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Amidst the typhoon of crazy we have had to suffer courtesy of Nicolás Maduro, we haven’t even had time to discuss this more deeply: Maduro has ordered anti-aircraft weapons to be placed in Caracas’ hillside slums.

Human shields, anyone?

It’s clear this – if it gets done, big if – is not intended for the so-called Evil Empire invasion. Nobody takes any of that talk seriously anymore, not even Maduro.

No. This is for internal purposes. Maduro knows his position is weak, and he doesn’t hold court, commanding the military the way Chávez did. He doesn’t have that sixth sense that Chávez had, one that allowed him to either strategically unearth or strategically commence conspiracies. Maduro is afraid, he’s desperate, and he’s gonna use human shields as an insurance policy.

Tough times ahead for Venezuelans. Particularly those up here.

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  1. If China doesn’t renew the $20 billion credit line, and soon, then Maduro’s administration is fucked. As it stands now, China appears to be waffling, probably because they know they can get extremely favorable terms, and completely fuck Venezuela over. We’ll see if Maduro blinks. If he does, his desperation shows, so either way, the opposition is strengthened.

    • the optimist half of me keeps hanging onto that ray of light: that the Chinese don’t renew the credit line. Por ahora. Imagine the oppo’s gratitude to the Chinese for providing the necessary conditions to send a message to Maduro and goons — assuming no fixing of results on 8D.

  2. There is one thing that he may be planning – a war with Guayana over a century old boundry dispute. That would rally the population behind him for a while, get him support from the military. Since he’d likely face opposition from both USA and UK, having such a deterrent may be useful.

    AA missiles are useless against rioters, after all. This is something that would make sense, especially in the light other recent weapon purchases.

    • The Iglas (your missiles) are for aircraft. The air defense proposed by maduro includes another weapon, the zu-23. This one is a gun, a 23mm one. Check the videos of every conflict in the middle east and you will see than it can be pointed pretty much in a horizontal way

    • Guyana=Malvinas! An excellent way to distract people from the fact that they cannot buy milk. Guyana is at fault. And imperialismo.

  3. Juan, he said that. Has this process started? I haven’t heard of it happening yet.
    If they do move forward, it will take some time. Will he have it? I don’t know how people there would react.

    As for Guyana: I don’t think Maduro is that fool. He is incredibly stupid, but not in that way, also because Guyana was actually closer to Boligarchs’ hearts than anything.

      • They have interacted quite a lot with Guyaneses. They have spent some money in getting their support for different political venues.
        I doubt they will try. The opposition knows it and that’s why Machado, López, Velázquez and others went to the border and got photographed there with a Venezuelan flag.
        Chavismo knows if it tries something it won’t be the gringos only who would react but Brazil and all the others around. I don’t think Maduro will do it.

  4. With the high level of training and commitment of our armed forces I expect to see some of these anti aircraft batteries being kidnapped by the malandros in exchange for ransom money. There is a business opportunity after they run out of TVs to loot.

  5. IF the gringos decide to replicate Panama or Grenada or Bay of Pigs on Venezuelan soil (as señor Maduro so claims) then would such AAs be of ANY use against American aircraft?

    • They would buy time. Although US air force can take them out virtually without losses, it still needs to take the time and effort to do it.

      There is absolutely no reason for US to do so though. Simply refusing to buy Venezuelan oil would do the trick.

      • Perhaps it wasn’t clear from the post. These antiaircraft weapons are for defending against internal coup attempts, imho.

        • No, this is total macho populist warmongering bullshit. You’d have more use for antiaircraft batteries against internal coup attempts positioning them in La Carlota and Fuerte Tiuna. besides, althought this battery is totally mobile, for a static defense role a small defense and resupply position must be stablished, which is going to be pretty hard inside a crowded hill (its already difficult even to drive a very, very large truck, because this SV-300 systems have big asses).

          This “plan” is never going to be completed.

          • Well, that was what he meant, at least in his delirium. That or maybe the Pechora 2M system which we have also ordered, which is smaller (but still has a big ass). althought this is highly doubtfull to be plausible too, since its still bigger than your average garbage truck and the battery comprises at least 7 vehicles. Also, I doubt they re-locate them from Paraguana, so I guess he meant S-300 (the only missile defense system recently delivered)

  6. The anti – aircraft missile system referred is undoubtedly a Castro initiative. This whole issue may therefore be no more than an indication of Fidel’s mental state in that he can no longer differentiate 1962 from 2013.
    To put it lightly Fidel is having a “Cuban Missile Crisis” moment.

    • As you would say, the “money quote”:

      “Toda la defensa antiaérea que tiene la patria, los cohetes estos ustedes saben cuáles son, que son los más modernos del mundo, se van a colocar en los puntos clave de las montañas del país, incluyendo los barrios y comunidades de la Gran Caracas y de todo el país”

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