"El Impulso" is living on borrowed time

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1536622_652126511495292_597894799_nAs reported months ago, Barquisimeto’s main newspaper El Impulso is facing a serious crisis. But even if it survived the earlier announced December deadline, the 110-year old paper could still be forced out of local newsstands by February 2nd.

The reason? The government has not authorized them the currency required to import newsprint they need.

In its editorial to conmemorate its 110th anniversary, the paper said it very clearly:

“We have followed to the letter all the legal requirements, in order to obtain, according to our right and not as a gift or privilege, the currency neccesary to acquire newsprint and other supplies.

However, the official refusal persists, unchanged to this day, translated into delays, excuses, silences, and back-and-forths. They don’t deny it explicitly, but insist with their intransigence…

…They submit us to the multiple options available in their catalog in order to gag us. And even if it isn’t a military order, it’s an act of force all the same, given that it doesn’t come from reason. “

Yet, El Impulso continues to pledge its case through the proper channels. But they’re about to find out that the hegemony doesn’t act only by action, but also by deliberate omission.