The Game Changed in Venezuela Last Night – and the International Media Is Asleep At the Switch

San Cristobal ayer


Dear International Editor:

Listen and understand. The game changed in Venezuela last night. What had been a slow-motion unravelling that had stretched out over many years went kinetic all of a sudden.

What we have this morning is no longer the Venezuela story you thought you understood.

Throughout last night, panicked people told their stories of state-sponsored paramilitaries on motorcycles roaming middle class neighborhoods, shooting at people and  storming into apartment buildings, shooting at anyone who seemed like he might be protesting.

People continue to be arrested merely for protesting, and a long established local Human Rights NGO makes an urgent plea for an investigation into widespread reports of torture of detainees. There are now dozens of serious human right abuses: National Guardsmen shooting tear gas canisters directly into residential buildings. We have videos of soldiers shooting civilians on the street.

And that’s just what came out in real time, over Twitter and YouTube, before any real investigation is carried out. Online media is next, a city of 645,000 inhabitants has been taken off the internet amid mounting repression, and this blog itself has been the object of a Facebook “block” campaign.

What we saw were not “street clashes”, what we saw is a state-hatched offensive to suppress and terrorize its opponents.

Here at Caracas Chronicles we’re doing what it can to document the crisis, but there’s only so much one tiny, zero-budget blog can do.

After the major crackdown on the streets of large (and small) Venezuelan cities last night, I expected some kind of response in the major international news outlets this morning. I understand that with an even bigger and more photogenic freakout ongoing in an even more strategically important country, we weren’t going to be front-page-above-the-fold, but I’m staggered this morning to wake up, scan the press and find…


As of 11 a.m. this morning, the New York Times World Section has…nothing.

NYTimes – nothing


The Guardian’s World News has some limp why-are-you-protesting? piece that made some sense before last night’s tropical pogrom, but none after it.

The Guardian: Fluff

So…basically nothing.

The BBC is still leading its Latin America section on a Leopoldo story, as though last night had been just business as usual.

BBC Americas
BBC – Would you guess a sort of pogrom took place in Venezuela from looking at that?


CNN is also out chasing the thing that was the story in the old Venezuela:

CNN: Your breaking news is broken.


Al Jazeera English never got the memo:



Even places that love to hate the Venezuelan government are asleep at the wheel:

Fox News
Et tu, Ailes?


The level of disengagement on display is deeply shocking.

Venezuela’s domestic media blackout is joined by a parallel international blackout, one born not of censorship but of disinterest and inertia. It’s hard to express the sense of helplessness you get looking through these pages and finding nothing. Venezuela burns; nobody cares.

Let me put this clearly. Y’all need to step it up. The time to discard what you thought you knew about the way things work in Venezuela is now.


(Damnit, there’s just no way to stay retired in these circumstances…)

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  1. I could not believe this morning when I read the NYT and there was nothing!!!!! Shame on you NYT and the rest of complacent Latin American Leaders.

          • This was required reading in a lot of my english courses in highschool and university. I will keep a copy of it always.

          • I love how you all took a very serious issue and a call or plea to action as a sign to start a book club and trade good reads. lol I guess… y’all do you…

          • Exatly what I was thinking about “trading good reads” However, have to keep in mind that trading good reads” such as Orwell’s reads is a good in itself and does not lessen the urgency of the issue at hand.

          • Obviously, you have not read any of Orwell’s books. It is serious. More serious than you can imagine. I think that’s the point.

          • robojobo – how true. This whole mess wouldn’t have happened (in Iraq also) if chavez were allowed to sell Venezuela’s OWN oil and spend the money on health and education without the US and Saudi backed oil cartels opposing them.

          • You must be joking. The cause is a murderous regime that sits under socialist rule. They have always been murderers and this is just one more incident that proves it. God help the people of Venezuela to overcome this tyranny.

          • US funded opposition to Socialism is the cause? The Socialists have been so incompetent that even toilet paper is in short supply. The current US administration is very pro-Socialist. Obama’s speeches even sound like remade adaptations of the speeches of his idol, Hugo Chavez. Obama’s people just tried to get news media to allow monitoring of news broadcasts from within the broadcasting media-a prelude to censorship and just the type of action that occurred in Venezuela under the Socialists. Your simple comment is an embarrassment to yourself and to anyone who values the truth!

          • Mendacity, Mendacity followed by Fluff everywhere you look. On the left and the right, everywhere.
            ninty percent of the population are no nothings, believing the Medacity and enjoying the fluff.

          • Socialism has no roots in war, only murder and oppression of it’s people. The USA has been there to help stop these atrocities more times than you can count.

          • google it? no, gibiru it or startpage it or duckduckgo it or search it elsewhere, but please DONT google it..

          • uh .. Ann Rand (I have a thing about bullshit ‘I’m so special I spell my name different’ people … she fits the bill perfectly) … the ultimate douchebag ‘intellectual’ … laughably self-absorbed … and gosh … WRONG about … ummm … just about everything she went on … and on … about. I would recommend you expand your reading, Nick.

          • WTF! People down there are dying and you’re spouting pseudo-intellectual bulls#it. Fu#k reading a book everyone read when they were 12. Why don’t you WRITE a letter to the media outlets who are ignoring these atrocities simply because this is what we’ve come to accept.

          • T, you are right on point. Talk about highjacking this stream with bookclub crap. Do ‘they’ even know they completely missed the p
            oint? Jeeez

          • “[debris54]: (I have a thing about bullshit ‘I’m so special I spell my name different’ people … she fits the bill perfectly)”

            Well, I’m not into Rand and feel her philosophy was garbage, but her name is “Ayn,” not “Ann.” It has two syllables, rhymes with “lion.” It’s like if your name was Mickey, and I said, “Shut up, you’re Mike!”

            Also, who are you to tell people how to spell their own names? Haha, talk about “laughably self-absorbed.”

      • Well, the fact that Syria has been a war zone for two years and that Ukraine has had dozens of casualties in a single day, the situation in Venezuela has been overshadowed. Sadly, if Venezuelans are expecting an international force to liberate them from this brutally oppressive regime, they’ll have to get in line. Unfortunately, it’s on the shoulders of the people present in the country to get rid of this plague.

        • This is one of those times where everyone who says “we oughta do something” need to buy a rifle, and a ticket, and go help. It’s just past the point where we can expect voting to make government “do something” to work.

          • VOTING DOESN”T WORK WHEN THE ELECTION IS RIGGED> These people lost their voice a long time ago. Now they are being massacred. My family is there protesting in the streets and being butchered. I pray someone starts caring immediately. If you want to do something, go sign this petition:ática-inter-americana-de-la-oea?recruiter=80687286&utm_campaign=signature_receipt&utm_medium=email&utm_source=share_petition

          • You started off good and strong, but again, the petition is just asking someone else to do something you won’t do, yourself.

          • It takes the one to inform the few, who tell the many. It’s trying to get the word out, and has succeeded in that function. He can be held no more accountable than you or I. When’s the last time you completed something truly important by yourself? And the exception doesn’t prove the rule. We have an opportunity to try, in our small way, to make a positive contribution, by blogging you’ve involved yourself – why not make it a positive thing?

          • pyrodice – get a gun yourself and do it. Don’t shame others. The people of Venezuela walked hand in hand with that socialist moronic thug Chavez and cheered every word he said. Venezuelans allowed this to happen and now they are realizing what a mistake they made. Perhaps they could have looked at Chavez’ best friend (Fidel Castro) and figured out what he wanted to do to them? Perhaps Venezuelans could have not joined all those anti USA rallies and thought a little more about before walking voluntarily straight to hell? The only people that can save Venezuela now are Venezuelans willing to die for their freedom. Live free or die.

          • Well said, Bruce A. Parsons. The U.S. is really tired of being Imperialist “whipping boy” for the 3rd World. Where are all the rich ballplayers and other Venezuelans who have made fortunes for themselves in the U.S.? WHY don’t THEY CARE, step up and do something for THEIR homeland. JUST HOW are we supposed to do the patriotic duty of Venezuelans (or the citizens of any other oppressed nation) FOR them, especially, when they have CLEARLY told us to STAY OUT of their affairs. GOD HELPS THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVES!

          • We will be seeing this here in the USA very soon. There is no stopping it with a Marxist in the White House. Daph

          • Theyaretalkingaboutwhatishappenninginvenezuelaonfrenchtvnewsburherethey(governmentandmedia)aremorefocusedonwhat’shappenningiinkievukraineinfact

          • Thank you freedomomb for the petition link!! it gives us a way to help besides “liking” & “sharing” links on Facebook. While I understand Spanish & some of my family does too many others of my family & friends do not. I say all that bcz many probably would sign this petition & “share” it w/their friends & family too, however, there are only two sentences in the petition that are in English so many may not sign it bcz the cannot translate the language.

            I can translate it for them but it takes me a while. Yesterday I was translating videos that I posted on my fb wall for friends & family & I was on Facebook all day. I see that #sosvenezuela are translating many things for the non-Spanish speaking population. Please, try to encourage others to do the same if they want others to get involved. Many more would probably do so if there wasn’t the language barrier.

            Just a thought . . .

            We are praying for Venezuela & a Prompt Recovery to true democracy & safety for all of her current inhabitants & citizens. I lived in Caracas & Valencia in the late 80s for 4 years where both my children were born & my heart is heavy for you, your family & all others who are from Venezuela. It is very difficult to watch the videos.

            It doesn’t surprise me that USA is not reporting on it. Thank God for Facebook & the Social Media & the Internet & the YOUNG PEOPLE of USA & many, many other countries around the globe who DO CARE & are trying to get the word out to the world. I SALUTE you all for your efforts & may God be with each & everyone & keep you & your families safe, alive, & from any type of torture & from silence!

            We care, & want to help!!


          • We second your words and thoughts, Terry. We feel the same way after living in Venezuela for thirteen years. The hope is that world public opinion and human rights watch organizations will keep Venezuela in their sights. This article is not asking the US to intervene militarily as some of those commenting earlier suggested. The Venezuelan people are waging peaceful resistance against the government, the National Guard, and government-supported motorcycle militias that have a monopoly on the weapons. They are getting killed for it and they keep coming. THAT takes balls! It is easy to shout “Live free or die!” from the comfort of a living room in the States heated with Venezuelan oil.

          • So why don’t you and Eric Spinder go back there now and fight in their revolution for them. It is easy to shame others for not doing what you should & MUST do for yourselves. And remember it’s Venezuelans who profited from selling their oil to the U.S. OR I suppose we should have boycotted buying any of it AND then we could be WRONG & shamed for doing that TOO, RIGHT? Whatever goes wrong it is always the U.S. to blame — no one else has any responsibility or accountability for any of their political mistakes that contributed to getting them into their present situations, right?. BTW setting fires, throwing rocks & rioting against an opposition with guns is anything but PEACEFUL and not very productive either.

          • Of course the USA is not reporting it…… It’s farcical that I am finding out about serious human abuse in a BLOG !!!!!!

          • I seem to remember George Dubya getting handed the US Presidency even though the world knows he lost Florida. you are so right about elections being rigged

          • W won Florida, and every single recount, even those done months after the fact by the mainstream media proved it. I was IN Florida and I saw what happened first hand. Which counties got recounted? Those where Democrats held the election board. Why? Because you don’t recount counties held by your political opponents — it makes it harder to “find” the votes you need. You count those you run and you keep counting until you get the numbers you want. Why were votes “found”? Why did Gore have lawyers on the ground before Florida was done counting? Why did the media call the election for Gore EVEN THOUGH much of the panhandle was in a DIFFERENT TIME ZONE and hadn’t voted yet? Hmm? Do you remember the county electioneering official caught with a voting machine in the trunk of his car? Do you remember how they tried to stop people from viewing the recount process in Miami-Dade? Do you know that every time the votes were handled, chads dropped off, making the count less reliable than before? Again, stop lying and learn the truth. W won the election in FL DESPITE widespread Democrat vote tampering.

          • I have lost contact with friends in Caracas since yesterday and fear the worst. And I agree with you, the populace lost their voice years ago and the leftist government of Chavez was well planned while the people let it happen. You are right, there will be many people will be killed. I feel that the problem will only escalate into a full blown revolution in the weeks ahead !!

          • I so feel for them– & sorry for the cold shoulder from some here– who may want to re-think what we have allowed to go on here as well- I’m not sure what an individual can actually do for them at this point- but hope we can all at least learn a thing or two before we all are in the same boat– so to speak-

          • you are correct, robert ! as for the rest of you, this is Venezuela’s problem ! don’t blame the US ! they had their chances to create a favorable government of the people ( like ours once was ! ) and they chose an easier path ! We have our own deteriorating situation that must be corrected ; we must stay out of venezuela and should leave several other places !! POH

          • Link’s not working… 🙁
            Proud that Venezuelans are fighting this oppression & violence. As they say, change has to come from within. What’s in that picture above is just a beginning though you’ve started a long time ago but keep praying & stay strong!

          • The Venezuelans who voted for Maduro are fighting the oppression and violence sponsored by the CIA and the upper class oligarchs who hope to overthrow the democratically elected government there.

          • u r an idiot. u have never been there. Gringos like you wouldn’t last for 5 minutes b4 someone had your phone, your money and your life.

            But keep posting, I like watching idiots like you make jackasses out of yourselves…..

          • If I’m following your line of reasoning, you mean “Venezuela and North Korea”, Don’t you? Someone really did a number on you!

          • If the election is rigged, then what will a stupid piece of paper of a petition do? It wont do anything at all. Praying you got it. Or why don’t those people leave and become a legal resident in a different country if it is so bad there?

          • The problem is the people CAN’T GET OUT because they don’t have the funds and visas! Airlines have stopped flying into AND OUT of the country due to being owed MILLIONS of $$. the only people who have access to that kind of money are the politicians!! Banks don’t have it but if they wait just a while the government presses will print more!

          • Thanks for the petition. It seems right to petition International organizations charged with oversight of human and democratic rights. Here is my English translation of the text of the petition, making clear that I have translated direct quotes from the OAS charter and not taken the time to look up the original English version. You get the Idea…

            First of all I would like to state that I am not a lawyer, nor have I studied law. This petition is based on my interpretation of events occurring in Venezuela under the regime of Nicolas Maduro which are in violation of the human and constitutional rights of the Venezuelan people, and on the Democratic Charter of the Organization of American States, based on the following articles:

            Article 1: indicates that citizens have the right to democracy and that the government has the obligation to promote and defend democracy.
            Article 3: defines Human Rights as an essential element of democracy.
            Article 4: establishes freedom of expression and of the press as a fundamental component in the exercise of democracy.
            Article 7: “Democracy is essential for the full exercise of fundamental freedoms and universal, indivisible and interdependent human rights which have been consecrated in the respective constitutions of the Member States and in interamerican and international treaties and agreements on human rights.”
            Article 8: “Any person or group of persons that considers that their human rights have been violated may denounce or petition for redress before the Interamerican System of Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, according to the procedures established therefor. The OAS Member States reaffirm their intention to strengthen the Interamerican System of Protection of Human Rights in order to consolidate democracy in the hemisphere.”
            Article 20: “In the event that a Member State suffers an alteration of constitutional order that gravely affects the democratic order of life, any other Member State or the Secretary General may request the immediate convocation of the Permanent Council in order to develop a collective evaluation of the situation and adopt any and all resolutions it considers appropriate.”

            If we pressure the international institutions that are charged with oversight in matters of human and democratic rights, we will be heard and we will be taking an active part in the struggle to reconstruct and restore democracy to Venezuela.

          • because 1) it’s someone else’s problem and 2) your people / relatives aren’t willing to fight to the death for their own country ?


          • nowhere no one has asked you amerikwans to intervene here. stop thinking this is all about you and your shameful military of fatties and wimminsoldiers.

          • First learn to spell, then remember 1776, While I decry the oppression and out of control government violence didn’t the people of Venezuela put the current government in power themselves ? This is a case of you hired the leaders you have, now fire them. Just like we did during the American Revolution.

          • The footage I saw from Venezuela showed a bunch of sluggos casually walking around shooting cars and at cameramen on the roof. They didn’t appear to be hitting much except the cars, as it appears they don’t know how to aim a weapon properly, and even then one guy had to go use his weapon as a club to finish off the back windshield. No one was fighting them that I could see. Import 100 Kiev protestors and they would tear their hineys up.

          • Tom, it’s doubtful that anyone voted for that. Although, you do have a point, it’s up to Venezuela to kick them out.
            Unfortunately, when they do rise up, it’s seen as interference from the West.
            Just like the American Revolution was sponsored by France.

          • So we Americans are to blame for your countries woes.And our women Soldiers have more courage in their little fingers,then you do in your illiterate mouth.Oh and
            how many family members of yours are over here living on visa’s and getting an education ???

