Sanity 1, Samán 0

neveras02Earlier this month, butchers across the land went on strike, fed up with both constant harassment by INDEPABIS and price controls that force them to sell at a loss.

What was the response of CC’s Man of the Moment, Eduardo Samán? “You can’t strike, so better deal with it and just keep working”.

However, not everyone in the government shares Samán’s position. Some would prefer to find a consensus with the meat sector. During a special meeting held this week at the Central Bank, the State will allow butchers to sell at market prices “off the record” for the time being, while the INDEPABIS commits to reduce the pressure from its coercive inspections.

Will Mr. Samán abide to this tentative deal or could his peculiar view of how the economy works ruin this conato de sensatez for everyone? Guess we’ll find out pretty soon…

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