At least someone is keeping count...
At least someone is keeping count…

In case you missed it, the government announced earlier last week that they stopped another assassination plot against Nicolás Maduro, This one included two Colombian hitmen (now in custody) and some guy named Carlos Salcedo (still at large). Of course, both the ultraderecha and Álvaro Uribe are somehow involved in all this as well.

Ever wondered, just how many magnicidio cases has the Venezuelan public heard over the years? Turns out some have been trying to keep count, but now a report of newspaper Últimas Noticias has offered us a more accurate number.

Since the first reported case of its kind back in July 1999, there have been at least 63 alleged magnicidio plots: 52 related to the late comandante supremo and eleven so far directed at Nicolás Maduro (some of the most recent plots also include National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello as a target). In only eighteen of those cases, the authorities have released any details to the public.

So yes, 63 plots and not one attempt. Those SEBIN guys really deserve a raise, don’t you think?!

Últimas Noticias has also provided a comprehensive list of all the plots and even an interactive infographic (made by web developer Claudia Hernández).


Turns out this August was the second highest month with five plots discovered, right behind September 2008 with the record of twelve. That’s a lot of assassination plots for just one month…