          • And you prefer to have the Cubans taking over the military, from high commanders to the lowest member of the military?? You want to live like the Cubans? You think the lines are long now for basics, just wait until Maduro puts all the political opponents behind bars! When was the last time you saw a tin of powdered milk? how about vegetable oil? wheat flour? Venezuela used to export coffee, now we don’t even find imported coffee on the shelves!!! Can’t find diapers for your baby? If mama can’t nurse that baby’s going to get rickets!! What’s gonna happen next year, 2015 when the US stops importing Venezuelan oil? Where are you going to get $$ then? No other country uses Bolivars as currency, and now that many international airlines have stopped flying into the country because of HUGE debts not being paid, where are your basics going to come from? You think Chinese products are superior in quality to those made in the US? or Iranian, or Russian? Get a grip on life as it is in 2013 in Vzla. Wait 3 hours in line for 2 packages of toilet paper, or chicken, or corn flour!!! No more arepas for you and you won’t need a lot of TP because you won’t be eating much of anything else!! The only fatties I see after living for 7 years in Vzla are those whose pockets are being lined via the corruption that starts at the top of the ladder in Miraflores (the presidential home)!! You’ll see what happens without $$ before too long and it won’t be pretty!

          • Intervening doesn’t need a polite request for help dummy lol Example: The militia is attacking you, your throat has been sliced open and you’re at your knees as the blood drips and spatters all over the road. I’m a couple feet away watching, waiting for you to ask me to help.

          • You sir, are an asshole and a moron to lump 300,000,000 people together into one group. You’re a big part of the problem. Deal with that .

          • Yes because you are doing so well in venezuela, open your eyes pendejo, you don’t even have toilet paper to wipe your arrsss

          • Well, Guajiro, that “shameful military of fatties and wimminsoldiers” seems to be the same group that so many have begged for help. Indeed, they could kick the sh!T out of any group you can think of. That is not an opinion, that is fact. And I have yet to read anyone suggesting that Americans go down to that hell-hole and bale them out. So, wise up and shut up you ignorant fool.

          • i cant wait til your country falls to pieces and you look to the rest of us for help. then we’ll be like – hell its your issue, im not lifting a finger for you. dont worry america … your next …. promise 😉

          • TypicaEveryonecomplainsaboutamersgettigettinginvoinvolvedineveryeveryone’sbbusinessandnowyouwanttocomplthattheusisntisn’thelpingkhelping?Shutu.

          • If this ever does happen in America we will at least fight back because we have guns and balls. We don’t cry about it and ask for others to come help and if they did come to help we would thank them and tell them we can handel our own problems. We don’t want to have to thank anyone for helping us out of our own situations. You people put the prick in office, you backed every decision he made, and now that his true colors are showing your crying about it grow some balls pull up your big boy pants and go get your country back.

          • France helped us get liberated from the English, dont forget our history. They didnt put that president there, they elected another one named capriles, but the elections got rigged. Do some research first buddy, so you dont make the rest of us look stupid. You have students in a country oppressed for the past 15 years, since they were only kids. The arms are in the hands of butchers and hit men hired by the government to terrorize everyone, and it isnt any guns they are carrying, they are going around with assault rifles, so what would these kids do with a few guns?

          • No one has given more to the world, in the history of the world, then America. And there has never been a more under appreciated country in the world than America. We are givers, and most of the world are takers. Yes, we will fall, but I for one have no expectation that recipients of our past generosity will return the favor when it happens. When it comes, I’ll not look to Venezuela or Canada for help, I’ll look to my fellow Americans. I’m tired of young Americans sacrificing their lives for the freedom of others in countries who both resent us and lack the courage to do it themselves.

          • Gee comments like that are SO productive and REALLY persuasive in winning any sympathy or support for you or your cause. Believe me nobody will be looking to you for anything.

          • People are dying. If they all die for their freedom will there point be proven? I live in Canada, we are also primarily “unarmed”. If our society was as torn as those we’d be no different, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I agree the U.S should make unilateral decisions in the world environment, the U.N is faiing in it’s function, and without them who is left to stand up for human rights? No one? The U.S make huge sacrifices, in people and in resources to try and provide some stability in the world, they are by no means perfect..but if not them who? China? You might say “sure let them go get killed”…but I assure you if you woke up one day in Colonial China you’d regret it instantly. No offense the chinese people, who are as much a victim of their government/Big Business as anyone. We need to get our heads out of the sand and start realizing it’s a small world after all;) what affects the few effects us all to be sure, and we should be holding ourselves accountable for the society (world) we live in.

          • as for now it was china who woke up from colonial rule, that’s how mao got into power, by opposing long time, reckless and inhuman exploitation of chinese people and let me ask, by what country? maybe first thing what we should do is to look at our own cloak and how our “pigs” are fucking the rest of the world as it happens in africa now where people are depraved of their land and even that little ability to sustain them self to make space for western corporation so you can by parsley in tesco grown in africa. read the history of colombia how use was and is “protecting”the peace and human rights there, just last year 13 activist dead, and that is just one small example.

          • Exactly Jason . We are not alone in the world , and what effects your neighbor will soon affect you ! I was born in Hu Gary during the 1946 Revolution , when the world stage as to busy with the Suez Canal to worry about people getting gunned down in the streets , but they made a good stand against an enemy we are still fighting in the world .

          • OK so why don’t you mobilize Canada to go intervene in Venezuela? Why does the U.S. always get to do the unappreciated dirty work for everyone else who is too lazy, cowardly or gullible to protect themselves — first of all by NEVER letting your government take away your rights as citizens to bear arms. Just ask the Germans how the Nazis took over their country. FREEDOM isn’t FREE, YOU have to pay the PRICE, YOU have to SACRIFICE, For YOUR Liberty. With FREEDOM comes the RESPONSIBILITY to pay attention to what your government is doing, not abdicate that responsibility to some other country to preserve your freedom for you and bale you out when you have gone asleep at your own wheel.

          • SMJ, I would argue the Venezuelan
            are doing exactly what you are insisting they do. They are fighting, they are paying attention…and they’re not asking for the americans to come save them. Lazy, Gullible, and Cowardly. Really? Im Canadian and proudly consider my country to be one of the most “free” in the world – not despite our social (ist) values but because of them, and for the record Canada is a premier peacekeeping force (UN) throughout the world. The right to bear arms is irrevelant.. let’s say everyone over there had M16’s… situation better? Most Canadians don’t have guns, yet are freedom is intact. The ones that do have hunting rifles, not handguns and assualt rifles. We liberated ourselves from British rule the Canadian way, with the pen (or quill). The proper channels exist to solve these crises, such as the U.N. Civilization could remain civilised if we realized we are all part of a global community and held ourselves accountable for what happens instead of focusing on petty preoccupations.

          • Hey Krunch, if Venezuelans had the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, their government wouldn’t be firing on them in the street. What’s happening in Venezuela right now is the reason we have the 2nd amendment.

          • @ Jenny I believe the history of the second amendment has more to do with limey redcoats invading our land, breaking into our houses, raping our wives, and stealing our belongings than the ability to fight an oppressive government.

          • @ Jenny. You think a few civilians with guns are going to stop the American army if the government decides to become oppressive. looool Wow Americans are dumber than I thought…

          • You should know your history… Governments KNOW that civilians with guns change the course of wars. That’s why they always take them away before killing them. See: Every democide in the 20th century. See also: Why the US military has spent 10 years in Afghanistan, an otherwise Stone-Aged nation, bogged down by “insurgents”… Otherwise known as “patriots”, if it’s YOUR country.

          • I will have to disagree with you on this one. This is not about wanting the U.S to intervene (by the way, everyone outside of the US dreads U.S interventions!) . This is about spreading the word, of showing what is really happening. Maduro is a crazy dictator and what this person is asking for is for the media to show that! Also, Venezuelans ARE fighting! They are risking their lives going out to the streets! They know they might not return, but still they go out! So how dare you come and say that they don’t deserve freedom because they are not fighting! You, who is probably writing this in the confort and safety of your own peaceful home. When have you stood and fought for your freedom? So, please, don’t make it about the US! This is Venezuela’s problem, and all they are asking is for the world to know what is happening! So, I beg of you; drop the U.S centric speech and spread the word about what is really happening!

          • AMEN to this! It´s driving me crazy reading these posts here! People are dying, and people here are saying “Just blame yourselves!”

          • We’ll be happy to drop the U.S. centric speech when people like Cherry & SOOOOOO many others keep blaming U.S. for NOT DOING SOMETHING RIGHT NOW TO STOP THIS!!!!! That is NOT our PLACE. SO, why don’t you ask all the Cherries out here to get a grip and take note of what you just pointed out — nobody but her & the rest of these Cherries want US to intervene, RIGHT? Nobody is saying anybody doesn’t deserve freedom, but you can’t expect anyone else to do it for YOU especially if you have told those who might have been your strongest support or allies to STAY OUT OF YOUR AFFAIRS and NOW want to shame & blame THEM for your present difficulties.

          • Well said. I would also like to add that America gets involved in other peoples countries for their own benefit, usually financial, for example Iraq. If Iraq didn’t have oil, it probably would have been left to it’s own devices.
            I’m all for healthy debate, but please, don’t be so naïve to think that America gets involved in world politics because they are “nice and want to help”. The only reason, as I said, is a financial one.

          • The coming apart at the seems of the USA is 100% directly linked to your pathetic gun laws and the inhumane legislation that allows uou to bear arms’, sad sad sad. This antiquated piece of crap legislation was drawn up in the Confederate wars, when single shot rifles you had to pack to load were the go, not the magazined artillery high calibre machine guns that are available these days. The demise of the USA, as a great and proud country as it may once have been, will one day live to rue the decision to champion this diabolical bit of pathetic legislation, and the evidence to support this is already overwhelming. Wake up America, rid yourselves of the mentality and the guns that kill so many inncent American lives.

          • funny – i know plenty of people with guns and none of them, or their guns, have killed anyone. but our current administration would be happy to put us right in the same spot as the venezuelans are in right now.

          • More people die from dogs, drowning, falling car wrecks, knives, battery, etc than guns every year. It’s just the guns you hear about on the news because they make better stories. Some of the most dangerous cities are those with gun ban laws because people can’t protect themselves. If a killer really wants a weapon they’ll find one whether it’s legal or not. I do think there needs to be a stricter background check and stuff. As for their battle…sadly nowadays trying to deal with a situation peacefully doesn’t work because frankly crazy people don’t listen to reason. So talking about a situation (though ideal) is not realistic. It’s the sad truth of the world right now. I don’t think the U.S should get involved with everything, but sometimes some involvement does make a huge difference. A American guy (didn’t need to be an American he could have been from any European country and made the same different) saved a whole orphanage from being slaughtered during the Rwanda genocide.


            “THOMAS JEFFERSON”


          • Wake up yourself and do a little research on what happens in countries who allow only the STATE ( military and police) to have the right to bear arms. I suggest you start with what happened in Nazi Germany not so long ago. Maybe then a light bulb will go on — maybe not, but criminals & crazies will always find ways to get guns when law abiding citizens have been stripped of that right and can no longer protect themselves from these criminals & crazies who BTW then will often turn out to be their own government. Get it?

          • Chuck you have a very thin grasp on American history and in a greater since global history. Arming the populace is the best and guaranteed way to keep a Dictatorial Government from destroying its own people. The day will come when what ever country you are from will have to the strength of arms to protect yourselves. If you have none, well you can always rely on American strength to pull you out of self destruction. Hopefully not before you have learned a lessen in what pacifism really does.

          • More people die in the U.S. from car + alcohol incidents than from guns, so what’s next? Ban cars and booze? Additionally, the same “antiquated legislation” that give us the right to bear arms, also gives us the right to free speech and public redress of grievances. Are those values antiquated also? If so, then ignorants like you would be silenced forever, but because of the ” antiquated legislation”, you have the right to speak your mind, as uninformed as it is. The fact that we are so heavily armed keeps Marxist like Obama from doing here what you see in Venezuela. If you want my gun, no problem, come and take it, because that’s the only way you will take my freedom as well! If you don’t like the Constitution of the United States, why don’t you go live somewhere else? “We the People”, have spoken and that’s OUR law!

          • Chuck, your ignorance of history is profound, but thank you for commenting, it reminds me of the importance of education. If you’re an American and old enough to vote, I am scared.

          • I live here in Canada and have one major draw back. I do not speak Spanish so would be useless there to help with a plan to fight back.
            One thing you do not understand. It is everyone responsibility to do what we can to bring this situation to those who can do something about it, namely our leaders here who could implement sanctions to the government of Venezuela. Pay attention, there are at least 5 countries finding themselves in turmoil, and it will spread. Beware or the crap might be in our backyard someday soo0n than we might think.!!

          • wow I really hope you never have to live under the conditions venezuelans are living now. Stay confortable in your first world country, pray it never changes and keep thinking that your bubble should not be disturbed. Bubble by the way that you have not earned, it was given to you by earlier generations. So yeah! so admirable you are. Maggot.

          • You couldn’t be more wrong about the US not being the world police. The CIA invade countries to overthrow even democratic governments to put their puppets in control. CIA has been trying to get control of Venezuela for years causing riots, turmoil etc. I’ve got news for you, if you think this isn’t going to happen here in the US, then you’re living in a fantasy world. Hitler once said “What good fortune for those in power that people do not think” Sadly truer words were never spoken. The US government has appointed themselves as “GOD” and “WORLD POPULATION CONTROL” Sadly people choose not to see what’s going on around them, because they don’t want to have to do anything other than living their daily lives.

            A quote by Henry Kissinger when he spoke in Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderburgers meeting.
            Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate at the meeting.

            “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore
            order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there
            was an outside threat from beyond, whether REAL or PROMULGATED, that threatened
            our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders
            to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. WHEN
            presented with this SCENERIO, individual rights will be WILLINGLY relinquished for
            the guarantee of their well being, granted to them by THEIR WORLD GOVERNMENT.”

            The news media is owned, controlled and told what to say by the government. Here’s a news flash for you, your vote doesn’t mean anything, and hasn’t since 1964. It’s the 12 banking families, and people like the Rockefeller’s, Bush’s etc who put who they want into office that are willing to help achieve their goals of one world government.

            When a government is above the laws of the land, who investigates themselves, prevents investigations, or selects who will do the investigations, you know longer have a republic/democratic government, but instead a total dictatorship.

            In the US they have only “PEACEFUL Demonstrations” which have never, and will never change anything, and a total waste of time.

            In 1999 there was a jury trial in Memphis, TN (not one word from the news media) which found the US government and others GUILTY for the planning and assassination of Dr. Martin L. King Jr.


            The government said James E. Ray was the lone shooter. Well then it would have made him the worlds
            best marksman in history, as he wasn’t even in TN, much less in Memphis on the day of the assassination.

            The assassins were Lt. Earl Clack of the Memphis police dept., and 2 special opt agents. He wasn’t murdered because of his civil rights movement, but because of his movement against the Vietnam war
            was getting to big.

            It came out in the trial that he, as well as Oswald were both just pasties by the government in both
            assassinations. The government claimed they had the rifle that assassination Dr. King Jr and was tested.
            If this was true, they would have found the rifle had never been calibrated, and would have missed hitting
            Dr. King Jr by 3-4 feet. The 3 rifles actually used are laying at the bottom of the Mississippi river where they were disposed off after the murder.

            Everyone knows the wealthy always profit from wars. Of course they’re not willing to fight the wars themselves, they just create them with lies, and use young kids to do the dirty work for them, while
            they’re filling their bank accounts.

            Human life means nothing, it’s all about how much money can be made. If people really think the government gives a damn about them, they couldn’t be more wrong!!

            Wake up, because it’s going to get a lot worse, and much sooner than you think!!!

          • Calling something a conspiracy theory isn’t an automatic dismissal of said theory’s validity… Anyone remember the talk about MK Ultra?

          • Writing something in all caps bold Times New Roman does nothing to improve its standing as an argument, it serves only to display a propensity for boorishness on the part of the author.

          • Fight fire with fire? I don’t think so – that’s how this started – at the person to person level. Start at home.

          • ‘ need to buy a rifle, and a ticket, and go help. ‘

            Like the Spanish Civil War? That worked out well. It’s a tough guy fantasy, will you go?

          • yeah just jump on a plane to venezuela with a gun… i am sure that US TSA and customs won’t even bat an eye…and when you land in Venezuela… just tell them you don’t have anything to delcare and they will let you right in…. on the other hand you can leave the gun at home and just flash your US passport when you get there…i understand that the government in controll there right now loves the US and will welcome you with open arms. once you get out of the customs area of the airport you could just punch a soldier in the face and take his gun, or just start asking around for the best place to buy a rifle… but maybe the best option would be to fly into haiti and hire a boat to take you to venezuela. or fly into Columbia and hike through the rain forest over the mountains into Venezuela, (be carefull not to wander into any drug cartel poppy fields)

          • Totally agree with you, what kind of ”different” leaders we have that have the hability, drive, strenght, morals and consistency to change not only Venezuela as well as many other countries that are having such a difficult time right now? what are the choices? the people are not educated enough, if there are leaders, are they to be trusted? as we say in Brazil: we would change six for half a dozen for the double of the price and pain.

          • Not educated enough? lol. The intelligence of the people has nothing to do with anything, they can only elect what is put in front of them, not to mention the fact that Maduro likely rigged the election. An audit of the results was promised but never conducted. You should really research things before making uninformed comments…

          • No, this is why you have firearms BEFORE you need them. Once it gets to this point it is too late and you likely either won’t be able to legally get one or find one if it’s still legal.

