Let Facebook Know They're Collaborating With Venezuelan State Censorship


LET THEM KNOWUPDATE: The block has been lifted…

Disturbingly, my last post has been reported to Facebook as “Dangerous Content” and blocked from distribution. Please share the link on Facebook, and when the pop-up above comes up, click on “let us know” to inform them they are abetting the Maduro regime’s censorship.

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  1. I tried posting the link without success, so reported the issue to facebook. Also, I posted the link to the entire blog so people can visit it. The blog itself is not blocked.

  2. Done!

    It’s incredible, I’m not sure if this is a bug or actual censorship. I’m inclined to believe the second, in view of how the blog has been much more present in facebook than ever before.

    I’ll follow hgdam’s advice and link to the blog itself.

    • I’ve been monitoring the situation as closely as I can from inside and it looks like it is an isolated event. Facebook itself has not blocked any content although it is possible that the ISP in Venezuela may try to block out FB just as they did with twitter a few days ago.


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