Rewarding "Ch"ailure

Former President of CORPOELEC, Argenis Chávez
Just the man you’d turn to if you want our courts to work just as well as our powergrid does.

Argenis Chávez failed miserably as the head of the National Electric Corporation (CORPOELEC), so he was forced to leave.

But a short time later, he publicly criticized the guy who replaced him, Electricity Minister Jesse Chacón. He also denied rumours about his health.

So, looks like he got promoted. He’s now the new head of the powerful Executive Directorate of the Magistrature (DEM).

The DEM is the executive arm of the entire Venezuelan Judiciary, in charge of extremely sensitive tasks, which go from ranging from appointing lower-court judges to overseeing their performance, investigating allegations against them and, of course, overseeing their remuneration.

What you say? He isn’t a lawyer? Not a problem. He’s a Chávez, and that’s all he needs.