        • Brutally oppressive regime?! LOLOL! I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the OIL the country is sitting on, NOTHING to do with how their Chavez beat the coup that was fomented against him and how just CONVENIENTLY he ends up dying of cancer…you want to know what a “brutally oppressive regime” looks like, look at what Israel is doing to the Arabs there…they are no more brutal than the “oppressive regime” you live in everyday….go watch Faux News so you can come back with more “talking points”…the “plague” is more closer to you than you think

          • You are full of it Don. Quit spreading lies. No one is more oppressive to Arabs than Arabs and you know it. Besides, this is about Venezuela. Obama will do nothing, stand up for no one, except himself and his golf cronies. His last concern is for liberty for Venezuelans, when he doesn’t even support liberty and freedom for Americans. Besides, he rather continue to import Venezuelan dictatorship oil than Canadian–that says it all.

          • JMW go back to Faux News. Read up on Gaza then come back and tell me Israel has not enslaved the Palestinians. If it wasn’t for the protection of the United States Israel would be in front of the world courts for crimes against humanity. Stop spreading your right wing propaganda. All that crap about Obama not liking freedom and liberty we can see through your Limpbaulls talking points.

          • Aztec… maybe you should go back to Al-Jazeera and the Huffington Joke! Like a typical Obama supporter, you never give up an opportunity to bash Israel. We see through his bigotry just as we see through yours!! Arabs have more right and freedoms in Israel than they do in their own countries! Women have more rights in Israel (regardless of ethnicity) than in ANY ARAB COUNTRY!! Palestinians women are treated better by Israel than by their fellow palestinians! Maybe you want to talk about how Jews and Christians are treated by palestinians??!! Maybe you also want to talk about how Jews and Christians are tortured, abused, stripped of their human rights, and killed in Arab countries??!! Yeah… didn’t think you would. Your logic is severely flawed… you’d understand if you weren’t so ignorant!!


          • Aztec Sun..since Israel has shifted to become a whipping state for progressives..its your outright ignorance of the causes of the continued Palestinian enslavement by their own leaders and right wing Arabs.

          • JMW, you are so right, well said, Obama is a POS in American Government, he certainly won’t be any good for anyone else, the world Governments are being controlled by something far greater then we know..

          • Golf? GOLF?! Don’t pretend you care about golf. George W Bush was playing so much golf they had to track his ass down on the course just to get him to answer questions (“now watch this drive”). Bush took 237 days of vacation. At his current rate, Obama won’t even take 170 days by the end of his term. That’s even less than Clinton, who had 174 total. So you show me where in 2006 you were complaining about how much time W spent vacationing, or admit that you’re just mad that a Democrat is in the White House.

            Now, back to the actual topic at hand: VENEZUELA (something else you don’t actually care about, you disgusting partisan hack). it’s not enough to sign petitions. Call/write to your government representative directly. Don’t use an online form to compose the letter for you, those are easy to ignore. Encourage your government to bring this issue up at the UN. See if there’s a demonstration being organized in the area. If there isn’t, why not be the person to organize it? You can also write to the Maduro government directly; tell them you’ve contacted your representative and that you will do everything in your power to boycott Venezuela and its exports. But at the end of the day, you must accept that there is only so much you can do. Invading someone else’s country didn’t work in Iraq or Afghanistan, and it won’t work here. Part of being an adult is acknowledging that you can’t control every thing that happens in the world. Do what good you can, then make your peace with your own limitations and move on. It’s either that or get stuck in another quagmire.

          • Bullcrap. George Bush quit playing golf right after the start of the Iraq wear because he thought it looked bad as troops were being killed. He played 24 rounds of golf and played his last in October of 2003.

            Contrast that with King Putt, who has golfed his way through every crisis we’ve had and is currently up to around 170 rounds of golf.

          • Basically, what I got from that is that everything that’s happening in Venezuela is my fault, and the reason is because I’m an American. Yeah, no, that’s what we call “not a rational thought.” But I’m sure you had to clean a lot of spit of the screen afterwards, I’ll give you that much.


          • @ redstater. The invasion of Iraq happened in March 2003 and ended in May, and Bush quit golf in October of that year… lol

          • “Palestinian” is not a race.It is not even a nationality. It has no distinct language, historic customs, art or culture. It is an invention, fabricated as an excuse for Arabs to evict Israel, which by the way the left’s precious UN restored by international law in 1948.

            Palestine is a region, like the Ohio Valley or Appalachia. It is comprised of many different ethnic Arabs. They are no more entitled to Israel’s land than folks from Pennsylvania or Kentucky are entitled to Ohio. In fact, if we were to move every Israeli from Israel to Minnesota, the Arabs would suddenly declare Minneapolis as their holy city. It is not Israel that Arabs Muslims object to, it is the presence of Jews being alive anywhere in the world. Racist indeed.

          • You obviously do not know your history. Do some research on the history of this region and you will have a different view. It is too long and deep to go into here but I will tell you that before Russian Zionists (atheists) began buying property in Palestine in the 1800’s, religious Jews, Christians and Arabs all lived in peace there. Look into it before you go spouting off again, you know not of what you speak.

          • To Older and Wiser,,, Go back a little farther. The land was known as Judea witch means home of the jews when a Babylonian king removed most of them. At it’s most out there interpretation that would mean the jews are just reclaiming their ancestral homeland and would be within their rights to evict every person who is not a jew from that land.

          • Redstarter is right on and factual, but noone wants to believe that. Sharia Law is also a great benefactor to all women and a great promoter of human rights an dignity. Yeah so many women drivers and lots of divorces there…Gay? Sure just go on down and get married at the local mosque…you will learn the new meaning of getting an “engagement rock”. It is a shame that lives are being lost in Venz.but it is thier business and not having weapons are why they are not free. This is the case 99% of the time before the slaughter begins…disarm them. The US needs to fall back to an isolationist position..we can not afford to keep engaging in “Nation Building”…Want to look at history? There is an Agenda to eliminate Israel and Jews, I mean the leader of Iran and many others have called for the destruction of it and all her people…History…? Doesn’t that sound familiar when someone calls for the destruction of a race? Hmmm who said that before and what happened? Stupid is what you are if you do not heed history and learn from it…Let’s not forget that no other race has endured the horrors that were the holocaust…go a head I see the denials lining up…that’s why Truman had them documented. Yet older would have us believe that everyone could sit around smoking a pipe singing Kumbaya…rediculous idiots.

          • Shit..why look at Isreal when we have a colonial government called U.S.A and Canada. Stealing land and resources from the native Americans became a global model for genocide, and prison camps (reservations), after, more than a couple hundred million were murdered through biological warfare, starvation, and overall human rights abuse, which later was found so effective, that the methods were copied in Africa, and later perfected by Hitler, and again today, to cull the masses that revolt against current systemic government/corporate agendas. Your situation in Venezuela is a mere testing of the oppressive system to find its weaknesses and fine tune the killing machine!

          • Yes Kelly & it has & is being done right in our faces, only now they’ve engineered slow death – ensuing frailty & weakening of the body with their GMO’s & blatant environmental pollutants- how to control the human populace? Make them sick & weak, fuck with their brains & bodies enough & you got a sick & dying population that poses no threat to what is & has been singular group in power who no longer care about the charade of the “American Dream” or “peace on earth”. We as a human collective have to wake up & take our power back- it is no longer about “my country, your country”, we are all at a precipice & our very lives are at stake. They want us divided because they know that we have the real strength in numbers if we all stood together & said ENOUGH!

          • You are absolutely correct Don Dada! Mexico has a brutal right wing oppressive regime that has joined the Mexican Cartels and and jointly have butchered nearly 100,000 people in the last 6 years and no one cares. As long as they are benefiting from those right wing governments they stay out of it. Obama and the Canadian Prime Minister were just there today receiving the contracts for the oil that Pena Nieto just privatized. So screw the beheading. kidnappings and drug trafficking give us the oil and we are fine.

          • well if the left wing Eco-crazies would shut the f&&k up…and let us drill in the USA..instead of the Obama crowd becoming the oil gestapo…America would not need any other country’s oil. Ya can’t have it both ways!

          • Right wing talking point. You can spot them a mile away. Read a little. Oil production in the U.S and yes under the Black man. And I’m far from a Eco-Crazy. I could care less where you drill. My point is that right wing governments control the message and the masses. You fall right in line and spread the propaganda. Again read a little.

          • Aztec… you need to get your facts straight rather than just regurgitating left-wing liberal nut job talking points. Oil production is not up BECAUSE of Obama, it is up IN SPITE of Obama. He had absolutely NOTHING to do with it. You obviously must be one of Obama’s sheep!!

          • OK… I guess we’ll put a fracking pad in your backyard Marsha, ya dummy, Venezuela remember.This is about a machine being put through its paces. Wake up!! Go read something about the TPP and see where the world is headed.

          • U.S. domestic oil production?
            “Big milestone: U.S. producing more oil than it imports” – USA Today 11/13/13
            “Surge Seen in U.S. Oil Output, Lowering Gasoline Prices” – NY Times 12/16/13
            In fact, since 1985, U.S. production had decreased (peak was in 1970 @ 10.5m barrels per day) In 2008, U.S. domestic production began to increase, and even despite the moratorium against drilling in the gulf (which has expired) since 2008, we’ve seen the sharpest INCREASE in production in recorded history.

            Marsha, search for “us domestic oil production” and then look at the EIA website. Then, to boost your credibility, focus on the valid complaints against the Democrats, like gun laws that criminalize the law abiding while not reducing crime. (my view is that increased carry rights by citizens reduce crime, but, that’s not the topic)

            While I hate to see Venezuela burn, I think promoting sanctions is a sensible start. I won’t ever advocate sending U.S. Marines, Soldiers, Sailors, & Airmen to another oil producer to install our version of political stability. Like I believe that 2a rights are our key to domestic security, I believe that Venezuelans filling bottles with petrol will have to fight back.

          • Mexico, is “right wing” in the way Mussolini’s fascists were “right wing,” that is, fascism and communism (the left) being two rails of the same Statist track. The truth is, the government oppression is heavy in Mexico, and they control a lot of resources, oil being one of them.

          • Spot on. This is nothing but a land grab by brutal U.S. oil interests with their sights set on stealing the oil of the Venezuelan people. One of the CIA’s main tactics is to foment unrest in a country whose government it seeks to topple.This is an outrage of the worst kind and the world stands by as yet another sovereign country falls into the greedy hands of the gods of oil.

          • Chavez was a cruel asshole dictator…….with ties to the Brotherhood…you idiot! The “unrest” is a bunch of scavengers fighting over control of Venezuela’s people…..your bloviation(look it up) is irrelevant!

          • Bunch of scavengers? Who told you that Gretta? Bill? Sean? The leader of the “unrest” is the right wing politician who was on the ballet against maduro. Read a little.

          • Ohhh no the Brotherhood. They are no longer in Egypt, Libia and Benghazy. Ohhh be afraid be very afraid they are in LATIN AMERICA AND HERE TO GET YOU. Can you tell I make myself laugh.

          • lol shut up aztec sun. the guy who was on the ballot against Maduro is Henrique Capriles, and he publicly condemned the people participating in the unrests. the “leader” you are talking about is Leopoldo Lopez, and he didn’t even start that.

            this is how it started: days ago, a bodyguard working for the governor of the state of Tachira raped a girl at a college campus, some guys complained, the governor jailed them and then the students began rioting, and it all spread to the rest of the nation.

            now go ahead and tell others to “read a little” you pretentious gringo

          • The gods of oil are EVERYWHERE> How do we get in front of them. We are stuck reacting, always behind them. So sorry Venezuela!

          • Chavez died of cancer because he was a human being, not a GOD. Comparing wars and dictators has no use. Chavez was a Dictator who didn’t care for the wellbeing of his country.and though Maduro had the chance to change he is just doing the same. I think it is very sad you are belittling the harm these to men have done to Venezuela!

          • “brutally oppressive regime”? The Israelis? What absolute ignorance! Ignorance of the highest degree! Your ignorance is astounding. Just another case of abject brainwashed ignorance.

          • “…doing TO the Arabs” eh??? Poor murdering, lying, cheating, stealing, thieving, ice-cold-hearted, 6th century mentality Arabs… Just WHO do you think you’re kidding???

          • What a freaking idiot you are. What Israel is doing to the Arabs? They defend themselves, those ragheads leave them alone and nothing happens. And partner Fox’s rating are through the roof, truth does that. Much as obama and his brownnose posse dislike it. As for Venezuela, They got suckered by chavez, much like obama suckered dems. But folks are waking up there and here, thanks to Fox, talk radio and obama lieing his butt off.

          • I feel sorry for you if you think FOX or any other big media corp. has been reporting the unbiased truth. You frighten me!

          • You are certainly right about that, FOX is growing and for a good reason, they dare to show the truth when no else does, they are not even afraid of putting Republicans on the grill and increase the heat on them. I used to pay attention to MSBNC, NBC, BBC, CNN, and most recently New York Times, for me they’d lost all credibility for their extreme leftist bias.

            I don’t mind reading or watching leftist material once in a while, is good to have the occasional laugh though.

          • You are the plague, and palestinians don’t exist. There is no country called palestine, and those palleys that are lucky enough to be allowed into Israel to work would tell you to eff off. A country the size of rhode island, surrounded by the most animalistic towel heads the worls has ever seen, and you call Israel brutal. You should actually watch a little FOX news, you might learn something, you fucking jerk.

          • I am from Latin America and I have never read a more ignorant comment like yours. You actually believe what Chavez said that the Americans got him sick with cancer? Really? And they you have the audacity to tell people to go back and watch their news channels? Maybe you should actually stop looking at your lefty wacky websites and listen to those who live it first hand. It has everything to do with how Maduro is governing the country but I wouldn’t expect you to even know anything about that.

          • Hey everyone! The situation in Venezuela is serious. THis thread keeps degenerating into American political posturing. We cannot compare our country to Venezuela. Chavez was a dictator who squelched freedoms. Maduro is the same. That does not necessarily make the opposition better. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. But to keep turning this into an American view of “right” and “left” is ethnocentric and narrow – on both parts. And it does not help the situation. The issues of the countries are so different.

          • Chavez was a hero supported by the poor of Venezuela who represent 80% of the population. He was re-elected president several times, therefore he was obviously not a dictator.

        • Last I checked, Venezuelans put these thugs in power. Not once, but over and over again. You reap what you sow. Or, as Forest Gump would say, “stupid is as stupid does.” And Amerika ain’t far behind; we’ll be joining you in your misery shortly.

          • And you think elections are legit in Latin America? Really? lol Not only the election of Maduro was a complete sham (he is not even from Venezuela), but also Chavez’s as well. Do not forget that those leftist petty dictators not only own the entire media, but also the courts, law enforcement, and any voting system that attempts to reflect internationally that it is a democracy. In fact, I don’t even think 30% voted for Maduro. And that is a huge estimate.

            Not to worry the more low education illegal hispanics you let in, the more voting problems you’ll have yourself and less and less fair elections would be up there. Coming soon to a town near you…..
            Don’t forget demographics always win. Just be careful you let inside your house.

        • I think what Venezuelans need is for the international force to stop trying to get it’s oil through a coup. And for the brutally democratically elected regime to be able to live without the foreign corporate threat. You brutally need to read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman”, by John Perkins, in order to understand the world better.

          • You are absolutely right, medithi!! The view from the inside of the corrupt political machine really opens your eyes!!

        • The people of Venezuela already voted to get rid of the plague of predatory capitalism and an unregulated plutocracy when they elected Chavez and Maduro. Don’t expect your astroturf revolution to sway mainstream media. Even when it’s funded by the CIA, it’s no longer news.

        • There is no regime in Venezuela, you need to get your facts right my friend just like the rest of the World, Venezuela is a democratic country and their president Nicolas Maduro has been elected by the people and so was Hugo Chavez in every election. Even Leopoldo Lopes has been elected mayor of Chacao by the people and he is not being arrested with no reason, as a result of the protests he organised, public buildings were set on fire. The US officials were expeled from Venezuela because the day before the protests they had a meeting with the opposition, any official would be expeled from your or my country if they had a meeting with the opposition before protests like this. Coincidently Leopodo Lopes went to Harvard and the city where the protests were the most violent was close to the border with Colombia where you can finde the only puppet president of the USA in South America… Venezuela has all the reasons to suspect that this is another cue and there is no surprise why the press in not interested, this is old news and it looks like wikileaks made even the the big press think twice before any move.
          I suggest you people watch a documentary from Oliver Stone called South of Border, it is about Venezuela and all South American countries, he visits, personally talks to every president and shows how South America is becoming independent(in a good way) from the US making them (USA) worried, it is on netflix so easy to find and all of you people who have this predetermined opinion from watching TV and internet hypno shit can see a little of the other side and think a little outside of the box.

          • So Santos, that ‘puppet president of the USA’ in Colombia, was not democratically elected? (the ‘wrong sort of democracy’ for your liking I guess)…

            …and by a much larger margin that Maduro…

            Oliver Stone is comprehensively batshit crazy, and his collaborators on the documental you refer to were Mark Weisbrot (an anti-American academic who wrote extensively in favour of Chavez) and British Marxist Tariq Ali…hardly the objective look at Latin America or Venezuela that you seem to infer.

