Rewarding "Ch"ailure

Former President of CORPOELEC, Argenis Chávez
Just the man you’d turn to if you want our courts to work just as well as our powergrid does.

Argenis Chávez failed miserably as the head of the National Electric Corporation (CORPOELEC), so he was forced to leave.

But a short time later, he publicly criticized the guy who replaced him, Electricity Minister Jesse Chacón. He also denied rumours about his health.

So, looks like he got promoted. He’s now the new head of the powerful Executive Directorate of the Magistrature (DEM).

The DEM is the executive arm of the entire Venezuelan Judiciary, in charge of extremely sensitive tasks, which go from ranging from appointing lower-court judges to overseeing their performance, investigating allegations against them and, of course, overseeing their remuneration.

What you say? He isn’t a lawyer? Not a problem. He’s a Chávez, and that’s all he needs.

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  1. I dont want to be that guy, but in the picture caption it says mand instead of man, but yeah, like Kepler said, otra raya pal tigre.

  2. Well, this sadly puts Chiguire Bipolar one step closer to unemployment. Argenis is enough of a big joke as it is; revealing that he’s the new head of the DEM is just overkill…

  3. From electricity Minister to the Magistrature? What the bloody $%^^? His knowledge of law as that of electric generation is as much as my knowledge of Astrophysics, that is none whatsoever.

    So there you go, this really proves Maduro has nobody else to rely on but the same few corrupt retrograds that surrounded Chavez. Not one single new face but the Benitez girl who seems to be proficient in nothing but swordmanship.

    All this for the better I guess, the sooner the country will rise in protests and you know, an uprise is the only way to oust Chavismo.

  4. Y a quién le importa? La idea es retregarnos el poder “in your face” con el mayor descaro y a plena luz del día. Fue un inútil y posible corrupto en la gestión de CORPOELEC? Qué carajo! Que el tipo no es abogado? Por favor, no se pongan exquisitos. Nepotismo postmortem? Chávez vive! Y el bravo pueblo? Bien gracias.

  5. Sad, very sad. The government should really be ashamed of themselves!! I wish the US would step in and help with a new government!!

    • Unlikely the US is really really busy right now fixing their mess.. besides they made it clear that their priorities are middle-east and Asia. I guess they just handed Latam to Brazil, which means we are in our own.

      • I guess it’s up to Venezuela to head to the streets and start doing something about this incredibly ridiculous government before they manage to screw things up even worse than it is now. Canada won’t do anything, cause we are too small but the US – the troops (US) in Columbia are growing everyday. Don’t count the US out quite yet!!!

        • What are you babbling about? If you think US is going to send troops to Venezuela you are in cloud cuckoo land.

          How many service men do they have in Colombia? 200?

          • No, I think he’s right.

            Last I heard, there were, as far as active military/combat troops, just under 200 troops from the 18th Airborne, mostly specialist advisors from a variety of units. That’s about a company strength unit, if they were all together. Moreovre, there’s an actual limit as passed by Congress of 800 troops, maximum, deployed to Colombia dating back to 2004.

            Don’t believe me? HR4200.

            The only people I’ve ever heard of who believe there’ll ever be any sort of military action are either a) Chavista hardcore nutjobs or b) American ultraconservative hardcore nutjobs. For the record, I’m generally surrounded by the later, and I don’t think any of them I have heard talk about this could actually place Venezuela on a map.

            Of course…that’s enough troops for a supersecretfacilitytoZOMGcancerbeamChavez.

        • US troops in Columbia? Do you mean in the district of Columbia or in British Columbia?
          If you can’t even get the proper spelling right in your own native language, why on Earth are you telling us something about geopolitics?
          It’s not a detail, not in this case, and you have used offensive language.
          I think you should focus on doctoring people in your own town…perhaps you know something about it.

  6. It has started.

    The conversion of authoritarian Hugo Chavez into a genetic trademark. Like they did in Argentina for the unashamedly fascist Peron. We’ll see if one of Chavez’s daughters gets elected (sorry Marisabel, you divorced the Comandante) Presidenta, and then we have a go at having our own military dictatorship, our own Malvinas, and our own string of populist-opportunists. Hell, we have even some Tupamaros, how willing are they to begin terrorism and all?

  7. Come on, Cort… I know you are more reasonable than this.

    The upper limit is 800 troops. There’s around 200. Contractors are limited to 600…and, well, contractors haven’t been working out so well for the US lately.

    Also…you might want to check the maths on that 9 trillion figure. That’s a claim that states 60% of this years total GDP, or about 4 times the average government budget for 2013 has been spent in the past 12 years on only Colombia? You do realize that the US hasn’t even spent that much since 2002 on a couple of piddly invasions, right?

      • I was thinking earlier that the practical application of chavismo actually turns out to be the diametrically opposed application of darwinismo. Hmmm.

