What's cooking at the AN today? (Updated)

prensaan630klAccess to the first session of the National Assembly after its month-long recess will be even more restricted than usual: not only private media is banned from covering it, but even most state media outlets will be shut out as well.

Only the AN’s own radio and TV station will be allowed to cover this afternoon’s session.

Can we expect our parliament to rush through a new low today? Is all about the Enabling Law? Will Diosdado Cabello hold a quickie impeachment of Maduro and crown himself King of Scotland? If he does, and ANTV chooses to black it out, we’ll be none the wiser.

How hard it is for non-kool aid drinking journos to gain access to the A.N. these days? Just take a look to this video from NGO Legislative Monitor, where some of them explain what they’re up against.

UPDATE: Looks like previous plans for a “private” session are now called off. The AN Press Office has guaranteed that all private and State media will have access to today’s meeting at 2 p.m. The schedule doesn’t include the Enabling Law, but MUD deputies insist that they’re fully prepared in case the agenda is changed.