          • So let my country have a military base in your territory, move your ass here to South America and lets see if you keep this great speech which is clearly a result of a lot of experience in the field…

          • My country has a few US military bases already thanks. Do they occasionally run ops or pass/gather intel? I don’t know, but I’d be surprised if they didn’t. I have no problem with their presence.

            Sorry Alex, you are right. My experience is nil. And I don’t know where you’re from, but I concede that you have vastly more experience than me. Does that preclude me from commenting? (now there would be an irony…)

            But maybe you’re right, and I’ll go back to being a reader.

          • Thanks Alex… I had no idea this docco existed. I really liked Stone’s (and Kuznik’s) other book / film “The untold history of the United States”. I will find it and watch with interest.

        • No one is asking the international community to liberate Venezuela – just for the international media to open their eyes and start reporting what is really going on! And for international governments to take a public stance on the situation – SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN!!!!!

        • Considering that Venezuela has oil, and lots of it, you would think that they would jump to first in line now. I’m surprised that the U.S. hasn’t gone all “democratic” on them.

        • It’s what we’ve been telling the victims of the Thug Regime in Zimbabwe for years now – until people are prepared to put themselves in mortal dnager to liberate themselves, no-one else will take the seriously.

      • This isn’t a matter of silence due to vast, oppressive government forces.

        There is, literally, all the apparatus in the world to report these horrific events.

        And yet, nobody is reporting them, because they don’t think anyone will care. And they won’t care while they remain unreported. They enjoy the vast mechanised production line of celebrity ‘news’ far too much to turn away from it.

        This isn’t 1984. This is Brave New World.


    • So what do you think should happen? Obama threaten them with consequences? Then do nothing? The US has become irrelevant now thanks to him, and to be honest no one else will do anything, so why even report it. I knew before he was elected the world would burn because of his impotence.


          • It seems to me that US and the UN as a whole will not get involved in any foreign disputes unless it will benefit themselves in some way…oil, drugs, I always see oil this and oil that, Yes oil is of significant value but I sometimes wonder if it is just a smoke screen. Regardless oil and or drugs as long as they keep everyone busy fighting amongst ourselves, they will continue being successful in fucking us all over. I don’t have any solutions for what is happening in Venezuela or any of the other places world wide where in the past present and future people have and will continue to suffer. I do believe it is going to spread worldwide so whomever you choose to pray to, pray for us all.

        • I’m sorry, “stopped Obama” HOW EXACTLY? Did you watch the State of the Union Address? The man came out in front of the Legislative Branch and basically said “I will do what I want, you’re all useless, might as well go home”… and the cowards CHEERED! They APPLAUDED being told they’re irrelevant!

          Yeah, those people have the guts to stop him. Just like they stopped the GM takeover (oh wait!), just like they listened to the 70%+ of Americans who did NOT want ObamaCare and put an end to it (oh wait!), just like they prevented him from giving Iran access to $BILLIONS in previously frozen funds so they could continue nuke research (OH WAIT!).

          The Congress has become a bunch of irrelevant clowns, whose only concern is personal power and getting rich. Want proof? Half of Congresscritters are multi-millionnaires – and many of them GOT that way in the last few years. Coincidence? Yeah, right – 200+ coincidences.

      • So now its Obama’s fault for the unrest in a South American country? Please get over yourself and find a new person to blame for your issues and the worlds.

        • really? for how long have obama, the democrat party and most of the American press been blaming bush for all the problems in the world?

          • Tu quoque. It would really be nice if: 1. Americans would bother to learn how their own government works, and; 2. Stop bickering over irrelevant sh*t.

          • American’s haven’t figured out that the Democrats and the Republican’s work for the same gangbankster bosses. They are so doomed, too busy running around pointing the finger looking for someone to blame instead of taking action. Wake up to yourselves fools.

          • Yup! I call it, “The Illusion of a Two Party System”.

            BOTH Parties are puppets for the Lobbyists…
            & the Lobbyists are puppets of the Global Corporate Oligarchs.

            as long as the “party-liners” keep blaming each other….
            …the Oligarchs continue un-noticed & unaccountable.

            Divide & Conquer

          • That would be easy IF AMERICANS WERE ACTUALLY IN POWER! This country is ran by those “who call themselves jews, and are not”….we have been infiltrated, subverted and controlled from the inside…just like Germany was infiltrated, Russia, I could keep going, they all have ONE thing in common…WHO WAS BEHIND THEIR DOWNFALL

          • “The democrat party” is a verbal tick that let’s you konw the person speaking or writing is a wingnut and what he says will have little or no relation to reality. Rather nice of them to let us know like that — it saves us the trouble of wading through an awful lot of dross.

          • This juvenile tit-for-tat bullshit needs to end. Until people start to remember that before they were Republicans or Democrats, they were Americans and start to act like it, we are all screwed no matter who sits in the White House. The American society has become its own worst enemy and this petty crap will be the end of us all.

          • History will SHOW you that we had a record surplus, good economy, plenty of jobs, and stable prices before Bush came along. Hell, the rest of the world agrees, so why do so many here fail to get that??

          • Yes, Linda, we did. We had all those things before we decided to give Congress back to the Democrats. Remember, it’s Congress that principally decides whether we have a surplus or not. Congress spends the government’s money — not the president.

          • History also shows that from 1995 thru 2001 Clinton had republican majority controlling the purse strings. Then the democrats 2007 thru 2011 majority saw the biggest debt increase in history.

          • No. It happened mainly during Bush’s first 6 years- two unfunded wars, an unfunded tax cut that failed to grow the economy, and an unfunded medicare expansion. Dick Cheney famously said during this time “deficits don’t matter.” Stop trying to rewrite history. It is what it is.

          • The biggest debt in US history was under Truman. Clinton, Carter, Johnson and Kennedy all lowered the debt. Reagan, Bush, Bush II, and Ford all had increases. The president presents the budget to congress, who votes on it and often alters it before passing it but almost never raises it. I am going to post this just for fact finding reasons, but the more I read of this thread there are people stating things as fact that are simply untrue…please fact check before chiming in so you aren’t part of the misinformation problem.

          • if Clinton actually did something when he had the chance instead of having to “face the people over a blow job” 911 wouldn’t of happened and we wouldn’t of had to pay for such damage. Clinton was closer to 911 then bush was. also do you want to know something? or are you to liberal to take the truth? Clinton knew that his friend Al Gore was running for office and wanted him to look good to win, so Clinton BORROWED money from another program just to add to another to be able to say “we have a surplus” it was all bullshit. when bush walked in he said “where the hell is the surplus” Democrat liberals are just as bad as dictators, everytime we have 8 years of one everyone prays for a Republican to come back in to lower taxes again. Republicans lower taxes for everyone, the democrats think they have a right to raise taxes and go on spending spree’s with our money. we pay and they spend. History will also show that the Democrats was in charge for all of the worst failed programs that was started by them.

          • In all fairness the democrats ( I am a Republican. ) they are responsible for our interstate system and a few other good things we have, Read history more.

          • One thing you say is true, that is that Bush did inherit 9/11. Let’s not forget that all cells were here in the US prior to Bush assuming office. Were granted visas and permission to say at customs over and over. They even gave one a greencard. Started flight school all during the Clinton years. I didn’t like Bush, but I never heard a word from him blaming the prior president. One can’t say the same thing for this president now. Gosh he would even blame bush if the toothpaste fell off his toothbrush in the morning. And that for me is a huge sign of character and lack thereof when talking about Obama of course.

          • Linda… I would actually go back to Reagan’s as the administration that really started accelerating the rate that the deck got stacked against middle class US Americans. Certainly Bush put the pedal to the metal and kicked the whole thing into hyper-drive, but for me Obama is the real disappointment because he got elected on the mandate to make big business accountable, and he has done nothing to help cure the corporate infection that eats at the once fine and healthy body of US democracy. Obama’s claim to lasting fame is that under his administration more US citizens have been and charged with treason than any other president. Fine irony indeed for a leader of the Democrat party.

          • Since as long as he’s been responsible.
            When some stupid, young, punk dumps gasoline all through the house and tosses in a lit match, the fire is his fault, right down to the last ember.
            Yep… Even when the fire department shows up and tries every trick in the book to put out the fire, the guy who started the fire is still responsible.
            Especially, the guy who started the fire is responsible when his buddies try as hard as they can to stop the firemen. Oh, and when that happens, his buddies are responsible, too.

          • Don’t get me as a Bush supporter, because I’m an Anarcho-capitalist, but don’t YOU remember how stupid you thought it was when Bush was blaming Clinton for things well into his second term? Because you’re that guy, now. Trillion dollar deficits are going to eventually send men with guns to my door to collect “my fair share” whatever the hell that means, even though I’m broke and have managed to hold steady work for only four months out of the past seven years. If it weren’t for the student loans, I and my family would have been out on our asses, starving, but unlike the government, I don’t just get to write up new debt instead of paying off the old stuff. I actually have to PAY someone that money.

            We should all know that 9/11 wasn’t the beginning of anything: It was a natural evolution of the way we’ve been strongarming the middle east for decades. It’s too bad we didn’t elect the candidate who promised to make the government more transparent, more cooperative, who said he’d end the wars, and reduce spending… Well, funny thing about that: I’ve yet to meet a politician who can be held liable for his campaign promises, have you?

            I think that to what extent I’m willing to work within “the system”, the first thing we need to do is implement this:

          • David Flint he is not a right wing extremist… lol. I know I am one. Nobody on the right wing would tell you that 9/11 happened because of US policies in the middle east. That is libertarian.

        • Sorry Danyel but you are blinded by your nose in the ass of the incompetent. Obama’s constant failure to lead has now left this country (US and VZ) and the freedom seekers at the mercy of fascist from all over Latin America (Cuban military regulars are leading the charge against the unarmed students). Ha…now i understand why you protect the idiot in The White House.


        • I read all of this…..I can’t decide if it WAS a waste of time or actually gave me joy to see so many different types of people with so many strong filled opinions..our class did a test, we took pictures of Detroit and also Iraq, Venice, Russia,China and Japan….99% of the general population didn’t even know Detroit was in there….or venece …Minds are altered by what’s fermiliar…people rely to much on media, america is far from perfect…we just obtain more human rights which is why we are more pron to start or help a fight…we are very spoiled, proven fact, 87% of America never left…America….but why would we? We have everything we need to survive right Here…if your hungry we have food for free…if your poor..we have money for you to get…ext ext…point is….no matter what what we say, think,or how much we judge…this story has been the basis of civilization for as long as we existed… It has just evolved like everyone else around us… cautious of the world around you…be apathetic, but if you seriously…..think……we can change it….then you do not understand human nature…it will never stop……didn’t matter….because we do not control free will of others…no mtter how many rules we set….50years from now… will be the same…50rs ago….the same

      • John, you were doing good until your last sentence. Why should we be responsible for cleaning up everyone else’s sh!t? And where do we put it if we do? They and ever other country, including us, need to figure out how to run their own affairs without outside interference. That’s how REAL respect is EARNED.

        • So, in your line of thought Captncurtass, since it’s not your problem you do nothing to help? What about if at a specific time a situation becomes your problem and you could have avoided it if you did something before when it wasn’t and it was easier to manage and control? What about if americans lose all access to Venezuela’s oil and that makes prices go so high that you’ll be crying over the internet because you could do something and you did nothing? If there’s an old house next to yours with some rats and you do nothing because it’s not your house and after that the rats move to your home and now your house is infested with them, is there no logic in thinking of helping someone in another part of the planet now that the communications give us a way of reaching the other side of the world in the blink of an eye? If you want respect, you’ll probably earn it easier by being fair and helping someone drowning, than waiting that he gets himself out of the water because he’s supposed to be able to do it, get my point?

          • open your eyes, oliver. if obama would agree to the keystone pipeline, and agree to the almost perfectly safe frakking to get at American oil we could tell the venezualans and everyone else to pound sand.

          • Wow, you’re really quite ill-informed. Keystone has NOTHING to do with American oil. A Canadian company wants to put in the pipeline to pipe Canadian tar sands oil to the Gulf Coast to be refined, then shipped to China.

          • F racking does not yield oil. It’s for natural gas. The demand for oil is so high we need foreign oil.its idiots like you in Congress that fuck up america

          • Cold fusion (lenr) is close to commercialization. It has been suppressed and kept out of the media and academia by ridicule, but people kept at it since Pons and Fleischmann… not to mention zero-point and the other exotic energy probably being used by objects in the sky doing crazy manoeuvres ‘defying’ physics. SPAWAR have a patent, recently, on a cold fusion device. Industrial Heat has been funding Andrea Rossi, and instead of having trouble getting the cold fusion to work, the difficulty has been finding the best operating temperatures so that the reactors don’t explode… no nuclear waste, only stable isotopes are used and created. It can probably be scaled down to a very small size, and that would even be best. Brilluoin and Rossi/Industrial Heat are both in the process of looking for old coal plants to retrofit. The time of oil driving geopolitics is nearly over.

            More to the topic, I wish all Venezuelans luck and send my prayers. The people of the world will need to learn restraint, cooperation, and sharing… the latter two have human nature going for them. Violence is used to justify the Draconian crackdowns. People looking to monopolize power will need to learn that we’re all sharing the world and it’s not theirs alone. They have been fighting human nature by exploiting people, and they need to learn to let go of other people’s lives and see that it’s really as easy as not picking up guns to solve problems.

          • “almost perfectly safe frakking”. Jesus H. Christ – where did you hear that whopper? I’ll bet it was the corporate controlled media. There’s lot of evidence of contaminated water and air but hey- you don’t have to drink the water or breath that air so why worry? Oh, then there’s the huge spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma but I’m sure they’re almost perfectly safe so again – why worry?

          • Most oil now comes from the U.S., something which has occurred during the Obama administration. Obama has also allowed more oil exploration in the U.S. than any president before him…. but keep blaming the black guy, I’ll take it you hang confederate flags in your house?

          • Actually exploration did increase during the Obama administration, but guess what?
            Both the CRS report U.S. Oil Imports and Exports and data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) show that domestic oil production increased at a similar rate during 2004 to 2008, the last four years of the George W. Bush administration. In other words, the increase in domestic oil production under President Obama is, in reality, a continuation of a trend which began under President Bush.Most of the companies doing off-shore and even inland exploration were not American.

            So you might want to put that little race card you use back into your pocket boy. Classic

          • Maybe the end game is to deplete the world of their liquid gold and save ours for last. Then pinky, we can rule the world!

          • First of all, almost perfectly safe fracking isn’t perfectly frakkin safe. Obama will agree to the pipeline, in the end it won’t be up to him. Even if they have to wait til ’16. Secondly, I think people should realize that many people in Venezuela are in economic circumstances most of can not truly even comprehend. I mean they’re angry at their gov’t, and they’re angry they don’t have toilet paper! The Arab Spring, Ukraine, etc etc etc etc. people need to stop seeing this as a national issue and see it for what it is: A global one. Inflation and decreasing standards of living (in countries where it wasn’t that great to begin with) are demoralizing the populace. Through in the crony gov’ts and corruption and you turn them from demoralized to infuriated, because now there is a face to blame, and there’s more than enough to go around. Don’t be so smug and narrow-minded (you know who I’m talking about, certainly not you!) … It can happen to us quicker than many realize. We are World Citizens folks, it’s time we started acting like it.

          • Any oil,any dirty fossil fuel fracked or sucked out of the earth, no matter where it comes from or how we get it folks….It goes on the international market people.

          • Thank you! And why is it that know one is talking about renewables? wouldn’t that go a long way toward ending the worlds problems? But who wants that, it’s not profitable, right?

          • It seems to me that in America’s long history of interference in the internal affairs of other nations the net result has been disaster. Maybe we should try not interfering.

          • your wrong. most of the country’s we went into we saved. we liberated and set free the people of Iraq. we took out most of the terrorist in Afghanistan so that the woman can now go to school and work. we took out a president who nuked his own people. now how is that a disaster? I would hope that if our president became a dictator that another country would come to save us to. its greedy to say, ahhh I know your all going to die but we don’t want to help.

          • Saved in some ways, perhaps.
            You might know this, you might not. I mean no offense to you with saying this, but I’m sure you’re familiar with the Mujahadeen– assuming I spelled them correctly. I have trouble with some words. But we actually gave people like the Mujahadeen, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda weapons. We went into, I believe, Iran, when Russia was making a grab at it. We sent in soldiers with extra weapons, trained civilians into soldiers and killers, and when we left, believing we had “freed” Iran, the same soldiers we trained turned into an elitist cell that established a reign of control over the “free” land of Iran. Compare photos of 1970’s Iran to now. You should find a large difference.
            My point with this anecdote is, again, not to insult your or anyone’s intelligence on the matter of war, foreign policy, etc, but to offer a gentle reminder that sometimes, we do what we think is right but end up making matters worse.

          • Matt, please….we saved Vietnam? Iraq? Afghanistan? El Salvador? Guatamala? Iran? The Falklands? Grenada? WHO exactly did we save and PLEASE tell me how ANY of that has improved ANYTHING, ANYWHERE?

            “We took out a president who nuked his own people”

            Only president that ever nuked ANYONE was Eisenhower…so he should’ve been taken out? (using your idiotic “logic”)

            The U.S. can’t even save Detroit, what makes you believe they can “help” people thousands of miles away?

