The suckiest way to fly

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Venezolana airlines
Is this the only operational plane from RAVSA? I dunno..

In recent days, passengers of flights by Venezuelan air carrier RAVSA, better known as La Venezolana faced long delays. Really, really long delays.

As other airlines started to help out and the government began getting involved, rumours over the fact that company is now operating with only one aircraft sound kinda feasible.

Over the years there have been multiple, constant reports about RAVSA’s delays. As a matter of fact, the Civil Aviation Authority (INAC) briefly grounded all its flights back in 2012 and INDEPABIS has imposed plenty of fines on the company. Given the recent statement by Air and Sea Transportation Minister (don’t ask) Hebert García Plaza about taking “definitive corrective measures” in the case, Venezolana’s days could be numbered.

Of course, let’s not forget that RAVSA’s specific woes aside, air travel in Venezuela is filled with constant delays, insufficient options to satisfy demand, and an aged fleet of planes.