System (SIBCI).