            Those poor kids have been deluded into thinking they are fighting for liberty, justice and all that but what they are doing is being the muscle for big business, destabilizing governments and stealing natural resources….dress it up ANY way you see fit, but the truth will be known….

            This is imperialism, plain and simple…

            And if that hasn’t grabbed your coat, GENERAL Wesley Clark said there was a plan to take out 7 countries in 5 years…Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon…..NO COINCIDENCE these are all OIL RICH COUNTRIES…

            Its for freedom….yeah, FREE DUMB

            Get a clue dude

          • Your naivety and ignorance would be troubling if it weren’t so common. You clearly only know what you’ve been told. Let’s start with the Philippines. First we helped the Filippinos kick Spain out but then when they weren’t sufficiently grateful we slaughtered over 600,000 of them and stayed until it suited us to leave. Then there are all the Central American countries we “saved” for the ruling class to continue to enslave. Look it up. A top Gen. was quoted as saying he was nothing more than a “hired gun” for big business. The list goes on.

          • To counter Don Dada, I would argue that the U.S (i’m canadian, go figure) has done more good than bad. An American installed democracy is really not a true democracy, but it’s better than what they had. Not to get into specifics but abundant human rights abuses in all those nations via those in power whether it be “the government” or “the rebels” or “the rebel government”. In many instances you have the case of opposition vs. ruling party, and then years later ruling party vs. opposition. Rwanda comes to mind. If anyone is to break the cycle it should be the nation themselves, barring that I believe third party intervention is necessary. That’s why we have a U.N and a League of Nations before that. The U.N is now ineffective and divided, I don’t blame the U.S for trying to step to the plate, but what we truly need is a world referendum and identify ourselves as World Citizens, and do what me must to guarantee basic human rights for all. It’s only a catch-22 if you don’t believe it will work. We are all very different, and will never be the same – everyone just needs to accept it. If people would become more engaged in the betterment of society (as in the WORLD) and less with ourselves and the meaningless preoccupations that dominate our lives, less “poor and developing” countries would fall through the cracks, and there would be far fewer instances like the ones that have, and continue to dominate the airwaves since the discovery of airwaves. The world is such a small place, with many fragile systems – When will we recognize this and start holding ourselves accountable. After all the complaining about government action, it is still FOR the people, BY the people. Hope you enjoyed my 4am rant. My appreciation goes out to everyone that’s keeping positive debate alive, for what it’s worth 😛 (not much I know)

          • Can you please define “Long History” for me? We were drawn into WW I and II. Before that we minded our own business. After that we defended against communism in Korea, tried to clean up France’s mess in Vietnam. And in between we’ve given more humanitarian aid between our government and private donations than all nations combined. What has Russia (Soviet Union), China, Japan, and the Gulf States ever done to help?

          • Oh, I get it. Like when President Dwight D. “Ike” Eisenhower decided to implement the Dulles boys’ great idea: Overthrow the first __DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED__ leader of Iran and replace him with an astoundingly brutal, sadistic tyrant—Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlevi.
            The Republican Eisenhower administration did this because the __DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED__ leader of Iran had the nerve to ask for the same oil-development deal we gave Saudi Arabia: a 50%-50% split. You imbeciles thought we could stomp Iran into the dirt and rely on the Saudis to maintain stability in the Middle East.
            This bit of geopolitical Republican stupidity resulted in the Islamic revolution that swept the Shah from power and gave us the Iran hostage crisis.
            You chowderheads blew up the Middle East with that one, and nothing has been doable over there ever since!
            There is no end in sight thanks to you fools and your clumsy, idiotic, mindlessly incompetent meddling in the affairs of other nations!
            Based on the Republican Party’s track record, there is absolutely NO reason to give any of your numbskull ideas a second’s consideration.

          • Here Here…for the most part. I think it’s worth pointing out that the “imcompetent meddling in the affairs of other nations” could be considered humanitarian aid and the pursuance of a stable world climate. Did they screw it up, yes. But did they try? I think if there was more transparency with what exactly is going in these nations and why, there would be less grief after the fact. I might be an idealist, but after rational debate I think the u.s could’ve done a better job in many instances if there was less control in the executive branch, these are fragile systems we’re messing with, we should handle with care, not reckless/blind action. (obviously there is no perfect answer)

          • I can scarcely think of a less ‘humanitarian’ action than the invasion of Iraq. If Saddam had been left alone, he would not have killed a fraction of the number of innocent Iraqis who have died since US occupation. The strings are being pulled by faceless shadowy corporate oligarchs to whom human suffering means nothing if it will not translate to profit. How much money has Halliburton made? Or DuPont? or Lockheed Martin etc etc. The problem with war is that it’s too damn profitable, and that the profiteers never have to do the killing themselves or risk the lives and sanity of their loved ones. If only they did, the human cost might find a place in the balance sheets.

        • captncurtass, it’s no surprise when the person responsible helps out; what truly earns respect is when someone not responsible does it, voluntarily and humbly.

      • Yes, this is Obama’s fault!! It’s ALL Obama’s fault!! That black bastard! We knew this would happen if “one of them” ever got elected President, didn’t we?!

      • Whatever you believe about the current U.S. president, the United States is not the world’s policeman and never will be. Every time we try, we screw it up some way and normally, we only try when natural resources are at stake. Enough already. Y’all solve your own problems. I wouldn’t object to us selling weapons and training to nations trying to straighten themselves out, except we always seem to make that sort of deal with the bad guys so I’d just as soon we left well enough alone. The nations of the world should work together, in a manner that preserves everyone’s freedom, to make the world a better place for humans to live in without destroying ecologies worldwide. That’s it. Not vie for who gets to be the most powerful country. If the U.S. *did* help any other country, even with military power, it should be because helping is the right thing to do, not in the name of “avoiding impotence.”

        …And what the everloving hell, anyway? The U.S. has a p***s now and it’s not working? What? Can you use a better metaphor please?

      • The world is a dangerous place but the US cannot be the world’s policeman. Those of us who voted for the president did so knowing he would not be a saber rattling clone of GW Bush and to my thinking his foreign policy strategies have been measured and quite successful. If you think that is impotent I invite you to pick up arms and go defend the Venezualans from their own government. I hope President Obama can rally international pressure to support locals, but you might prefer he bomb the palace and send in US troops who are just now coming home from one war that should never have been and another that is ending way too many years late.

          • Yes, the US is the policeman of the world. Calculate the value of all the US economic interests around the world and how they directly or indirectly benefit you, and you will understand why it is worth doing it.

        • Really? He is trying to get the US involved in Syria STILL. The man is a puppet for the war machine. Things are worse under him than they were under Bush. The restrictions on the press are far greater. ALL the things he said he wouldn’t be before he got elected he has done exactly the opposite and became. He is the biggest failure to ever hit the Oval Office. Guantanamo is a prime example of his “potency”.

          As far as Venezuela and the Ukraine are concerned: Freedom of the press is what is lacking these days to get information like this out. It is ONLY through social media and Youtube now that the truth can be seen for what is happening out there (until the NSA with a rubber stamp from Obama like Bush his predecessor, kill the stories as they appear once they are alerted). We as citizens of every country have to let all of our governments and each others governments know that we are watching and we stand together for truth and justice and human rights. The rest of all the political division is just plain BS and is exactly what will stop us from moving forward to a better world.

          • I agree Tyler. It isn’t our countries problem to begin with. I for one am sick of sticking up and fighting for other countries civil wars. They do NOT want us there and we DO NOT want to be there. Why waste our precious resources and spend money we don’t have? We have spent ourselves into the poor house. We even let our credit scores drop. First time in history too! Get an army together and fight your own wars.

        • He may not be a saber rattling clone but he has no compunction about visiting extreme prejudice on any one anywhere in any sovereign nation not called the United States. I am disillusioned by the way he has been treated, I have never seen a sitting President be subjected to such levels of disrespect, that said he has been a huge disappointment to me personally. It seems like he and Michelle have used the position to meet and hob nob with all their favorite a-listers. They are not completely sans blame for some of the stereo types that are being put on them. Hopefully Hillary will be better.

          • Things won’t change until money is out of politics and until we as citizens start to really hold our politicians on every level accountable. I like Wolf-Pac for that. I am Canadian but follow US and Canadian politics because they are so intertwined. I honestly believe the party system is as much to blame for all of our (US and Canadian) problems.
            Anyway, I hope the Venezuelans can band together and stay the course and that the world will start to put pressure on the Guv to back off.

      • Re read what you wrote . I don’t think you ment to suggest That This In Anyway Shape Or Form IS Obama ‘ s Fault .. If you did Then Your An idiot .. nor is it his responsibility to solve any other country’s problems but his own. Hasn’t the US received enough slack for sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong already. . You have plenty of options.. 1. Keep sulking about it and do nothing .. 2. Unite and bear arms to protect yourselves and fight for change 3. Move .
        I don’t know why I’m even defending him .. I’m not a US citizen nor do I live in the US .. but as an outsider looking in .. I honestly believe he is doing his best for his people and trying to repair yrs of damage made by his predecessors

        • Ummm. No. He is doing exactly what he is being told to do by the people who put him into office. The damage of his predecessors? I assume you mean Bush. But let’s not forget about Bill. They are all cut from the same cloth and do the same thing which is look out for their (Biggest) campaign contributors and lobbyists. he isn’t trying to do anything but look good for the camera and make sure he reads the teleprompter like they want him to.

      • I can´t even believe what you have said. Are you even aware that we are talking about people´s life? People are getting killed, they are in really bad living conditions and you are very comfortable saying that ” why even report it”. I don´t even know how old are you, but I hope you are a kid that dosen’t know what he has said. Please just think about what you are talking, and I truly hope you never have to go trough something like this.

      • his impotence? are you more potent than him? step up then! i think you want someone to point your finger at. it is a flawed system, and you are just as much to blame as anyone. let me guess, no one listens to you, right? wonder why that is?

      • You need to learn how the government and the world works. Here is a wakeup call, The world doesn’t revolve around one person and it sure as hell doesn’t resolve around america (as much as us americans might like to say it does)

        That being said, Obama really doesn’t make many of the choices, While he can send troops to a place before coming to congress, he has to then go to congress with a valid reason that is supported for the troops to stay there. USA isn’t going to go to all these unrest places, we got to Iraq thanks to lies.

        Maybe this is a good wakeup call for all Americans that the USA isn’t the world police force and we need to focus on the problems at home for us before we can even hope to tackle any problems world wide and the only reason why we should tackle international problems is if we are asked for the support, it becomes a danger do our own lives, or (and this should really be a UN kind of involvement) human rights are abused.

        The world won’t burn cause of obama, the world will burn cause of people like you who can’t seem to think straight and can only place the blame on one person who doesn’t have the same views as them.

      • As sad as it is that so many uprisings have been happening, The US is not the world police, they cant be going everywhere and “fixing” things to their liking… thats one of the main reasons that so many problems in the world happen, because the US likes a group at a specific time and they help them, that pisses someone off so they go and fight with the ones that the US help, also go attack the US and it gives the US a chance to go get oil as a payment for leveling the country…

        • We are not asking america to come fucking save us. But these are our people getting killed! We want the world to know the truth and know that venezuela is fighting! The least the international media could do is report the nightmare my country is living through!

      • what a moronic post… You insult Obama for doing nothing, and then… have no suggestions for any effective action. the truth is, there isn’t much the US can do, and it wouldn’t matter who was president, we aren’t going to intervene in Venezuela. Grow up, or let the adults talk.

      • Why is it that we as Americans are obligated to help everyone and anyone at that? Maybe we should sit back and watch the worlds societies play out on their own. We have enough internal national issues that need addressed then for us to waste our time, money, and hope on irrelevant societies. To lead the pack we must put the other dogs down.

    • For once, I’m glad to see the blame being put on someone other than the USA. Central and South America need to clean their own closets as do the countries in the Middle East and elsewhere.

      • lol i see how the USA stays out of the middle east. Anyways, just remember Venezuela is one of the largest oil supplier in the world. USA eventually is gonna get into this “mess” 😉

        • Captn is saying the Middle East *needs to* solve its own problems, not that the USA is staying out of the Middle East.

          And I agree with you about how we’re probably going to come bother you because of your oil. I just wish we wouldn’t. If we help you at all it should only be at your request and in the ways you request it, favoring the good of the greatest number of people over the financial interests of the elite. You and I know that’s never gonna happen, so I’d just as soon we stayed home.

        • Venezuela one of the largest oil suppliers in the world? Is that a bad joke? Half of their exports are to the US, yet they only make up 5% of American oil imports, far behind Canada and Mexico.

        • Our CIA, also known as ALCIADA inside Syria, is probably the big destabilizing factor in your country also, Venezueliangirl. These maniacs want to bring order out of chaos. They’re pro’s at chaos but they’re inept little byatches at the order part, causing hundreds of thousands of lives to be destroyed. Hoping for ‘What goes around comes around” to land on their necks one day soon.

          • Wow. Nothing but a bunch of conspiracy theorists and pangea idealists in this crowd. Good grief.

            Venezuela needs our help by spreading the word, showing support, showing the world what it needs to see. As a country we do not need to send troops or bombs. We can help by putting pressure on Venezulea’s neighbors to assist and to push the current regime to give the country back to it’s people. Venezuela is in it’s current condition for one reason alone: Venezuelans. The apathetic response to national events is decades old and the hen has finally come to roost. Now the people are standing up and saying no more…good for them and God bless. Unfortunately it had to come to this. And I pray that this uprising doesn’t claim too many more lives, but that it paves the way towards a democratic nation with a brighter future and security for it’s people.

            Everyone across the web needs to publish the images and videos coming out of Venezuela.

          • And what makes you think that can be done when people HERE don’t even stand up for their OWN country?!?!? LOLOLOL! No wonder people look at Americans as idiots….

            Where was the legions of people standing up for the Occupy Movement? Oh, that’s yesterday news…
            Where was the outcry when Bush STOLE two elections?
            Where was the pushback when cops let loose police dogs on women, children in strollers in Anaheim?

            There is no fight in them at ALL….just give them a flat screen TV and an internet signal to pontificate over the world’s ills (most created by the very country you LIVE IN) and suggest what they may need to do, all the while watching YOUR OWN COUNTRY fall apart at the seams…

            Good luck with that

          • Standing up for the Crybabies of the Occupy movements? Why the hell should we have? Just a bunch of entitled brats.

          • People will never stand up as long as there is economic comfort, regardless of how bad things get. The government knows that, and that’s why they are pushing their powers way beyond limits and will continue to do so.

            When things start to affect the individual family unit, that’s when people start to stand up (as happened in Ukraine and Venezuela).

            In the US, as long as the economy is strong, no one will utter a word regardless of how bad everything else gets. People will complain, yes. But people always complain. It won’t go beyond that.

        • Venezuela on girl .. you are another one that needs to be educated on what’s going on outside your own little world .. Why do you think oil and gas has been so cheap over the past 4-5 yrs .. supply and demand .. The US has alot of their own oil/gas stockpiled + their is a pipe line being built from Canada to the US .. + there is Africa where alot of companies are looking now and Austria .. I have worked in oil and gas for over a decade .. so I know a little about this topic … you .. ? Obviously not.

        • Al Jazeera English has two correspondents in the country, reporting every hour on what is going on. Rachel Levin and Andy Gallacher are my colleagues and they are doing great work.

          Our website isn’t the first stop for our reporting. Our primary responsibility is getting the story on TV.

          We are paying attention. Save your brickbats for the US media.

      • As someone who actually knows what communism is, I’ll tell you this: when someone sais your argument against Obama is invalide because you call his a communist, it isn’t because then don’t want to argue with you, it’s because you don’t have the intellect to have one.

          • Why don’t you have a crack at replying to him in his first language which I suspect is not English and see if you do as well as he did in spelling.

          • Those who are incapable of debating the topic are always the first to try to misdirect with their personal comments.

        • Haha I have lived my entire life under communism and if you knew anything about it you would know that Obama is really a communist ideologue and is very much so trying his best to set the groundwork here. Now that doesn’t take any intellect to figure out. But what takes imagination is to try and say otherwise. All his policies are aimed at trying to set take this nation away from it’s capitalist frame.

          • Mila, you are telling here you have lived your “entire” life under communism and they you say you live in Venezuela or are from Venezuela. How old are you?
            And do you think Venezuela has a communist system right now? (I am asking whether some in the ruling party are commies, but whether Venezuela has a communist system)
            Have you ever read The Capital or at the very least the Communist Manifesto?
            Have you lived or do you have extensive knowledge of the history of Czechoslovakia, Cuba, China, etc?

    • there will not be a story till the oil stop flowing. There will not be a change of governments till the oil stops flowing. I suggest that the protestors blow up the oil refineries/tankers/pipelines. …. Ever read “Dune”? Like that…you want change in that shit hole of a country and to get world attention, mess with the “spice”. BECAUSE as long as this nations current junta can maintain the flow of oil the world will let them do whatever they please to their peasants. Once you prove they can’t control that land through tyranny, then things will change reals fast.

    • Why should the New York Times give a shit? It is Venezuela. Who cares? If they don’t want the police in their house they can get a gun and shoot back. That is what America did to the British a long time ago. I’m tired of the US fighting battles for lazy ass people.