        • Not at all. Darwinism is about the survival of the fittest for a given environment, not the most developed or fanciest or smartest.
          The dinosaurs were as individuals much smarter than cockroaches and look at what happened to them. Mammoths and other big mammals that lived for a time in islands shrunk through natural selection because their weight was not necessary.
          Theoretically, we could see a new type of human appear in Venezuela, the Homo chavezinensis This type will develop less its neocortex but be able to shout “No volverán” in the same way as a newborn cries today when it is born and feels uncomfortable.
          Unfortunately for the extreme left, the fitness of their lot is related to oil prices.

          • Kepler is right , Darwinism is about the individual and reproductive survival of a species against the obstacles and challenges of a given enviroment , all a species needs is to develop SUFFICIENT skills faculties and capabilites to accomplish this task , even if they are not OPTIMAL in design and function Optimization may ocurr as the species takes on new or greater challenges or through happy happenstance but it is not a must.
            Its not always an interspecies race or competition for survival , different survival and reproductive strategies can yield sattisfactory results allowing for different strategies to develop and thrive , each in its own specific enviromental niche. Because then end purpose of chavismo is the absolute monopolization of power and the destruction of any potential rival the key factor for them is keeping enough popular support that they can validate their claim for absolute power , if they can accomplish that by otherwise ruining the country thats fine with them !! They are not guided by any Optimizing strategy but by a bare knuckle ambition to do whatever it takes to hold on to power !!

  8. Lets assumme that Maduro did get elected by a mayority of votes ( we cant say its absolutely outside the realm of the possible) lets then think about his appointment of a failed , known incompetent to do a public job which he is evidently not qualified to perform (not being a lawyer and all) for purely partisan reasons . Under the premise the appointment is made by a democratically elected president acting within the limits of his lawful authority and yet we know the appointment is a travesty of what sane governance implies . Lets further assumme that a mayority of people are not particularly averse to the appointment or are indifferent to it not giving it any attention. Can we then in all honesty justify or endorse such appointment ?? of course not , and yet under the democratic principles that we so devoutly revere there is nothing we can do to condem this appointment as illegitimate. The good principles of democracy , of mayority rule have led us down this dark hole . Does democracy give elected rulers a blank cheque to do pretty much whatever they want no matter the harm caused to the public they are meant to serve ?. There is something missing or wanting in this blind reverence for democracy which allows a corrupt and inept group of people to destroy our lives piece meal , just because they were the favourites of a tiny mayority of our countrymen who are utterly incapable of judging or even understanding what good sane governance means . Is there another principle of government other than mayority rule , higher than mayority rule which allows us to judge a government born of a ‘democratic’ process as dysfunctional or corrupt in its operation and as unworthy of exercising the power it wields ??, if so what is this principle ? institutionally how does it operate ? I know full well that any query on the limits of mayority rule is a taboo subject , an act of sacrilege because mayority rule has been sanctified and made into an absolute principle of government . and yet ………these questions keep cropping up and, is anyone up to trying to answer them ??

    • Bill Bass, it is not about democracy. It’s our shitty shitty presidential system.
      If you had a parliamentarian system like the German one, you could get a vote of confidence from the deputies. If the system had, like in Germany or Britain and unlike Spain, a good method to guarantee that the prime minister gets grilled live time after time, we would have a chance.
      That is why I was so angry when María Corina Machado talked to Chávez in congress: although what she said was completely correct and right, she missed the only opportunity we ever had of actually using arguments that were not those of the entrepreneurs but those who don’t have a clue about that, which are the majority (even if they themselves might be some sort of entrepreneur as vendedores de empanadas).
      With optimal questions to the head of state you can do a lot of damage to the government.

      • Hadnt thought of that but you’re right , if we had in place a system that forced the government to have to justify in public its decisions before a questioning opposition then these would be more transparent ( not flagrantly irrational or corrupt) because of the governments fear of the fall out from a decision which everyone might be able to examine critically. There would have to be a rule that mandated a grilling where a certain percentage of parliament asked for it otherwise a razor thin mayority would be able to stall it. The vote of no confidence is useful but wouldnt work where the government has a simple parliamentary mayority . Of course that would also require a free media willing to transmit the grilling to the general public. It would also require a public which is attentive of public affairs and capable of understanding some complex issues but thats a separate issue . Kepler thanks for pointing this very simple practical and proven idea to us .

  9. From the website linked in the story:

    “¿Cómo está estructurada la DEM?
    El Poder Judicial está organizado en 23 Direcciones Administrativas desconcentradas, que agregan valor al proceso de administrar justicia. En las cuales se ejecutan las políticas formuladas por el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia con un personal competitivo y motivado, que ejerce su liderazgo mediante el uso de métodos gerenciales avanzados y alta tecnología, y genera un servicio de calidad mundial a sus usuarios.”

    I was going to make a snark remark but… no need.


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