At least someone is keeping count...
At least someone is keeping count…

In case you missed it, the government announced earlier last week that they stopped another assassination plot against Nicolás Maduro, This one included two Colombian hitmen (now in custody) and some guy named Carlos Salcedo (still at large). Of course, both the ultraderecha and Álvaro Uribe are somehow involved in all this as well.

Ever wondered, just how many magnicidio cases has the Venezuelan public heard over the years? Turns out some have been trying to keep count, but now a report of newspaper Últimas Noticias has offered us a more accurate number.

Since the first reported case of its kind back in July 1999, there have been at least 63 alleged magnicidio plots: 52 related to the late comandante supremo and eleven so far directed at Nicolás Maduro (some of the most recent plots also include National Assembly President Diosdado Cabello as a target). In only eighteen of those cases, the authorities have released any details to the public.

So yes, 63 plots and not one attempt. Those SEBIN guys really deserve a raise, don’t you think?!

Últimas Noticias has also provided a comprehensive list of all the plots and even an interactive infographic (made by web developer Claudia Hernández).


Turns out this August was the second highest month with five plots discovered, right behind September 2008 with the record of twelve. That’s a lot of assassination plots for just one month…

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    • Esta es la mejor parte:

      “Sin presentar una prueba, comienzan acusando a los partidos locales, luego saltan y señalan a Roger Noriega, siguen con Posada Carriles, avanzan y denuncian a Álvaro Uribe, para terminar metiendo a Obama en el complot y señalar que se trataba de un plan para, al mismo tiempo, invadir Siria y perpetrar un magnicidio en Venezuela.

      Uno entonces voltea y ve la imagen de los dos detenidos.

      Uno de 18 años de edad, otro de 22, según la reseña. Y uno se pregunta cómo carajo una conspiración internacional de tal magnitud le confía un atentado a este par de muchachones que, además, necesitan viajar con las fotos de sus víctimas en el bulto. ¿Por qué siempre los planes son descomunales, peligrosísimos, y los ejecutores son chambones y torpes? ¿Por qué siempre los magnicidios son teóricamente muy especializados y, en la práctica, asombrosamente amateurs? Hay algo en el cuento que cruje, que se atasca. La retórica oficial es cada vez menos verosímil.”

  1. Revista Semana published the following “confidencial” in its last edition, called Paranoia Chavista I ( “Las acusaciones paranoicas del presidente Maduro contra el expresidente Álvaro Uribe son tan absurdas que han dejado de ser noticia” But the best bit is at the end “Como al chavismo se le reconoce un margen de folclor, esas barbaridades pasan sin pena ni gloria.”. Un margen de folclor???? Y eso con qué se come? With a sprinkling of lunacy? A dash of authoritarianism?

  2. Who is all the assassination rhetoric aimed at? The base? The mass of Venezuelan population? I imagine the average citizen has lost count over the years just as we have. These ‘plots’ piss me off because they play on a trope that doesn’t exist anymore. In the 1960s the Kennedy White House plotted to kill Fidel Castro through Operation Mongoose. Since then every Latin American leader who fanciest himself left of center claims there is a bounty on his head. Why would the US even give a damn about Maduro (or Chavez when he was in power) enough to do something that radical? They buy oil, PDVSA sells it. Simple as that. As long as they keep getting oil there’s not much need for a regime change. Conspiratorial thinking however never takes the day-to-day politics into account but rather focuses on sinister conspiracies and ridiculous leaps of logic.

    • My theory: these crazy stories aren’t “aimed” at the public. They’re put out by some part of the security aparatus – SEBIN? DIM? G2? Who knows? – for the benefit of first Chavez and then Maduro to freak THEM out and keep them pliable. We’re just bystanders here…

    • Why would the US even give a damn about Maduro (or Chavez when he was in power) enough to do something that radical? They buy oil, PDVSA sells it.

      This is the sad truth and there is a vague feeling that even if Maduro goes full Castro there’s not enough competence to worry about.

      • The truth is that the US doesn’t give a damn. The only people hurt by this 15 year long disgrace are the venezuelans.
        Vene no longer has any money to export their regional destabilization and they are too poor to play with oil production levels. They need to sell every barrel they produce.
        If anything, Venezuela has made itself much more vulnerable to US interference by destroying their own economy and depending so much more on imports.
        Welcome to Central America status.

        • If the US really were the Machiavellian actor Chavez said it is, then Chavez might very well have been a CIA or CSIS agent (Canadian Security Intelligence Service). After all, many of people responsible for the current oil boom in Canada and the US are Venezuelan emigres – 20,000 in Canada as of last count. When you think about the loss of human capital that represents, the conspiracy minded person ought to look to the far north!

  3. I think they missed one magnicidio in June:

    But then it’s hard sometimes to see when one plot ends and the other starts.

    If you don’t consider the total count but the amount of “affected” months, I think you can see a pattern: nervousness. Hugo was firm in 2006. That was his climax. 2002 and 2007 weren’t good for him. When I didn’t hear of new magnicidios for 3 months at the end of 2010, I was worried. Little did I know that the United States of America had sent some mosquitoes with cancer to Venezuela.

    Now, of course, Madurismo is going bonkers.

    I see a day when VTV will start denouncing magnicidios with a wee bit more of drama:

  4. One of the aspects I hate the most about these recurrent “conspiracies” is the fact that the alleged targets are always speaking about this, I’m not sure what others think but to me maduro saying that if they kill him a civil war is going to erupt seems way too manipulative and coward thing to say.

  5. Whatever happened with Uribe’s “inter-american” slander case from the previous accusation?
    Was it just political rhetoric or could something actually come of that?

    Also, it’s interesting that leaders who actually have assassination attempts made against them aren’t very vocal about it the way your run of the mill dictator seems to revel in it, fabricated or not.

  6. They are missing some assassination attempts. I’m sure I remember another one:

    WHEN: From the Future
    WHO: Arnold Schwarzenegger
    TARGET: Maduro

  7. I get the feeling that the whole theatrics is more about desensitizing the public to assassinations of anyone in general than about seeking concern for anyone in particular.


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