      • I hear you, but the times has an agenda. And often times people are lazy, but sometimes they are ill-equipped and uninformed. Most Venezuelans can’t even put food on the table let alone buy a gun and enough ammo to resist the gov’t.

      • I want to see you raise a gun against a US soldier pendejo. Venezuela is fighting we are not asking for Yankees to come save us. We only want the world to know what is truly happening! And if you knew you would shut the fuck up. Venezuela liberated half of south America and today we stand alone. And alone we are liberating our country! You Americans are fucking narcissistic. Do you think we expect help? America helps no on unless it’s convenient for them. So don’t talk shit that US is always fighting battles for everyone. Apparently america can’t even sympathize with other people’s suffering!

        • It is nearly impossible for citizens to fight military forces. The most effective “fight” is a general strike. In most nations big business owns the government. If production halts it gets the attention of the government’s overseers and the changes will come. The key is to get enough of the economy to stop.

        • You know what. After reading your comment I changed my mind. I wish the US would get involved. I think they should send in enough nuclear warheads to wipe the entire country out. Then in fifty years when the radiation leaves we could even take your damn oil.

      • considering the sorry state of your military and long string of failures it has been through lately, no thanks we’ll stick to throwing stones at the water cannon.

      • So tired of Americans thinking they are and were involved in the attempted coups. Do you have a remote idea of what is going on? Do you know what is like when about 75% of the people rise up because we can’t live under this conditions any longer? No my friend the US or CIA has nothing to do with it. If you want to come live here and see for yourself you are more than welcome. That is if you don’t get killed coming here. Security is not part of Venezuela. If you get killed your family won’t be able to get justice or you didn’t know that the courts are all corrupted and 98% of the crimes are not solved. Just letting you know this to give you a mere glimpse of how we have to live here and then you think it’s the US fomenting this. It’s a joke.

    • Agreed!! I’m shocked this isn’t front page news in newspapers and on the news. Why not?? I’m getting the info (like so many others) from Facebook and Instagram SOSVenezuela. If it weren’t for the citizens posting, we wouldn’t know half of what is happening. That’s sad. These are people’s lives in crisis. Again…why isn’t the coverage of this historic story being put out there??

    • NO…tomorrow is the day to say “there was nothing” it takes 24 hours now for international news to hit print media…but it did hit FB and even i posted a video from a student about what was going on…it took 24 hours for the news of Kiev to hit the newspapers but live streams were all over FB the night before. our media is changing…and this has to be taken into consideration. twitter and FB lead breaking stories and print confirms (to the best of it’s ability) but it takes time for print to verify and publish…botton line though is that the world is now beginning to see the unrest everwhere.

    • All our sympathy from Turkey… We hear you, we read you, we know how you feel.

      We know what it’s like to feel trapped inside your own country; to realize that the people who are supposed to protect you, turns their backs and lies about it all. Turkey couldn’t change anything (yet, we hope), Egypt tried, Ukraine is trying and just believe in one thing: World is waking up.

      Please keep on posting from any resource you find and we are all here to share your voice.

      Thanks to everyone who tries to stand up and make a difference.

    • I’m not surprised, alot of the high brow media in the West is centre left and they love despotic regimes that spout lefty rhetoric. The Guardian, Independent and NYT have historically been quite sympathetic to Hugo Chavez, so their casual indifference to a few systematic killings here and there doesn’t surprise me.

    • With all my respect, I am a professional on international relations and I never read the NY Times , I usually read El Pais and Le Monde, on international news.

    • Please, mail them!!!!

      Send this post to them.

      Create the hashtag #WorlHelpUs

      I’m sure the international media will be sensitive to it!

      Brazil is praying for the Venezuela citizens, and for the peace and truth take the place in our continent.

      We are all trapped in a few autocrats persons’ dreams – that are nightmare to us!!!!!


    • Now you know how we Irish feel… 800 years of fighting the Evil English Tyrants… And now we have Evil Irish Puppet Tyrants… Ciao …. Dhan

    • If you click on NYT’s “Americas” link you will find the story. I instantly found it and I never read newspapers. Unless they read this blog and instantly posted it up right after. Venezuela is in the “Americas” so look for updates there. Hopefully help will come to those who need it.

    • This is quite obviously another American inspired uprising brought to you by the same folks who tried it a few years back with no success. The oligarchs are simply doing what they do best. Putting up cannon fodder so they can get their power back. This whole pesky democracy thing just doesn’t work for them. What they can’t achieve at the ballot box they try to achieve through violence and chaos !

      • What? I’m from Venezuela and I can tell you that you have no clue as to what is going on or how our president get to be in power? Do you even know anything that Maduro has done? Do you? Do you know that it’s about 75% of the people rising up? Do you know how we live here? Do you? You hate your country so much that you will blame it for the mess up of another. No this is a petty dictator taking away all of our rights. You can’t even imagine. Oligarchs. I’m a poor person and I am rising up. Wake up little American. You are not the center of the world.

    • If your government is preventing free use of the internet, how is the world going to know? Also, if you didn’t know about these things that happened before reading this blog, you need to get your news from a better source.

    • This article was written by someone who has no idea of what is really going on in Venezuela and means to aid the disinformation efforts that the international media led by the American private media such as CNN and FOX to create in the public an opinion biased against the democratic process that Venezuela lives. The resent violence disguised as “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” are being blown out of proportion by reporters that have no clue of what is really going on, or if they do have a clue they do not want the world to know about it. Venezuela is a country were the people have gotten tired of the exploitation of the capitalist fascist governments that they had before 1998. Before that date, the Venezuelan people suffered extreme poverty that reached up to 60% of the population. Since the mid 70’s, the fascists in Venezuela found a way to become really rich by “BORROWING” money from the International money fund and the world bank in the name of the Venezuelan people. None of this debt was ever paid, and they borrowed billions of $. The result was an inflation that reached at it’s worst moment 100% in one year. This while having a freeze in the salaries. Some people were so poor that they would make spaghetti sauce with dog food because they could not afford to buy meat in the market. During the fascist democracy in Venezuela from 1960-1998 there were only 11 elections, no one was asked if they agreed with the constitution, elections were fixed due to the fact that the counting of the votes was done manually and without any real control. Millions of left wing Venezuelans were assassinated and disappeared, by being thrown from helicopters and other nice tactics developed by the school of the Americas, an American institution meant to train security forces on repression tactics and how to hunt down Communist.

      In the 14 years of revolutionary government Venezuela has enjoyed 18 elections, the people have the last word via referendum on any constitutional changes. I don’t remember very well, Does that happen in the states? Is that a democracy over there? Any way, during this revolutionary government the security and police forces have been untrained from the salvage teachings of the School of the Americas, and been taught about human rights and to defend and protect the people no matter what their political views are. However the fascists have been unable to retake power in Venezuela because the great majority of the population is continent of that dark past and does not want the killing, starvation and persecution to return to our lives. This has created a great frustration not only for the national fascists such as Leopoldo Lopez, Henrique Capriles, and all the very rich people that used to govern our country, but for the fascists in the American government who want Venezuela to return to the time when they would take Venezuelan oil for next to nothing, $9/barrel with 1% tax on it. This frustration has resulted in several intents of toppling the government. At first they had a lot of support from a great many people in Venezuela, this is what gave them the courage to do a coup d’Êtat in 2002 & 2003, but the grate mistake that they made was killing their own people with sharp shooters. They tried the strategy of killing people on both sides to spark a civil war. This back fired on them as an important number of their supporters abandoned their street efforts and opted to support in the democratic process, voting for the opposition leaders democratically instead of joining the crowds in the streets and running the risk of being shot by their “own people”.

      It has gotten to the point that the opposition in Venezuela does not have any street support from their followers, the people of Venezuela have shown that they trust the Venezuela electorate system and this is shown by the record number of participants during any elections of any level of government. The Venezuelan electorate system was even praised by ExPresident Carter as being “THE MOST SECURE AND RELIABLE ELECTORAL SYSTEM IN THE WORLD” If only the American people could enjoy such a beautiful system. Any ways, the American Government has grown frustrated because they have poured hundreds of millions of dollars in support of toppling the Venezuelan government, but have had no result since the people in Venezuela in it’s majority prefer to have a government that takes care of them by using the money from oil and other natural resources to help the improvement of life conditions in the country, instead of taking it all for themselves leaving the people to starve. Unlike the people in the world that believe in what the private media throws at them, the Venezuelan people are not stupid, they are fully aware that it is only this government that has eradicated illiteracy, has brought health centers to every corner of the country, has build up the highway systems, has created university campuses in every state of the country, has brought second and third level medical support to most communities in the country and has supported our athletes in an epic manner which now make Venezuelan athletes better able to compete and measure themselves against the best in the world, being the best in the world themselves in many sports.

      The current situation in Venezuela has been brought about by a push from the American government to topple the government in order to recover that almost free supply of oil, which Venezuela enjoys the honor of having the biggest reserves of oil in the world. In the last 10 years over 10 American diplomatic personnel have been caught financing, training and giving guidelines to the Venezuelan opposition leaders and parties, they have created a bunch of non government agencies, supposedly to promote democracy in a democratic country… How does that make sense to any of you stupid people that believe all the shit you are being fed by your international private media is beyond me… but anyways… These diplomatic personnel have been declared Persona Non Grata in Venezuela and have had to leave the country only to be replaced by others who continue to do their work of preparing the opposition for another coup attempt. Which is what is going on right now. The small focuses of violence are not meant to topple the government really, but to give images for the international media to use as examples of the turbulence that the country is under, trying to make it look like kosovo or something, so that the stupid people of the world support the called recently made by an American Congressman who said that “The United States has to mobilize troops and airplane carriers to Venezuela in order to protect “AMERICAN OIL INTERESTS” in Venezuela, Among other things he calls for the neighboring countries like Colombia, Peru and Chile to prepare a joint army to control Venezuela while they place another puppet government in that country.

      The opposition in Venezuela is greedy, they don’t give a shit about anything but those American bucks that they are getting, so they will do their darnest to create violence to please their masters. So the American and European fascists have toppled Libya, Iraq, Egypt and they are trying to topple Siria and Iran amongst other leftist countries in Europe as you see in the news. All of these insurrections have enjoyed the beautiful color of the American green bills. But Venezuela is not those other countries, even the opposition supporters are not like those people, most of us who support or not the government believe in peace and democracy, we believe that if the opposition wants to take back the power that the people took from them, the only way to do it is with the electorate ballots and not rioting in the streets looking for an unconstitutional end to the revolution. This is why there is almost no one in the streets this time around, people from both sides are sick of the greed that the fascists have and the inability that they have to make any proposal to the Venezuelan people that would get them the power they so desire.

      Thanks for reading this, I hope you learned something this day, and if nothing else, learn away from private media, they are fucking with your head, and the fascists love it when you can’t think for yourself.


      • You are a communist. Biggest rant on here and typical in leftist fascion, (spelling intended), try to stop the discussion by taking over the discussion. Sorry my friend, you can’t censor this. Socialists have always been the fascists. Nazi’s were the ultimate fascists and, oh, guess what…They were radical socialists too. Not a coincidence. Why don’t you take Danny Ortega and all your tin pot, misery causing, thug acting, leftist dictators and create your socialist utopia on some island? Oh, you did that on Cuba. Good example.

      • Actually I’m from Venezuela folks and this person here is the typical person who works for the government or benefits from it. The violence is perpetrated by the government. We have no arms THEY DO

    • Perhaps Latin America understands the Amerika which continuously treats Latin America like its handmaiden and supports those elements which create the backdrop for this violence.

    • Many of the South American Leaders are ruling and running socialist based countries so they are not too concerned. If anything they support Maduro but what they are not aware of is that this unrest will spread to their doorsteps a lot sooner than they think.
      I have been closely watching the situation in Venezuela and have warned my friends down there !! Over the next few weeks, there will be hundreds of killings,
      My strong belief is that Venezuela will irrupt into a full blown revolution inside of a month and then you will really7 see blood shed all over the country !!! I hope I am wrong because I fear for the safety of my friends there. Already I have lost contact with them. Good luck for a free Venezuela and the deposing of the present dictatorial corrupt and merciless dictatorial leaders there !!

    • All major protests which are now in the Mainstream Media are FAKE – All of them. From the Ukraine to Thailand to Venezuela, they are all covert CIA insurgencies fomented by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) which is a fascist CIA front. These bogus revolutions are based on the formula of destabilization laid out by Gene Sharp from the Albert Einstein Institute in Cambridge Massachusetts. The US can no longer send warships to bomb countries, so the intelligence agencies under the Obama administration have shifted tactics and instead finance middle class internet-savvy kids in the targeted nations to destabilize their respective nations under the bogus rubric of social reform.

    • It’s coming to the U.S. too, just wait and see. The Progressive Left with Barry Obonination at the lead is willingly and purposefully taking America down. The Socio/Commies have never been this close…they can taste it….all it needs is a little more pushing. They will collapse the dollar. They are doing it now. Better get ready people.

    • This letter is in response to the articles covering the civil unrest
      occurring in Venezuela.

      As a citizen of and believer in democracy, I applaud the efforts of the
      Venezuelan people. Their efforts are similar to what is happening in
      many other parts of the world.

      Believe it or not, one thing that trumps capitalism and political
      correctness in the United States is the right to have one’s voice heard.
      This is the foundation of which our democracy is built on. The Venezuelan
      people should continue to defy Nicolas Maduro’s powerful security forces
      so that Venezuelan democracy can begin to thrive. It is unfortunate that
      the United States compromised on one of its most fundamental values in
      order to protect its economic interests in South America; something that
      happens all too often domestically as well. It is not the Venezuelan people
      that are attempting to seize power but rather it is those currently in power
      who have engaged in intimidation to prevent the will of the people from
      being heard. Why else would they stoop to such underhanded tactics to
      block various means of communication among the citizens of Venezuela?
      Why is the government in power utilizing such political strong-arm tactics
      as the use of violence?

      Nicolas Maduro, you have had almost one year to lead Venezuela and have
      failed them by your own choosing. The days of the despotic regime are
      finally coming to an end as it appears the desire for freedom will continue
      to sweep among the South American nations. Accordingly, let the call go
      forth among all citizens of Venezuela that your brothers and sisters of
      democracy from all over the world are with you during every trial and
      tribulation you may encounter during this crisis. To the people of Venezuela,
      the trumpet of freedom beckons you to rise in protest and ensure your
      voice to preserve your sacred heritage, promote your children’s future and
      obtain the blessings of liberty we all cherish.

      Venezuela, the hour of your redemption is at hand. As you the rightful
      citizens move forward to reclaim your own country, rise and strike! In the
      name of those who were murdered fighting for everyone’s rights, rise and
      strike! To end the rule of this evil regime, rise and strike! Let no one
      continue to fear this man. Let every Venezuelan be strong and fight on for
      their freedom. Rise and strike!

      Nicolas Maduro, let the people go!

      Cleveland, OH USA

      “Do not fear to be eccentric in opinion, for every opinion now accepted was once eccentric.” Bertrand Russell

    • Why does the Mayor of San Cristobal allow barricades on the streets of his own city? If it was in London Boris Johnson would immediately have these removed by the police. If the police could not achieve it then the British Army would be called in to remove them I can assure you. So why does the Mayor allow this anarchy in his own city?

    • There was nothing because this is what will happen in the US soon. And the “bought and paid for” media has been told to remain silent so the people are blind sided. They do not want more of us to wake up, even though it is already too late.

      ~You are the Resistance.

  2. Hi all – UK Guardian’s just opened up it’s eyewitness channel.

    Guardian is covering detention of Lopez & there was a short piece in the FT this morning.
    It’s not an excuse, but I wonder if some media have had trouble getting official response – until after the cadena…& the time difference ain’t great for UK presses – it’s 4.30pm here now.

    I think (hope?) you’ll see more international coverage from now on. Take heart, as much as you can, you have friends across borders

  3. The thing is that the Venezuelan narrative doesn’t sit very comfortably with the typical stereotypes about repression in the mostly champagne left oriented international media, mostly middle class supporters being repressed by a left wing, populist government wont seat well with some readers. Add the PSFS and you´ll see that is not just laziness is ñangarismo.

    • Well that’s exactly right. Hollywood elites like Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Benecio Del Toro, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone, Michael Moore, Danny Glover, Naomi Campbell, have all been seen supporting and hobnobbing with Chavez’ socialist revolution, though all them seem to be mysteriously silent at the moment.

      The predictably inevitable results of socialism in Venezuela runs counter to the narrative that America’s leftist media wants to support. The events in Venezuela effectively invalidate the direction that Leftists would like to take America, so they can’t have them widely publicized.

          • Fox News has had segments on the Venezuelan situation on TV today. I can’t speak for the MSM’s TV coverage because I don’t watch them.

            And, FWIW, Fox has been consistently critical of Chavismo pretty much since Day 1, 15 years ago. Can’t say that about the rest of the MSM. Sure Fox has a knee-jerk reaction against anything smelling of leftist/ “progressive” ideology but you can’t discount the fact that their ‘hysteria’ has proved to be spot on, considering what’s happening now in Venezuela.

