Party in the C.P.A. (Tocorón Prison)

Behind bars… that’s where the party’s at.

Remember the tale of Tokio discotheque, located inside Tocorón Prison in Aragua?

Well, the prison night-club has returned to the headlines: an 18-year old girl died of a possible overdose of drugs and alcohol after a weekend-long party in that club.

Can I just repeat that this nightclub is… inside a prison?! Back in 2012, the place even had commercials on local radio.

But that’s not the end of the story. Several pictures of the disco’s sort-of lavish premises have leaked online. Some have indicated that Disco Tokio was just re-opened last month. Tocoron isn’t an exception, but the rule. There’s even a family-friendly version of it.

But the government insists with the same-old excuse: It’s all the media’s fault! The fact that our justice system is rock-bottom isn’t relevant. Let’s control that nasty cable TV!

In the end, they don’t really want to do anything meaningful to solve this urgent issue.

P.S.: In case you’re wondering, C.P.A. stands for Centro Penitenciario de Aragua (Aragua Penitenciary Center), its official name. But everyone calls it Tocorón, so why even bother.

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