Maduro's phony "war on corruption" ain't selling...

On late March, Maduro said the country was “free of corruption”. Now, its a matter of national emergency.

Nicolas Maduro’s pretext to seek Enabling Powers is his plan to declare a state of national emergency to engage his “war on corruption”. But public opinion is not buying it.

El Universal published today results from a phone poll performed by SIBCI (State Media System) last month. More than half of respondents (52,3%) consider that the “war on corruption” is only a government P.R. strategy. In the same line, 55,7% believed that the measures taken by Maduro are “inadequate”. Only those who identify themselves in the poll as Chavista expressed its support of the government’s recent actions.

After this week’s disgraceful events, Maduro’s “war on corruption” has shown its true colors: curb, humiliate and prosecute political opponents to demoralize their voters while trying to rally a discontented Chavista base around him. But this poll suggests people are wise to his game.

For more detailed results of the SIBCI phone poll, check out this infographic.