Cancillería blues

After four years without a salary increase, the workers of the Foreign Affairs Ministry (MPPRE) said “enough!” this week and staged a loud protest outside the Ministry’s Administrative Building in Caracas.

What was the response from the higher ranks? Here’s a video of Human Resources Director Yajumari González, who descended from her office to give them a strong threat:

Short translation: “Because of your attitude, we will not negotiate. Get back to work or else.”

Union leaders have denounced a double standard in their treatment, as workers involved with government-aligned CorpoMiranda and the Francisco de Miranda Front (FFM) get better attention than them. Both organizations are related to current Foreign Affairs Minister Elias Jaua (he’s the head of the former and a major member of the latter, along with other State ministers).

The problems inside the MPPRE also stem from its internal organization. Case in point is the National Border Council (CNF), created (and re-created) on multiple occasions by previous Presidents to offer advice on all public policies related to our border areas. Right now, the CNF is in a state of “technical shutdown.” They don’t have their own space, most of its workers are paid below the minimal wage, and they all lack medical insurance.

The progressive decline of our foreign service is more than evident, as its purpose has shifted into political and electoral territory. Diplomacy is simply an alien concept to these folks.

[HT: Naky, for the video link]