Is Capriles following the Pope's advice?

Vos tenés que dialogar
Vos tenés que dialogar

When Henrique Capriles ran for President last April, he was so vicious we started calling him the “Miranda pitbull.” Gone were the days when he didn’t even mention his rivals. He went all out against Maduro, mocking and taunting him endlessly. In the immediate aftermath of the election, he continued with this tone. But, along the way, something happened, and the more moderate, conciliatory Capriles we have now began re-surfacing.

My theory is that this was prodded by none other than His Holiness Pope Francis.

We can’t know what the two men talked about when they met last November, but from the press releases, the one word that keeps popping out is dialogue. The Pope clearly wanted the two sides in Venezuela to sit down and talk, to negotiate, as all Christians should be willing to do. I venture to say he invited Capriles to see chavistas as fellow human beings, who with all their mistakes, deserve to be respected. I can’t see him advising Capriles to hit the streets and not rest until the regime crumbles…

These types of encounters should not be underestimated. Capriles has already shown a spiritual side, rare in Venezuelan politicians, that annoys the hell out of a lot of people. It’s part of who he is, I guess. So when pondering his current position, think back to that cold November morning in Rome, and consider the possibility that the strategy was fleshed out then.

Some gentle prodding by St. Peter’s successor can go a long way in convincing a reluctant warrior to embrace his inner comeflor.

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  1. spiritual side? or religious side?

    the first one follows dogma and says: haz bien y espera el trancazo
    the second one searches for truth and says: Mapurite sabe a quien pea

  2. Capriles and the MUD are accompanying Leopoldo López today. I guess the Pope has been informed of this decision and will hopefully provide divine intervention.

  3. I don’t think a confrontational stance towards Maduro precludes Capriles from an inclusive dialogue. I think he needs to articulate the case that Maduro is hurting all Venezuelans, not just the middle class.

    Even though I disagreed with his populist rhetoric during the April campaign (and I think he needs a realistic set of policies to get the country going post-Maduro), I can’t help but notice that the confrontational style of April 2013 Capriles is the closest the opposition has come to winning at the polls.

  4. a little OT, but have you guys seen this on Telesur’s website: “Cronología de la violencia fascista en Venezuela”!date=1999-08-26_09:31:06!

    Their bio on LL is a must read: “Leopoldo López: Agente de la CIA, el golpe, guarimbas, Uribe y el fascismo”,

    The sad part, is that people see this and they actually believe it all!

  5. Catholicism has, in recent history, demonstrated its ability to work in collusion with Fascism. In otherwords ignore the Boys From the Vatican.

  6. It might of have had an impact. But I have to respect that he is following is beliefs and you and I know where he stands.. I think we have had enough spineless lairs.

    I find deplorable some comments about Catholism. The same could be said about Venezuela’s political class and I would not dare to extrapolate to the rest of Venezuela.

  7. In todays world , courting the favour of the public , through the careful concoction of media messages which gratify that publics mushy sentimental tastes and belief in magical ‘cure all’ nostrums is a must for any aspiring world figure . The Pope is no exception .
    Its cheap safe and profitable to display pious devotion to very lofty general ‘pie in the sky’ Ideals to gain the publics favour, regardles of their ´real life´practicality .
    The use of Dialogue as a universal infalible way of solving all of the worlds conflicts is one of those lofty ideals thye public worships . Thus the appeal to the beatific virtues of Dialogue made by both oppo figures and with weepy rethoric by some Regime figureheads ( who of course dont beleive in Dialogue except as way of gaining cheap propaganda points) .
    The only way for people to engage in productive dialogue is when they are both against the wall , there is an absolute stalemate in their fight or , an untenable situation for both of them and its clear that the only way out is to reach some kind of agreement with ones opponent.
    If one side holds all the cards ( the case of the regime which has sequestered all public institutions ) then no practical dialogue is possible .
    That doesnt mean that even if the margin of success is minimal there shouldnt be an effort at creating a dialogue with ones political enemies , as an expression of civility and common sense . That I wager is Capriles position even if he knows that the Govt is never going to play fair in any dialogue process unless already cornered into an unsustainable position , which is far from being the case now.
    Very much doubt that Capriles slow pedalling his political manouvering is in any way the result of the Popes advise but a carefully thought out strategy given a very practical reading of the countrys current situation.

  8. What seems lost in this discussion, and yesterday’s, is the goal of expanding the opposition’s base.

    Street protests can topple regimes — when those protests are perceived to have the support of large majorities of the population.

    Memo to all the tire-burners: guarimbas are not the path to persuasion.

    I think Capriles is behaving in a way that is both moral AND pragmatic.

  9. Yea…this is a long shot. I think it’s more likely the chavistas are paying or threatening the guy to be quiet than that the pope convinced him to keep the peace.

  10. I have nothing against anyone’s religion but I do find it obnoxious when people use religion to further their politics.I found it quite objectionable when Capriles pretended to know God’s perfect time.What a manipulation

  11. The title of this post might be: Juan gets in touch with his inner mystic.

    Juan: let’s talk. But first, please run all posts in future with a religious christian catholic tone by Katy, first. Unless this post serves as a potential reprinting in a Catholic digest.

  12. Seriously…with all that’s happening you choose to post about this? You must have tons of REAL material, topics galore to write about. Yet you choose to wax lyrical about your own random fuzzy-feel-good ideas of a pretty unimportant event that happened months ago.

    I know it is your blog, but come on…


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