Diversity of opinion = Losing cable access

Global? Not even local
Global? Not even local

Maracaibo’s Global TV was dropped from cable carriers last Sunday under an apparent order of the broadcasting authority CONATEL.

Their crime? Being one of the few stations in the entire country to broadcast Venezuela somos todos, the weekly program hosted by Henrique Capriles Radonski (as part of the TVR alliance of regional TV stations).

Consequently, all news and opinion content on the channel has been suspended for two weeks at least. This is the second case of this kind this year. However, this isn’t the first time that CONATEL’s Zulia office has tried to influence local TV content.

Those are the pincers of communicational hegemony in Venezuela now working at full speed: the might of the State on one side, and the cash of HegemonCorp. on the other.

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  1. How common is cable TV in Venezuela? (numbers would be nice but I’d just like to get a sense of it). Once I went to a small town in the Colombian Amazon with my school, we had boxes and boxes of books for them because the school’s library was absolutely empty, but almost all of the houses had a satellite dish. Similarly in most regions of the country (where there’s electricity at least). How does this compare to Venezuela?


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