            Regarding the Hollywood leftist “elites”, Danny Glover is the only one I know that has spoken out so far – against the opposition of course. Gawd, even Cher is on the right, i.e. correct, side of this (at the moment, anyway) in the Twittersphere.

          • Even wilmer Valderram , perezhilton are calling for stop of the violence and human rights violations…The thing is the Media is the US go and try to get fro Latino american departments of some universities (where all the Communist live) and the lobby paid to many groups from canada to australia just made the same remarks , white people, private universities students, economic coup…it is amazing that even believe all the crap about the doctors and medicine (when they do not understand that in Venezuela the medicine works in a different way…there is no way to get into a specialization without being in the public hospital system…they have been paying lobby, and social engineering that really is difficult to even talk about. A lot of Hispanics fromexico or central american they just believe that their story is just whatt the had. Venezuela really in a weird case…and they have been sold a story that is the same as allende, el salvador…etc!!!

          • What you take as leftism is corporate centrism co-opting the language of the left to further the values of the capitalist elite.

            Also, Chavez is dead so you don’t get to blame him for Venezuela anymore, AND, if you get to hold him up as an example of “what socialism will do in America,” I get to say the Westboro Baptist Church is an example of what Jesus wanted to do.

            No? Ten to one you’ve never even read Marx. I have my disagreements with him but not with the idea of workers owning the means of production per se. Rather I disagree with him that industrialism is any kind of value worth upholding. It destroys the environment and reduces available work, and then when displaced workers want help surviving, they’re told they’re lazy. As long as we base economic policies on the assumption that factories are good, we’re going to continue having problems.

          • What do you think leftism ultimately does? Totalitarian nonsense is almost always how it ends. Chavez is dead, but Maduro is his successor he picked. You don’t get to say anything, your comparison to Westboro is so ridiculous it’s hard to pick where to refute. As long as people believe they have the right to someone’s labor, we will continue to have problems. Wanting help is not the same as having a right to it.

          • lol that’s right we don’t read marx over here, only bad translations of chicago school pamphlets printed by the CIA and the birchers.


          • Hey look, a retarded spick. Nothing new. At least this will hopefully prevent you guys from being on games like DoTA.

      • Exactly. All Venezuelan’s: Fight Back. There is more of you than them. Fight back. Take their weapons. And continue fighting. Fight until they have to notice you. They are hoping you give. Fight. Fight. Fight. Till they are removed.

        • Agreed, take your country back. Just remember, take care what you put in place after you succeed. Do not go down the path of revenge. It will take all of the people to restore your country, if you oppress those who do not agree with you, you will wind up with the same situation that you are trying to change.

      • I’m pretty sure that Oliver Stone – whatever you’re referencing is misunderstood – he’s probably keeping his “enemies closer” – as for the others, you’re most likely correct.

      • Riiiight. The leftist media, owned almost exclusively by corporations or wealthy Republicans (as in Rupert Murdoch and the Sinclairs), managed independently in far-flung cities, yet somehow getting a daily memo directing them all to support a Socialist regime that in fact, none of them support. THAT leftist media.

      • since when has the us NEVER been involved in a chaotic bloody military coup of a latin american resource rich country that it wanted? now that hugo chavez is dead, the us can instill its puppets at leisure.

          • well there is not in any part of the constitution that we are going to be socialist…even in the referendumof 2007 when they tried the socialist thing….it was rejected…so get your facts rights…read the CN …and there is in no part that we are voting for a SOCIALIST COUNTRY OF PLAN…

          • It doesn’t matter. Once you vote socialists in, your Constitution means nothing, because they change it routinely to fancy their whims, if they even bother to honor it.

          • they voted again and again for “la revolucion”… the same thing in spain, they voted the partido popular, they get the consecuences… so yes, they are partly to blame. even if they where lied too or enticed by new houses etc…

          • Yes, the people elected him or so the elections said. Many elections in Latin American countries are NOT accurate. They have several dead people voting multiple times. Then, once Hugo Chavez was “elected” he changed the constitution to allow him to be in power indefinitely. SO, yes, the people elected him, but he rewrote their constitution to fit his plan. Now he is dead, but the moron in power now is worse than Chavez, if you can even imagine such a thing. I do not know what the answer is but do think the media should be giving the atrocities in Venezuela some air time. Sorry, but I do not care to hear about the Ukraine, but it is on every night. Problems happen world-wide & I thought the media was supposed to report from the entire world & not just the places that have not angered the people of the US. Chavez is gone & the Venezuelan people are trying to take back there country, but no one seems to give then their voice.

          • Juan you are right. That is the way that socialism creeps in…dangle the proverbial carrot in front of the people and unfortunately the majority fall for it every time.

          • Yeah, like SOCIAL SECURITY….

            I like how THAT Socialism creeped in and is STILL here taking money outta our checks every week…

          • Wish that this post would be just below Don Dada’s post on social security. Got a question for him. When you reach the age/situation that you are able to receive Social Security benefits, are you going to turn them down? Or are you going to use them to feed, clothe and house you and yours?

          • Socialism is the only thing propping up your fucking country at the moment you brain washed dips shit. The trillions of dollars that went to prop up your bankers after they FUCKED the world economy. So much for your free market deregulated capitalist bullshit. It failed and had to be bailed out by the public tax dollar. Fukn morons. Wake the fuck up retards.

      • Firepigette is correct insomuch that it was the Venezuelan people who chose to elect a socialist into office.

        These are the consequences of that decision.

        • Everybody that lives in Venezuela or even does the slightest bit of research would know that elections for the past 15 years have been rigged. Boxes full of votes for the opposition were BURNED. Literally burned in the middle of the street so that they would not be counted. Don’t you dare say WE chose this. Educate yourself.

          • Well of course elections have been rigged for 15 years. Socialists have been in power for 15 years.

            What I am referring to was the initial election in 1999 when Chavez and his Fifth Republic Movement won 56% of the vote. That choice is what has forced you to endure the subsequent corruption and atrocities of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela for 15 years.

          • Also, please don’t be upset at my language. We Americans have also chosen this path when we elected President Obama in 2008. We’re just not as far into the socialist transition as Venezuela is yet.

          • you are joking, right?? obama socialist? and you think the USA will transition as far as venezuela? please don’t be so naive. let me ask you something, what do you think about europe and specially denmark, norway… is that “socialist hell” for you? is there chaos and “commies” all around? wake up

          • Again…Please read get informed…i OUR constitution there is not any socialism..for Example Mugica won, or DILMA they aren’t changing their constitution or imposing a socialism…Chavez only said something about socialism was 2005. People wanted a change…So it is not the same… The psoe in spain…is not changing their constitution or changing the system for socialism…Even in 2007 When cahvez tried to people to vote for the change in the constitution and accepting a socialist government it WAS REJECTED…IN any part says …we want to be socialists…they talk like that…but there are nothing in the legislature saying the peope has accepted that we are socialists…people voted for a change , no exclusion…but no where was a thing saying we are going to be the Bolivarian Socialist republic of Venezuela…every time they try that tick they are rejected…and again there are other presidents like Mujica…that he is not saying now Uruguay is a socialist country…

          • Well of course President Obama and the Progressives who support him are socialists. That’s the way all of his policy pursuits lean. This isn’t some great secret, it’s common knowledge. Read some of the linked stories in the comment section:


            Yes, yes. The European model of socialism, which we’ve had to rescue Europe from in two World Wars.

            You may be too young to remember the horrors of Eastern European socialism that so many sought to escape before the end of the Cold War, but I digress, there are many misunderstandings about Europe’s supposedly Utopian brand of socialism:


            Regardless, the fact that the U.S. has provided Europe with the bulk of their defense has freed European revenues to engage in socialist experimentation. Now however that President Obama intends to reduce the the U.S. military, socialist collapse in Europe will become inevitable.

          • lili, choosing to elect Chavez in 1999, changed all of that. Your constitution is now whatever Maduro says it is.

          • look, if in the US they had anything remotely similiar to european style universal healthcare coverage and education they would have a heart attack. and please don’t tell me about “eastern european socialism” blablbla KGB soviets, etc., dont mix things up. spain, for example, spends a fraction of what the US spends in healthcare yet has much better coverage and healthier people. and they aren’t socialist countries, they aren’t governed by chavez style assholes, you have liberty (even more than in the US, at least you don’t get killed as easily by some crazy gun wielding psycho), so stop with the paranoia. obama socialist? ahaha yea sure, you probably think it will become cuba in a couple of years.

          • Just in case you did not remember this part. The USA, being the great friend to us Brits it is, got involve in WWII AFTER charging us for weapon and arms (that we did not finish paying until the early 2000, some friend there) to fight the NAZIS. Who where FASCIST and therefor RIGHT WINGED-EXTREMISTS. Not socialist or left wing. So you where actually fighting people who had more in common politically with you Tea-Party than socialists. Just in case you missed that.

          • Yes, the last thing anyone could accuse the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (aka Nazi’s) of is being socialist. That would just be silly.

          • I couldn’t agree more! I’ve never understood why he was elected that very 1st time back in ’98. How and why did people forget about the coup d’état?

          • Precisely. It’s sad but true. I lived in VZ in the early days of Chavez’s “revolucion”. While it was understandable for the people to want change, it was clear that he was a thug with totalitarian tendencies. He had even attempted a military coup less than ten years earlier. How do you elect a man like that to your highest office and then complain about the results? This day has been inevitable since 1999…

          • What must be understood is the context of Latin America right now, and why Socialist governments in the late 20th and early 21st century have been so successful. Our continent has been a playground for other, more powerful countries for while, since colonization. An example would be the military dictatorships of the 60s-70s-80s orchestrated by the US to halt the spread of Communism worldwide (ex: Pinochet, Chile, 1973).
            So, yes, while it is the people’s fault for choosing their government, their situation made it very difficult to choose another option. The people that had the means to flee when Chavez was elected (they hadn’t chosen him) did, but others couldn’t. The government chosen fifteen years ago has morphed into a vague shadow of democracy and is abusing its power. This is the focus of the protests. They have had their voices taken away by an abuse of power. They are asking for their voices back. The international community must listen.

        • you said it your self: “SOME chose to elect a socialist into government”. NOT THE majority of the country. They cheated and we tried to be heard and prove it and no one listened or helped us. so NO WE ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR THE IGNORANCE OF MINORITIES WHEN MAJORITY WANTS SOMETHING ELSE. If you are going to say something like that you better first inform and educate yourself, then you can comment.

          • You really have no clue for what we in latam live… There are many people in ignorancy and poverty… and the also called “socialist” take advantage of that situation to give them food, construction materials, fertilizers, etc…..just to gain their votes… In my country, that kind of people is majority. It is a problem that has too many years and you, if don´t know or live here, have no right to ask to correct the problem. In fact… this is a problem that began with the spaniards comming to América. They installed a represion sistem to our people… then it was “mixtures” between spaniards and americans… those people called “the criollos”, had more privileges than the americans because of their spaniard blood, so they learned to read, learned maths… had the oportunity to raise money in bussines or slavery… And they, the criollos were our first “nation fathers”… no wonder the sistem to the real american people remained the same as the Colony times. We are trying too hard, at least the good people, to break that kind of differences… but meanwhile there are “politicians” trying to gain people votes with “espejitos” all those people gonna find easier to reach out their hands to get something for nothing… than to work for it…
            Venezuelan people have my respect, my admiration, because they are fighting the errors of the ignorant majority… all the things that are happening right now there, are taken as an alert to all latam countries, so it won´t happen in ours…

          • Actually I do have quite a clue. In America, the socialists also buy votes with entitlements they call social programs, which are much the way you explain. It’s a way to subjugate people by making them dependent on the power of the state. Perhaps the problems did begin with Spaniards coming to America. But somehow, the United States hasn’t really had the same kinds of problems Latin American nations have had at least up until 2008 when President Obama was elected, so there must be some other issue present.

          • This is such a universal truth in my opinion. You are truly an independently thinking person. Just because the majority votes for something, that does not mean that it is the right course of action. The majority of people on this planet have good hearts, but they are also easily tricked and manipulated by bad people and/or their own ignorance. It’s very sad and it’s a never ending struggle. Please stay strong.

          • Marvie and Maria, For 22 years I have had the good fortune to have a Venezuelan surrogate brother and family. I know well the difficulties your citizens have faced in obtaining an honest and non oppressive government. I also know of the kidnappings, the hijackings, the murders, the theft and/or burning down of property. Care not what those ignorant of the truth will say..they are the same as those who would blame a rape victim for having their top button open. Believe that the tide IS turning..the truth will not be denied…and know that you have the support of many.

        • I cannot comment on the situation in Venezuela, as I don’t know enough about it. I would certainly agree that the world’s press should report fulsomely on what seems to be a horrible situation in which innocent people are being killed. I can comment on you though…what sort of trogloditic mental dwarf comments on such events with idiocies like ‘you voted for a socialist, these are the consequences’. I do know stupid when I see it. I’m sure you wouldn’t know political theory if it ran you over in a juggernaut, and your prejudices are certainly ingrained from birth and sketchily delineated, but you do know one thing, you don’t like socialists and hey, if people let them come to power- they will have to reap the whirlwind. Well, it doesn’t take a high-school diploma to know that the far right and left end up as the same thing, and violent unscrupulous men can and do hijack whole countries without the people’s consent. People die and you come out with this unbelievable cant (look it up Einstein), maybe you should take a look at yourself..

  4. I just did a Skype interview with the Fox station from my hometown. I was nervous and blabbed and probably didn’t say what I needed to say. If anyone on here can/wants to be interviewed (Venezuelan, been active in protests) please let me know. We can get it done today. Any bit of exposure is good, right?

      • Oh well. They’re shutting things down for the day. At least in the old West Texas town of El Paso some people will hear about this who hadn’t before.

        • I am willing to be interviewed. Anything to spread the word. My family is still there (I live in the USA.) My future sister in law and her family are trapped in their own building because they are afraid of leaving the house and getting shot. I sometimes have more information than my family, who lives there, because of the media blackout. Please let me know how I can help

    • I am willing to be interviewed. Anything to spread the word. My family is still there (I live in the USA.) My future sister in law and her family are trapped in their own building because they are afraid of leaving the house and getting shot. I sometimes have more information than my family, who lives there, because of the media blackout. Please let me know how I can help

    • yes my boyfriend would like to be interviewed and possibly his friends. please message through FB….my page is Liberal Americans for a Better Venezuela

      • HAHAAA! Liberal Americans…can you fools not see where this liberal agenda has gotten Venezuela!!?? Its coming here next if you fools keep going! Bonehead!

        • Wow, We: You really are unaware, unknowledgeable, and uneducated enough to vote for the Republicans? What? Fox News has your attention? Not smart enough to see what a shit sham and lie-fest Fox News is?

          • Wow? Want to talk about lie fest?
            How about “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”?
            No news agency said that, but many were cheerleading the speaker on
            and swearing to the words veracity.
            Except for one network.

            Now would you like to contribute to the issue that Venezuela is showing us our future,
            or is it off to earn more pennies as a Democratic shill?

            God Bless the hard working people of Venezuela.

          • You’re right, Venezuela is a perfect picture of the American future.

            The left wins, and the right gets so desperate they start riots and try to overthrow the democratically elected leader of a nation.

            Sounds about right, actually.

          • Try, the Left wins and decides it’s time to install FCC political officers in newsrooms across the country to ensure “critical information needs” are being met. Oh, and all is well at the NSA. Viva Obamismo!

  5. Busquen un video de la mama del chamo que le pegaron un tiro en valencia ayer. A mi me lo mandaron por whatsapp pero no se como mandarselos para que lo suban…
    ese video lo tiene que ver la gente…

  6. I was so mad this morning reading and watching the news and not finding anything about last night, like nothing ever happened. Then I realized the power of doing this things so late at night. A lot of the news media, especially newspapers, even in Venezuela (ie. TalCual), had already finalized today’s edition. So the news about the massive repression didn’t make it. All we get is the stuff that happened during the day!
    Even crazier is that a lot of spanish TV stations like CNNE just recycle their nightly shows in the morning, so anything that happens that late takes almost a full 24 hrs to be reported in-depth…it creates a lot of misinformation because sometimes you don’t even know if you are are getting an outdated report. Frustrating as hell!

    • As stated on CNN:

      The government, Lopez Maya said, has so far been unwilling to talk with the opposition and alleviate its discontent.

      “What we are seeing in the streets is a protest of the society against all of the problems of the society.”

      The president, she said, has not shown himself to be the leader Venezuela needs.

      “Maduro is a weak leader. He probably is right now the best solution that [Chavistas] have. But nevertheless he has no charisma. He doesn’t know how to talk, his discourse is incoherent, it’s contradictory.”

      “Nicolas Maduro is not Hugo Chavez, and that is one of the big problems that he has.”

      And factions within “Chavismo,” she said, are forcing him to radicalize in order to remain in power.

      “The Venezuelans have a lot of motives to go to the streets today. And they will keep on going to the streets if the government doesn’t open the spaces for dialogue.”

      “I am very concerned about this.”

