Meanwhile, back at the farm

Amidst the typhoon of crazy we have had to suffer courtesy of Nicolás Maduro, we haven’t even had time to discuss this more deeply: Maduro has ordered anti-aircraft weapons to be placed in Caracas’ hillside slums.

Human shields, anyone?

It’s clear this – if it gets done, big if – is not intended for the so-called Evil Empire invasion. Nobody takes any of that talk seriously anymore, not even Maduro.

No. This is for internal purposes. Maduro knows his position is weak, and he doesn’t hold court, commanding the military the way Chávez did. He doesn’t have that sixth sense that Chávez had, one that allowed him to either strategically unearth or strategically commence conspiracies. Maduro is afraid, he’s desperate, and he’s gonna use human shields as an insurance policy.

Tough times ahead for Venezuelans. Particularly those up here.