  7. Here’s to hoping what happened last night was a massive arrest campaign. I hope even more (naively) that the military and the GNB do at least a decent job of keeping their ranks in line as regards the treatment of of arrested protesters. And for all of those that side with Obama that Venezuela should just release the protesters, keep in mind the US followed a similar (if much MUCH less violence-infused) script the last couple of times something even remotely similar happened in this country. For those unfamiliar with this, in 2003 at least, on the eve of the Iraq invasion, protesters were jailed without being processed for up to 40+ hours at a time:,0,7698672.photogallery

    • No arrests are going to happen unless they arrest innocent students like they have been doing. The police, national guard and government armed militias are the ones killing people (with the government permission) so they are not going to arrest themselves. Over 90% of crimes go unpunished (yes, you read that right) and sometimes the police are the ones who kidnap you and rob you, or worse. They have raped students anally with guns, douse students with gasoline, fracture boned, denied access to attorneys or medical help and killed students for NO reason, other than for exercising their constitutional right to protest. It is literally like the Wild, Wild West.

    • This is hardly comparable. These protesters weren’t arrested for protesting, they were arrested for vandalism and other acts of violent misbehavior. They haven’t been rotting in prisons since, nor have they been raped or beaten.

      Furthermore, we haven’t seen neither hair nor hide from these anti-war protesters since 2008. Where have they been all this time that wars have continued on unabated? This is an indication that they’re not really anti-war, they were just anti-bush.

      • When is the last time you put your actual physical ass on the line for something you believe in? If you were ever a soldier you know war is never a good thing. Being GLIB about it is disgusting. No protesters? there are plenty of us, we’re just not hippies on the street any longer. We own homes, pay taxes, support our communities and don’t ‘take things for granted’. We don’t sit on our ass and complain, WE DO! If you can’t see us, you’re not looking. Not talking about far left wingers or right wingers full of their own paranoid delusion. Real honest human beings cut right down the middle and we’re sick of the pandering, fear mongering, bigoted and cruel behavior practiced on both sides of the aisle. So kindly keep your self-righteousness to yourself!

  8. It’s lag time, not a conspiracy….

    It’s in no one’s interest for major news outlets simply to regurgitate tweets — their role should be to do original reporting, fact-gathering, etc.

    The Venezuela vs Ukraine thing — that’s not well thought through, either. Those are different reporters and different editors.

    The problem with the Lopez “strategy” is that it didn’t account for today — what happens after the primal scream?

    Are we better or worse off? Closer to persuading Venezuelans the government should go…or farther?

      • And, ideally, fact-based.

        Do you really doubt the number of serious outlets which will follow the wires and report on this in the next few hours?

        Maybe they’re doing what you suggest — trying to understand exactly how the ground has shifted, and what it means. And reporting.

        I can’t wait for those stories to come out — and then for the comments section to light up with protest at the slightest deviation from what people believe the narrative should be.

        Because some things are not complicated — things like, this government is barbaric, and killing its own people, engaging in widespread human rights violations, pouring fire on the flames. But other things are complicated — things like, the country is still deeply polarized, and the guarimbas are likely deepening the polarization.

        If you find yourself attacking the ENTIRE international press corps…maybe it’s time to take a deep breath?

        • Thx, Lucia. Agree that one has to give the international media a little time to synthesize information and publish reports, originating from stringers who’ve gained original quotes and fresh-eyed views. That is, instead of simply regurgitating the feed from an international news agency (ie., Reuters).

          Never mind the melodramatic ombliguismo from a certain someone for whom we have a little affection…. We’ve all seen this movie time and again 😉

    • There might be something to this, there is an information vacuum thanks to the chaos and they are waiting for the situation to thicken. You can thank Syria and the arab spring for that, it has really lowered people’s tolerance for news atrocities.

      An alternative is that nobody can believe what is happening. What, the government actually is supporting gangs of armed thugs and encouraging to rampage?? Like, that is soooo Escape from New York, like…

    • That’s a whole lot of lag time. and what I saw on the news is a very watered down version of the truth and in line of importance somewhere after the Olympics the weather and the traffic reports. Our news is scripted you can go to any network in any state and every phrase is repeated right down the the inflections the news casters voice like a bunch a damn robots. Certainly not every single story comes from the associated press. If so then we need to restructure the system one source means one point of view.

  9. Francisco I had that exact reaction last night with our “national newspaper” and wrote something very short to them, to this effect. WTF?

  10. No es del todo cierto señores, disculpen que lo diga así pero es un poco provinciano enfocarse en el NYT o The Guardian para analizar la cobertura internacional sobre lo que pasa en Venezuela, más cuando hay centenas de heridos y decenas de muertos en Kiev. Podríamos mirar la prensa regional que tiene mayor conexión y cercanía con Caracas, Brasil por ejemplo lleva días dando las primeras planas de sus principales periódicos a la situación en Venezuela, y si vemos BBC en español, es el mismo caso, de hecho, el enfrentamiento de anoche fue la nota de abrir del portal esta mañana.

    • Bueno… En el mundo hispano, Venezuela es la mayor crisis. Supera a Argentina, o el escándalo Colombiano. CNNE y NTN24 han dado una cobertura tipo decente de los eventos.

      Pero hasta hoy en la mañana, CNNE no tenía ninguna referencia a la noche de ayer 19F.

      NTN24 estaba empezando a publicar algunas cositas de lo que pasó ayer, pero anoche no estuvieron actualizando adecuadamente.

      Sin embargo, los medios hispanos NO son globales, sólo nos llegan a nosotros. Los hablantes de español como segundo idioma son ínfimos comparados con los hablantes del inglés como segundo idioma.

      Para llegar a una audiencia global hace falta tener cobertura en inglés también.

  11. Something strange is happening Quico. I have been appaled by the lack of news on Venezuela, first blaming it on the Ukraine, next the Olympics, but after last night, I think there is something deeper that we re missing.

    My puzzled post of the 14

    And yesterday before the madness started

    I have to put together my thoughts to try to understand why we are having such a censorship not only nationally but internationally.

  12. Yeah, you know the problem is that you need to have “balanced” news, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, if it’s just “the whole world is up in flames” why the readers may suffer heartburn and we don’t want that, that means a drop in advertising!! Bunch of negligent %¤/&¤%&!!

  13. A warm welcome back to the BLOG Quico.
    Your mere writing style and political acumen provide the core fire that made this a white hot blog for such a long time …..

  14. We should give credit to Bloomberg News, which has several correspondents in the country who are posting articles and streams of twitter updates.

    Unfortunately, most Americans are focused on domestic issues and really only get interested in foreign issues when there’s a catastrophic event or a change that could affect the US. Regardless of who is in power, however, the US is likely to continue buying oil from Venezuela and selling food and gasoline to Venezuela.

  15. I tend to see these days protests and savage regime repression as a test run of what will be happening again and again in the future , protests which each time will escalate more and more , becoming more powerful and widespread getting to a point where they may lead to a regime change . The problems have just scratched the surface. As the situation gets worse , there will come a day when nothing the regimes does will be able to stem the tide of peoples dissatisfaction and rage. They are unknowlingly feeding a tiger , one which is still young , but which will increase in strenght as it faces larger amounts of repression.
    People who gathered in these protests werent reading the NYT or the Guarlian or FT , they dont know they exists , they know shortages , inflation , insults , transparent lies , interminable queues , abuses arrogant threats and overbearing self celebration . Lets forget about the international journals , theyll get the message in the end . People in latin america already have the message , you hear Venezuela mentioned as a nut case , as the example of a failed despotic govt playing the flashy populist cards until they have become worn and disfigured.
    These protests are just good training exercises for when people really learn the game and engage in it seriously . . . .

  16. This has been shocking stuff and I’ve diligently searched the BBC, Sky, CNN, Fox, The Guardian, The Telegraph…. nothing. Or severely out of date reporting with no specifics. Or in the case of the Guardian, a borderline dismissive tone. My heart goes out to the people of Venezuela as the world’s scrutiny needs to be poured over the situation.

    I wonder if anyone can help or give advice…. I have a dear friend trapped with her family in Maracaibo. I think she’s safe for the time being but internet access is sporadic to say the least. Does anyone know what the situation is with Maracaibo airport? Is it still open and (relatively) safe to get to late in the morning, for example. Also, does anyone know which days typically flights to Miami or Curacao are? I’ve tried to find out myself but my Spanish is non-existant and brute-force day-by-day searching of plane-ticket sites is pain-staking and not been of much help.

    Thank you all for any assistance. Stay safe to any of you guys in Venezuela!!

      • Actually Jimmy if you check the timeline of the comments you’ll see that the “ignore” comment was made 8 hours earlier than the comment above it. There’s been some cleansing of the comment section due to an unprecedented influx of posters and some pretty off-the-wall comments (by me included) in the heat of the moment.

        From the looks of this particular thread, though, it’s confirmed in my mind at least that there’s a lot of American internet posters who can’t stop arguing American politics, no matter what website they’re visiting or what the original post was about. There also seems to be a lot of folks out there whose only knowledge of Venezuela has been gleaned from their favorite left or right wing websites and they’re coming here either to commiserate or gloat depending on their preconceived biases. Speaking for myself support and empathy is always appreciated, scorn and derision not at all – never.

        There was a time I think most people would agree that one of the greatest attributes of the internet was its ability to bring people together. If this thread and the others are any indication I’m not so sure that’s still the case, unless “together” means being in one place and throwing rocks at one another. And it’s even worse when it’s happening for real for some of the people and they’re not rocks but bullets.

        Oh, and I still stand by my response to you above. IMHO the CIA has nothing to do with the current situation in Venezuela (although I’m sure they’re watching).

  17. Meanwhile take a look at what the other side is saying:
    In Spanish:

    Crazy Quotes: “One must maintain a critical attitude towards these videos,captured by people who are at a considerable distance from the events, with handsets that do not have the technology to record night scenes atlong distances, and are flimed in a biased and exaggerated emotional environment, which prevents those who narrate be impartial and be quite subjective with what they are seeing.”


  18. I think the western media know that the ‘protests’ in Venezuala have been manufactured over time through funding via US based ‘aid’ agencies, but there’s nobody really in place to take over and run the country on behalf of American business interests, and it’s harder to find people from the region to train to start a ‘civil war’ the way they could train and ship Saudi ‘rebels’ to Syria. Also, the government has been giving into American demands recently, and it’s quite likely the US planned to not have the protests anymore, but the groups they were funnelling money through would still be going strong on what they’ve already been given.

  19. Watching the rich riot for their own privilege is kind of gross to everyone in the world who is not them. The racism and elitism of the Venezuelan “opposition” — every time they go on a bender, their hatred for their own servants is what we hear.

    In NYC, we occupy wall street. In Caracas, Wall Street tries to occupy us.

    Message received. Let’s hope the people of Venezuela stop tolerating these elitist temper tantrums and enforce the rule of law on them. See how they like it in their gated communities.

    WASH YOUR OWN DISHES, escualidos.

    • My dear and stupid friend, everyone and I mean EVERYONE, has the right to say and do as they wish in a FREE country. Which Venezuela is not anymore. If you do not agree with the government, then automatically it means you are an elitist, delinquent and so on and so on…
      So, none should say anything against this corrupt government? Do not try to make up lies to disguise the fact the Venezuela lives under a filthy dictatorship. Open your eyes idiot!

    • The rich riot? Are you crazy? It’s like 70% of the people who are against Maduro. Do you even know what is going on there? I should have known an occupier rioting against the rich folks of wall street yet backed by the rich folks of the government industry complex. How pathetic!!!!

    • Have you ever seen the footage used to force the military coup against Chavez, where the opposition released footage of Chavez supporters ‘shooting unarmed opposition protesters’? No?
      Then I´ll let you know it was Chavez supporters under fire from snipers – oppoaition organised snipers who were employed to snipe at them *and their own supporters*. A CNN journalist involved in the coup blew the whistle on it. The opposition knew the day before exactly how many of their won supporters were going to be killed – they had obviously decided on 8 – as they made a film saying so!
      Here’s the story of the rightwing media stitchup just in case they are trying the same trick twice….

      • Pura paja. Bullshit that’s been debunked years ago. It should come as no surprise that some jerk-off would dust it off and try to pass it off as “the truth”. It won’t work here, pal. The shooters were chavistas, punto.

      • Debunked my arse below you fukn toss. , this is some fucked right wing cunt site engineered by some fucko pieces of shit trying to enjoy a corrupt coup against a democratically elected socialist leader because they want exclusive rights to Venesualas resources and fuck the poor. Well fuck you , as if anyone but the right wing fascists or corrupt power mongers posing as socialists would go round shooting people, nup, it’s only the self entitled wealthy pig fuck greedy pieces of shit that see other peoples lives a s so worthless. Eat a dick propaganda whores and your willing suckers. The MSM aint reporting this one cause it’s bullshit. Driving around middle class neighbourhoods shooting people who even look like they’re protesting. What a load of shit.

  20. This morning I was looking for any news about Venezuela. I found NOTHING. I’ve been posting and tweeting all over the place. This piece was just reposted by George Takei on Facebook. That alone will bring a lot of exposure to this mess

    • Seems the media is ignoring something which is most likely a hoax dreamed up to cash ion on the current suffering in Ukraine.
      Remember this the next time you remember the people who are ‘standing up to’ the Maduro govt.

  21. The international media are in Venezuela – they have not been ejected – if they were being repressed there would be some serious fallout. Maduro could not contain the likes of Reuters or Fox when Chavez couldn´t so how did he get them all out? And if they are there, why did they not cover these military massacres? Is it simply because they are in the obsessed minds of extremne rightwing student action groups who have watched the atrocities in Ukraine and had the inspired idea to fabricate a copy situation to garner sympathy? If the US was in on this there would be planted stories, so ity seems the fruitloops are on their own this time – at least until the next GOP administration takes office. What this seems to be is part of the PR wing of a poorly thought out and currently misfiring coup attempt against the Maduro govt like the 2002 rightwing coup attempt against Chavez.
    So this appears to be an attempt to create a scare storm the way that in 2003 all the private media channels in Caracas broadcast historical footage of (non Chavez) paramilitaries executing civilians with voiceovers telling them Chavez was turning the army on them. For 24 hours a day. For an entire week. That wasn´t Chavez playing at Big Brother, that was these people. The opposition.
    I saw rightwing attempts to try to create this disinformnation in the international media when the rightwing was trying to start a race war against the indigenous Morales admionistration some years back, as well. I am highly suspicious.

  22. Here is the Venezuelan opposition in action, making shit up….just in case…..
    Keys To A Masacre, it is called, and shows how the supposed massacre of Chavez opponents by his forces was spliced footage which was used to justify the military coup against him.
    It is obviously unthinkable that they would be trying the exact same trick against Maduro, for sure, I mean, I know many leopards who have changed their spots….

  23. It’s not socialism that’s the issue. It’s autocracy and dictatorship. Short memories may forget the right wing regimes of the 70s in Argentina and Chile. It’s the same today. If you are an opponent of a dictators regime, you will be eliminated.

  24. I am still at a loss as to why things have gone this way. Being in the UK, it is easy to argue that it doesn’t concern or effect me as a UK, but as I have a dear email penpal who lives in Caracas (my spelling is not the best, apologies) She has been keeping me updated with what is happening to the actual people themselves. I get sent images of empty supermarkets, pictures of teenagers who are now dead after being shot in the head or face, some of which were not taking part in any of the protests. She is petrified that nobody will know what is going on as twitter has already been blocked in her area and is scared that facebook will be next. What happens to her and those around her effects me as I care about her. If anybody wants copies of the pictures, get in touch! It’s too late for the victims, but not too late for us to remember their names, as we are all somebody, not a number in a toll.

  25. the fact that there is a left and ride side is whats wrong with the world… they go against each other in most issues and prevent progression. politicians shouldnt run for election, they should be chosen for the values and virtues they honor. we should be electing geniuses from their respective fields, not assholes that pay millions of dollars to be participants in the biggest popularity contest in the world, just edging out the close second, american idol

    • Or we could simply let people govern themselves as they see fit. Government-by-expert has gotten us absolutely nowhere, and we’ve only been trying it since the beginning of the 20th century. Enough meddling and nannying. Leave people alone.

  26. President Chavez has been having health issues for some time. My guess is he is dead or out of it completely at this point. Not saying he was a saint or anything like that. What is going is horrible and I wish I were surprised at the media outlets. I really wish I were surprised. Left or right really has nothing to do with this kind of thing. A dictatorship is a dictatorship. It is neither liberal nor conservative. It is autocratic. The end of news is the saddest thing about this. More so than the atrocities going on in Venezuela and elsewhere. We are sheep and the world news corporations are wolves in sheep’s skin.

    • Leftism has everything to do with this kind of thing. Leftism is directly responsible for the murders of over 100 million people during the last century alone. Leftists have littered the planet with mass graves, all in pursuit of their sick, anti-human, utopianist fantasies. They don’t deserve to be let off the hook.

  27. I agree that the coverage is slow if not nonexistent. With the problems in the Ukraine happening at the exact same time and it being at a much larger magnitude because the people are fighting back with weapons that are killing police and military. So much so that police are surrendering to the people cause they are starting to lose. The press is taking the problems in Venezuela more like a small protest than a major country changer. We need to keep up the efforts to get word out and make everyone aware what’s happening there. And the people of Venezuela need to keep up the fight until we can get people to see what’s happening. #sosvenezuala